5 Creative Ways to Set Up Your B2B Sales Team for Success [Pam Didner Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 29, 2021
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5 Creative Ways to Set Up Your B2B Sales Team for Success [Pam Didner Interview]

For B2B brands, your internal influencers are often your salespeople. They are facing your customer and often are the most active on social media because they can monetize their influence in the form of additional commissions.

That's why every employee influencer / advocacy program for B2B brands becomes successful when there is alignment between sales and marketing.

If this is a need your company has, you are in for a special treat. B2B marketing thought leader and best-selling author Pam Didner joins us today to give us some creative ways to set up your B2B sales team for success, including:

  • Identify how you can help sales via different sales stages
  • Map marketing content to a sales cycle
  • Understand the collaboration process between sales and marketing

Key Highlights

[01:02] Introduction of podcast guest, Pam Didner

[04:44] Pam Didner's Book

[4:57] What is Sales Enablement?

[7:08] Different Sales Stages

[10:30] Best Content Strategy Practice

[13:07] The Importance of Building Relationship With Your Sales People

[16:03] Ways to Collaborate and Work With Sales Team

[19:04] The Critical Role of Quality Data

[21:08] Leveraging Tools and Processes In Sales and Marketing Alignment

[26:08] The Role of AIs

[30:16] Basic Questions You Should Ask Your Vendor

[31:06] Connect with Pam

[31:39] Final Conclusion

Notable Quotes:

  • In addition, to build brain awareness and drive demands, a portion of our job is also supporting sales. And the one major functions of doing that is to provide content that salespeople can use. So not just educating themselves, they can also use it to share with your clients or the prospect.
  • Salespeople are very relationship-driven. And that's how to they build their accounts, or do the customer is a lot to do with relationship. It's still very much a relationship-based type of approach when you want to close any kind of sales.
  • Find a way to provide value and then build that relationship over a period of time. What I have come to realize is that supporting sales is very similar to why salespeople try to build a relationship with the prospects and the potential customers, you need to take a similar approach to build that relationship with your salespeople.
  • In every single marketing element that you have in your sleeves, if you apply on the sales side and be very targeted and accounts specific, it's basically sales enablement to some extent.
  • Technology often gets over and the process gets overlooked. And the technology does not create the process, you need to have the process. And then find the technology that helps enable it right.

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