AI is Transforming Digital Marketing - Here's What You Should Know NOW!
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 07, 2023
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AI is Transforming Digital Marketing - Here's What You Should Know NOW!

What if AI could be the game-changer you need to revolutionize your digital marketing strategy? In this captivating episode, I unlock the power of AI and its potential to transform the way businesses and individuals operate. Listen closely to learn how a new generation of doing things stacks up against traditional marketing methods. I also dive into the world of AI-powered virtual assistants, where your imagination is the only limit to what you can achieve.

As we continue to explore the wonders of AI, I examine its role in content creation. Discover how generative AI can be used to not only improve existing content but also generate fresh ideas and build content outlines. Say goodbye to writer's block and learn how AI can speed up content generation, optimize your content for SEO, and even create custom images. Plus, I'll discuss the importance of establishing an AI policy and how to seamlessly integrate AI into your content creation process.

But why stop there? In the final segment of this episode, I delve into the limitless potential of AI in marketing tools. Learn how AI can forecast outcomes, enhance customer service, and personalize marketing efforts based on purchase history. I even touch on AI's role in pay-per-click ad management, dynamic pricing, marketing automation, image recognition, social listening, and sentiment analysis. With invaluable advice on how to best harness the power of AI to grow your business, this episode is an absolute must-listen for digital marketers and entrepreneurs alike.

A.I. tools mentioned in this video: (yes, affiliate links, but click through for special offers!) (for general A.I. content creation) ▶ (for SEO) ▶
TubeBuddy (for YouTube) ▶
VidIQ (for YouTube) ▶
Descript (for audio and video editing) ▶
TweetHunter (for Twitter) ▶
PinGenerator (for Pinterest) ▶
ContentIn (for LinkedIn) ▶

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