Benchmarking Your Website for Social Media, SEO & Mobile
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 04, 2013
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Benchmarking Your Website for Social Media, SEO & Mobile

Neal provides a great resource to allow you to benchmark how well you are Maximizing Your Social, SEO and mobile aspects of your own website.

Key Highlights

[00:27] Benchmarking Your Website's SEO

[02:36] Analyzing Some Data Set

[03:00] Data You Should Be Considering

[03:50] Hummingbird and What Company Should Do

[06:40] SEO Mobile

[06:50] Mobile SEO Statistics

[08:21] Why LinkedIn Is Significant

[10:27] Always Have A Link to Your Socials in Your Website

Notable Quotes

  • And it's very interesting, the more and those of you that are involved in SEO, or even do website development and get access to web analytics, it's very interesting to see obviously, the differences between those companies that are very active in social and not as well as those companies that seem to do better at SEO than other companies. And I'm really looking for a barometer a benchmark, so that you can compare yourself and see where you may need to be improving things.
  • But, you know, what I said was, you know, what Google giveth, Google also taketh away. It's an algorithm that's constantly changing, they make mistakes, and they, you know, remedy them in future updates. I know that I have seen some effects from hummingbird as well. And you know, what, you you live with it, and you try to improve everything that you're doing, and especially just creating more unique and great content, right. 
  • I also think that at some point that search engine traffic should convert she you should be getting some more direct traffic. At some point that search engine traffic should convert so that you're getting more backlinks. And if you're getting a heck of a lot of search engine traffic, knowing that it's never any guarantee, you're going to continue to get that I'd really work on those two things. 
  • I don't think that these are good barometers per se, I really think it's going to be different depending on your industry. But I think they're good numbers to consider that LinkedIn indeed, can generate a lot of traffic, but you need to be newsworthy, I think in order to generate that traffic from LinkedIn. 
  • Other than that, you know, you really should have a link to your main social media property somewhere on your website, whether it's above the fold below the fold is a whole different story.
  • So if you've linked social media profiles to your corporate page, congratulations, you're ahead of two thirds of these companies that were being looked at in this specific report.
  • You know, whenever I find data like this, I think provides good benchmarking data for you to compare yourself with and for you to include as part of your you know, your KPIs, or your metrics for analyzing both your social media and your entire digital presence.

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