Are You Helping Your Customers Create Photographable Memories?

Are You Helping Your Customers Create Photographable Memories?

Neal provides advice to hotels - which is equally applicable to any brick-and-mortar establishment - on creating photographable memories to help your customers promote your presence in social media.

 Key Highlights

[02:30] What Else You Could Do to Increase Engagement?

[03:44] Why Reviews for Hotels Are Still Critical?

[04:26] Why Visual Aspect is Successful for Hotels

[05:13] The Missed Opportunity

[06:32] Leveraging Images Shared on Social Medi

[06:44] Create A Photographic Memory

[08:02] Recognize People Sharing Their Experiences in Your Hotel

Notable Quotes

  • You know, I think hotels, obviously, from a marketing perspective, have a few things that they can do if they are affiliated with a certain brand. Obviously, they have a branded websites, where it is a search engine where they can be found if someone is looking for a hotel of that brand and a certain city. So that sort of passive traffic.
  • This leads to my point, which is for hotels, I believe to be successful and social. It comes down to often that visual aspect. 
  • I'm talking about what is it that when someone stays at your hotel now I talked about all these other avenues these other engines that are out there that will lead people to potentially staying at your hotel To ensure if you tweet, you're on Facebook, what have you, these are other avenues that may help people discover your hotel, especially if you use paid social, which I would recommend, obviously, for one of those reasons.
  • But going beyond that, the missed opportunity that I find with hotels and social media is what you do after you have the customer, once someone has committed has booked a room at your hotel has checked in at your hotel.
  • And after they check out of your hotel, have you knowingly maintained a relationship or created a relationship which social is really the perfect avenue for you to do that with, but to create an experience that would make them want to share with the world?
  • It's about creating areas within your hotel where people can create a photographic memory.
  • Creating an area just like you would want to create shareable content if you were blogging or creating content. But above and beyond that actually engaging, curating, responding to those that are already promoting your company out there and social media.

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