9 Things You Should Focus Your Social Media Efforts On in 2015
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 13, 2015
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9 Things You Should Focus Your Social Media Efforts On in 2015

Where should you focus your social media efforts and budget in 2015? In this episode, Neal Schaffer encourages you to start the year by analyzing your content and process. This means helping you find more places to share your content, explaining the importance of internal education and ownership, and advocating for systems that help you amplify your strategies, like paid social and automation.

Key Highlights

[02:01] My First Social Media Conference -- Social Tools Summit

[03:10] My List of 9 Things You Should Focus Your Social Media Efforts On In 2015

[03:40] Number #1: Content

[04:07] A Positive Move In The Evolution of Content Marketing

[05:47] Central Content

[07:05] Type Of Visual Content You Can Use

[08:42] Why Mobile Personal Line Is Emerging

[10:35] Have A Process If You Want To Scale

[12:09] My Advocacy

[12:49] What's Fueling Employee Advocacy Storm

[13:56] Ownership

[16:14] Start Exploring Paid Social

Notable Quotes

  • And what I'm going to be talking about is really an extension of that, because some things have changed, but a lot really hasn't. And it takes time for people. And sometimes technology to catch up with some of the trends that I see. And therefore, I don't see it as repetition. I see it as a further evolution of things in 2015. Some of these have evolved more rapidly or are more mainstream than others. But either way, there's always room for improvement for optimization.
  • You can't talk about marketing these days without talking about content marketing. And you almost can't talk about content marketing without talking about social media marketing, and social media marketing and content marketing as well. 
  • With the convergence of information, communication, brands and companies need to have content to engage with people, right. And that's just a fact. It's a fact of social media.
  • I believe with most companies, whether it's social media strategy alignment, whether it's a choice of platform, whether it's voice, or just the content itself, or even the frequency of the content, there's always little tweaks you can do to further optimize and improve upon it.
  • So visual is very important on a number of different levels.
  • Mobile is prevalent, and in some communities are some target user audiences with demographics, they spend more time on mobile than on the web. So being active and social considering that a lot of people do social from a mobile phone, or smartphone, I should say is a start is part of a mobile strategy.
  • If you don't have a process, you don't have a product. And you need to have a process around your social media. So you can scale you can teach others to do it.
  •  And what is really fueling the employee advocacy storm right now, from a lot of clients that I have is social selling is the hidden gap between getting salespeople to be sharing marketing content into their networks and to brand themselves as experts to generate more inbound leads to create deeper relationships with their clients.

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