A Fresh New Perspective on Instagram Marketing: How to Blog on Instagram [Terri Nakamura Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 04, 2022
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A Fresh New Perspective on Instagram Marketing: How to Blog on Instagram [Terri Nakamura Interview]

Are you looking for creative angles to your Instagram marketing?

Today's guest, Author of Blogging on Instagram, Terri Nakamura, will introduce you to a refreshingly unique way of looking at the platform that will spark some new creative ideas for your own Instagram marketing.

You don't have to start a blog to be successful on Instagram, but following Terri's advice will undoubtedly help improve your Twitter marketing game!

Key Highlights

[02:44] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Terri Nakamura

[06:36] Who is Terri?

[11:21] Why and How Terri Started Blogging on Instagram

[12:17] Courses Terri Took in Digital Marketing

[14:48] Why Terri Wrote a Book

[17:57] How Terri Found Her Publisher

[25:04] The Value of Publisher

[27:07] The Route Terri Took

[33:06] Evolving Blogging for Instagram to Book

[36:52] Terri's Advice to Those Who Take Advantage of Instagram as a Blogging Platform

[39:17] "Make EveryEmail a Love Letter"

[40:16] Impact of Instagram on Developing Relationships

[42:27] How to get the most of Instagram

[44:11] Connect with Terri

Notable Quotes

  • I think some people just feel like social media is there to be an advertising platform and they don't deliver any value.
  • Understanding the value in education and the other things that you deliver to your audience are the things that draw them to you.
  • I think blogging [on Instagram] is a really great place to experiment for people who want to write and have and engage with the audience.
  • You don't make money off the book, you make money off people who read the book, who reach out and want to hire you.
  •  If you have a visual way of representing what you do, or you have a visual product or service, it's even better for that platform. You can't be everywhere. You don't need to be everywhere. 
  • You have to prioritize and know where your time is going to be the most valuable.
    You can collect other kinds of data that will indicate whether or not you're on the right track and what kinds of things resonate, and how many times you get on to the Explore page and stuff like that. 
  • And it's really important to build an audience and awareness, so you get other benefits.
  • So you can imagine that if you treat social media and Instagram in that way, and you are putting your attention creating a blog post and every post you publish there, it can be really impactful because it really is a personal platform. And you can personally connect with people and engage with people in that way.

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