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The Age of Influence: What is Influencer Marketing and the Future of Influence? | 2022 & Beyond!

The Age of Influence: What is Influencer Marketing and the Future of Influence? | 2022 & Beyond!

Are you trying to figure out:

- What is influencer marketing?
- What are the benefits of influencer marketing for my business?
- How to create an influencer marketing strategy?
- What are influencer marketing best practices?
- What is the future of influence and influencer marketing?

I wrote the definitive book on influencer marketing, The Age of Influence, and in this video I hope to explain to you why I wrote this book, the incredible value of influencer marketing for any business of any size, and steps your business can take to begin creating and implementing an influencer marketing strategy.

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In this video, I will be sharing my experience with influencer marketing and the questions I got asked after my presentations. The term influencer has become very popular as Instagram and TikTok stars have grown to fame. The business side is really interesting and goes beyond what you see. If you are an influencer and have a following, you can do so much with that reach. You can get paid brand deals to promote products or for shoutouts. Get traffic to your website and sell ebooks, merch and coaching services.

The hardest part is building a following across social media, once you have done this, the opportunities are endless and it is a positive snowball effect. If you have a business and are not using all social media, then you are missing out on potential clients and lots of revenue! The current social media we have will continue to grow and it is likely more platforms will launch and go viral like TikTok did.

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