5 Components of a BAD Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Components of a BAD Social Media Marketing Strategy

What makes a BAD social media strategy? Here I outline 5 key components that you should avoid in planning your own social media marketing strategy.

 Key Highlights

[01:04] Is There A Way to Write A Social Media Strategy?

[01:53] 5 Ways of Looking A Good or Bad Strategy

[02:24] Why Having An Objective Is Important

[03:30] Campaign-Based Approach

[04:47] Social Media As A Two-Way Communication Channel

[06:20] Wrong Choice of Channel

[07:16] The ROI

Notable Quotes

  • And when I talk about an objective, obviously, strategy or planning starts with an objective, the objective should be a business objective. Social media does not exist in a silo.
  • Social media must map into everything else you do as a business that really starts with your objective in your social media strategy.
  • A good social media strategy will have an absolutely clearly defined objective, or group of objectives. And as social media permeates every single department in a company or large enterprise, I expect that the use of social media is going to have multiple objectives. 
  • We all know that social media is a long term objective. It's like having a website, it becomes part of your infrastructure. So if you're only thinking the short term, there was a great quote, social media is a commitment, not a campaign.
  • Social media was made for people, right, it wasn't made for companies. So as a company as a brand, you are at a distinct disadvantage.
  • It's not a matter of what site has more users. It's about engaging where your target audience is, it's being where your market is.
  • What companies that have really bad social media strategies have is they either have no metric to determine their ROI. They don't know if there's any ROI, or they use a metric that's not business related.

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