All You Wanted to Know about Marketing Funnels
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 13, 2021
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All You Wanted to Know about Marketing Funnels

"It's all about your funnel." "You gotta have a funnel in place." "This tool will help serve all of your funnels." A lot of people say a lot of different things about funnels, so let's take a step back and look at what exactly marketing funnels and why they are fundamental to your business.

More importantly, learn why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the subject and how you need to be creative in designing funnels that truly serve and deepen relationships with both your prospective and present customers.

Key Highlights

[03:07] What Are Funnels?

[04:40] How Do Funnels Works?

[06:55] The Process of Looking at Funnels

[09:41] Other Definitions of Funnels
Aside from the traditional definition of funnels, what are the other definitions that apply to funnels?

[12:15] Why Retargeting Is Effective?

[13:09] How to Build Relationship With People
Building relationships with people and your target audience is critical if you are trying to offer products and services to them. How do I do that?

[14:44] Converting General Public to Your Customers
How can I convert a general person into my customers? What are the ways I can convince him/her to buy my product?

[15:43] The Advocate Stage

[17:40] Ways of Building Funnels

[20:26] Summary

Notable Quotes

  •  You want all of your targeted, relevant potential customers, to find you to follow you. And the way that happens digitally, today is that there are only two different ways that happen, they're either gonna find you through a search engine, normally Google, or they're gonna find you on social media.
  • We need to build a relationship with them, we need to build like no interest.
  • It really comes down to your products and services. What value are you going to add? where and who? and constructing everything you do with your marketing? 
  • That's the top of the funnel, traditionally speaking, then we want to get people that are interested in doing business with us. And then there has to be this desire, that there's an interest, but is theirs are they actually going to buy from us?
  • Whatever product or service you have, you really want to think this through. What are the different touchpoints? What are the different ways, especially with paid media?
    What are the different ways in which we can retarget people that have a brand affinity for us, that's really the way we want to think about it?

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