13 Actionable Tips to Maximize Your YouTube Influence

13 Actionable Tips to Maximize Your YouTube Influence

I don't pretend to be a YouTube expert by any means, but if you are new to the platform like I am, how successful you can be there is all about the details.

Strategically creating, editing, and uploading my first YouTube video ever made me feel like I "finally" started taking podcasting seriously back in 2019, 6 years after my launch!

Similarly, I have had a YouTube channel for some time, but it is only very recently where I have decided to be a little more strategic and intentional about the videos I post.

I am still very early in my journey, but these are the 13 actionable tips for YouTube that I wish someone had taught me, and they are tips that I don't see in the blogosphere.

Hope you'll join my on my YouTube journey here: https://youtube.com/nealschaffer

Key Highlights

[3:17] How to Strategically Approach YouTube

[7:33] First Tip to Maximize YouTube Influencer

[9:03] Second Tip: Finding Role Models
The importance of finding role models in your niche.

[11:13] Third Actionable Tip in Approaching YouTube
The ideal length of YouTube video to post.

[14:26] How Do I Make People Stay Long In My YouTube Videos?

[16:40] What Type of Video Content Should I Create?
Finding a format that fits your niche and product.

[18:42] Doing A Keyword Strategy

[21:04] Tip #7: Create An Enticing Title

[22:13] Why I Like Putting Teaser at the Beginning of My Video
Place a short 10-15 seconds teaser to let the viewers know what they're going to get out of the video and entice them to stay to the end.

[24:08] Introducing Elements In Your YouTube Video

[26:55] Tip #11: Have A Professionally Designed Thumbnails

[29:30] Leverage Video Descriptions

[31:17] Cards and End Screens

[32:27] Summary

Notable Quotes:

  • When I talk about YouTube video, I'm talking about this form of content that allows you to build a platform, it allows you to build a platform because number one, the content gets indexed by search engine. And number two, therefore it has a long shelf life. 
  • If you want to do better at YouTube, you got to consume more YouTube.
  • Find accounts in your niche that are already doing this, that you can not emulate but be inspired. Because you need to do it in your own way to be successful, you can't just copy and be successful.
  • So whatever format fits your niche fits your product fits your branding, find a format.
  • Let them know what they're going to get out of it. Entice them to stay to the end. And then go through the motions of creating the video and really delivering on that promise.
  • What you can do is you can have a great title, which is also going to be depicted in your thumbnail, which hopefully will entice people to click through, and the title is going to be aligned and includes your keyword.
  • You don't have to go too far to be successful on YouTube, it helps without a doubt but I don't want that to stop you. You don't need any more excuses not to do this.

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