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What is the Process of Working with a Fractional CMO | Fractional CMO Scope of Work

What is the Process of Working with a Fractional CMO | Fractional CMO Scope of Work

My Fractional CMO services: https://nealschaffer.com/cmo

In this video, you are going to learn the exact process of working with a fractional cmo and what the scope of work looks like. An executive's time is very limited and they will charge for the time spent on projects. A fractional CMO usually works on a 3 months, 6 months or 12 months contract. You and the fractional CMO will have to work out the hours needed for this to be successful for you and your business. It is important that the person you're hiring becomes part of your organization as if they were a full-time employee, this will help better organize their time and their plan. This is important so that you get the biggest impact and greatest ROI on your investment. After all, it is your money and your business's budget that is being spent.

A fractional CMO can help you understand what gaps are there in the market? How can I take my marketing strategy to the next level? What products would do better sales? The CMO can look at sales reports to figure this out and also from competitor research. Sometimes, we become stubborn in business and get used to habits we have formed over the years, but this could be harming your sales. It is important to try something new, this could be a new email marketing strategy or discount codes for existing buyers.

The CMO might be interested in looking at your website design to see the things that could be improved, this could be your product images and videos. The usability of your website and is the ordering process easy for new customers. If you have a service based business this applies too, does your website accurately describe your services and does the buyer know what they will get after purchasing?

At the end of the day, knowing how a fractional cmo works and what inputs they need to get the job done will help you maximize your marketing ROI to the fullest extent.

My Fractional CMO services: https://nealschaffer.com/cmo

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