All You Wanted to Know About Becoming a Social Media Influencer and Influencer Marketing

All You Wanted to Know About Becoming a Social Media Influencer and Influencer Marketing

What does it mean to be an influencer in social media? Why is it important to businesses? And how can people become influencers?

Key Highlights

[01:43] Have A Social Scoring

[03:21] What is Publicly Available Data?

[04:23] The Interesting Thing About Cloud

[05:56] How I Look At Social Scoring

[06:39] Become the Center of Influence

[07:47] Carve Your Own Path

[08:58] Be Natural

[10:19] Be An Influencer and Add Value

[10:49] Be An Utility

Notable Quotes

  • And it really comes down to, if you're a business and you want to get more amplification from your message, or you want to better segment your audience because you're bombarded with 10s Hundreds 1000s of app mentions direct messages a day, obviously, having some sort of social scoring can be very, very convenient, it can actually help the efficiency of your marketing help the efficiency of your customer service and what have you.
  • But what it really comes down to I find, and businesses also want to become more influential, but people want to yield influence.
  • It really comes down to yielding influence means yielding influence for the public to consume. And what are the platforms that are open to the public? 
  • On the other hand, if you've only been active on Facebook, and really haven't done much on Twitter, it really limits the potential and it makes sense because Twitter as a real time search engine is probably number two, or number three in the world only behind Google and perhaps YouTube, if it's not ahead of YouTube.
  • But the message that I really want to give you all about influence and how to become an influencer is don't follow the influencers, don't necessarily retweet the influencers, become the center of influence become an influencer.
  • And what you find is that your past relationships that you have in your past friends and fans, you can leverage for whatever new things you want to do on any site.
  • And that's why a blog is a central part of any social media strategy that I create. But above and beyond the blogging, it's not only sharing your own point of view, but it's also in the type of content that you share, or curate, and who you curate, from what social signals you send, who do you engage with? 
  • But really, if you want to engage with someone that's sort of high up in the influence chain, and you want to get the right Just be natural, read their blog posts, comments, send them a tweet every once in a while retweet their content, share their content on Facebook, tagging them.
  • And it's this sort of like, do it yourself, be inspired to do something to add value to the world and whatever passion you may have.

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