An Introduction to The Age of Influence and Resetting Your Perspective on Digital Influence

An Introduction to The Age of Influence and Resetting Your Perspective on Digital Influence

Why does influencer marketing and collaborating with influencers regardless of industry have such incredible promise for businesses now and well into the future, even during this coronavirus pandemic? This episodes focuses on why I wrote my recent book, The Age of Influence, by reading you the actual Introduction from the published copy. By hearing my perspective through this episode, the way you look at digital influencer will forever be changed - for the better!

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Key Highlights

[00:58] The History Of The Books I Have Written

[03:00] Introduction To The Age Of Influence Book

[03:40] Why I Wrote The Age Of Influence

[04:02] Mistakes Often Made By Brands

[06:37] How The Ways Of Communication Have Changed

[08:11] Leveraging Other Social Media Users

[09:07] The Importance of Engaging and Creating Relationships

[11:06] How To Incite Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

[12:00] 2 Myths About What Brands Think Consumers Want

[14:22] Harnessing True People Power

[16:48] Age Of Influence Table Of Content

[18:30] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • The constantly changing landscape of social media means that despite all the money poured into platforms for advertising, campaigns are finding increasingly less traction in organic ways. 
  • Influencer Marketing is not about paying someone else to take selfies and put them online. It is fundamentally about engagement and communication. It is about building relationships.
  • My voice here is on engaging the voices of influencers, leveraging the other as I call it, to spread your message. It's investing what power you have to move outside and insight word of mouth marketing, so that other voices will talk about your business. 
  • Social media represents the convergence of information and communication.
  • All social media voices are equal, but some are more equal than others. Engaging with those whose voices are being heard is essential to spreading your message online. Rising above the digital noise and creating meaningful relationships.
  • When launching a startup, sidestepping those gatekeepers, and connecting directly with your consumers has a much stronger benefit. Many businesses started out with word-of-mouth marketing without really knowing it. happy and successful customers told their friends who told their friends and so on.
  • When done right harnessing employees ideas for content creation, and encouraging them to be more active on social media as part of an employer advocacy program, which treats them truly as influencers can be powerful.
  • Influencer marketing is a shift in communicating and interacting with your customers and audience. It's also able to deliver results far beyond those of traditional ret

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