5 Unconventional Content Marketing Approaches [Joe Pulizzi Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 25, 2023
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5 Unconventional Content Marketing Approaches [Joe Pulizzi Interview]

If you have an interest in content marketing, you might know who Joe Pulizzi is and his absolute authority on the subject. 

But just in case, Joe is considered the legitimate Godfather of Content Marketing because he is the:

  • Founder of Content Marketing Institute
  • Founder of Content Marketing World
  • Author of several content marketing books, including the recently revised Epic Content Marketing
  • He also recently founded the Creator Economy Expo

But Joe is not going to give you the content marketing advice that you already know. On the contrary, Joe is going to teach you some unconventional ways of thinking about content marketing.


You should be!


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