Are You Using Social Media for What it's Meant for?

Are You Using Social Media for What it's Meant for?

A look into the different ways social media users use Instagram as well as other social networks - and my recommendations for being the most effective on each singular social network with your social media marketing.

 Key Highlights

[00:36] How Striving to Use Social Networks for Their Original Intention Can Help You Be More Effective at Social Media Marketing

[01:20] How I Use Social Networks Differently

[01:28] Why Instagram Is One of My Favorite Networks

[02:20] Social Networks Are Always Changing

[06:35] Social Media Are for Human

[06:59] Use Networks for What They Were Originally Intended

[08:48] My Advice for Today

Notable Quotes

  • But, you know, the social networks are always changing, because in essence, we as users are hijacking them and using them for things they were never intended for.
  • Instagram was a place where take a picture on your phone, right, and you upload it. And it allows people to see the real you even businesses are using Instagram in many, many different ways. 
  • Pinterest does give you the ability to upload an image from your computer to share and, and I think it creates a great visual memory on my Japan board.
  • At the end of the day, it's humans that are using social media, it's humans, within businesses that are trying to reach out to other humans, whether they be decision makers in business for b2b, or whether they be consumers.
  • But I just think you're going to be more successful at your social media marketing, by using these networks for what they were originally intended. 
  • I just think that, you know, Instagram or some of these other places, it's really important to understand who is using them, why they're using them what they were intended for.
  • I got pretty overwhelming support by a lot of different people that some of them are true social media influencers in themselves, I feel a little bit more confident that there's a lot more people that think this way. And therefore you may want to rethink what you are posting on some of these, especially visual social networks.

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