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Digital First Mastermind - How to Achieve Digital and Social Media Marketing Success in 2022

Digital First Mastermind - How to Achieve Digital and Social Media Marketing Success in 2022

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I launched the Digital First Mastermind Community as a way to provide digital and social media marketing group coaching to marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners who wanted to leverage digital marketing as a strategic engine for growth.

If you are a beginner, it can be so confusing to know what to spend time on and where to spend most of your budget. Are Google ads better than Facebook, should you build an email list and how to do email marketing campaigns. That is just to name a few areas, there is so much more too, such as building your brand on other platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest.

Whenever you encounter a problem, it is likely you will first search Google and read articles, and if that does not solve the issue, then you will go to YouTube to watch a video on how to solve an issue with your digital marketing. While this is great for gaining knowledge and understanding, you can’t always trust that the person’s video will help you because it will be generic and not catered towards your niche or genre. There are general fundamentals to digital and social media marketing however there are a lot of specifics too, such as type of audience, this could be real estate, counselling, coaching or home services and more types of businesses, they will have a specific target audience.

You may need to focus more on email marketing for one type of audience, however the other audience may be younger and more reachable on social media such as instagram and twitter. It is important to track the numbers and see what works and what doesn’t, the Digital Mastermind Community can help you with this!

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