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Neal's great!

One of the best if not the best podcast I've been into! I love how concise and practical the contents are. Neal's great at providing real insights that definitely work!

Be a Generalist!

I have the honor of saying I’ve known Neal for years and have been a faithful follower of his social channels and podcast. I just finished Episode 234 and couldn’t agree MORE! Being a Generalist is underrated in today’s digital world. Deciding to offer a niche service is fine, but there is a huge need for generalists too. Excellent show as always, Neal!

Neal is the best!

Neal is the best of the best when it comes to influencer marketing and the digital space. He's a true professional who leaves everything out on the field when it comes to his research, content, and speaking. This podcast is truly inspiring & educational - the perfect mix! Love it

Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠

This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Neal does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!

Neal is the standout voice in Digital Marketing, more specifically Influencer Marketing in Social, Video and Podcasting. Each episode gets right to the "meat" of the topic and we are taught something every time we hit play!

A Must Listen!

Neal does a fantastic job of teaching entrepreneurs skills and brings out the best in each interviewee he has on his show. He cuts through the fluff and only delivers the best practical advice.

One of the Best

Real, authentic and effective marketing and influence discussions. Highly recommend it.

Great conversations

Neil doesn’t just ask questions but has a fantastic conversation with his guests and shares his own experiences just like his guest’s do. Check it out.

Growing And Leveraging Influence is a Tectonic Shift

I love Neil’s book The Age of Influence and this podcast about growing and leveraging influence. This is a huge tectonic shift that is transforming the business landscape and Neil teaches it well.

Neil is a true influencer amongst a crowd of talking heads

Neil’s Social Influence podcast is brilliant! I’ve spent 20 years working in marketing. I manage a marketing team and produce a top-100 marketing podcast. When it comes to the topic of marketing, I’d like to think that I know what I’m doing. That said, every time I listen to Neil I come away with a useful and actionable tidbit to add to my arsenal. Neil is a truly marketer’s marketer! This podcast is worth a listen.

Tons of AHA moments 5 Star!!

I’ve been binging all of Neal's podcast for the past week and I am blown away by so much value & knowledge Neal has about influence marketing. I love how each episode flows into the next lesson, I’m constantly having AHA moments about my blog, Podcast and Business, thank you so much for sharing your insights!! Wendy De La Rosa, founder and CEO of The Social De La Rosa

Great insight into all things digital and social media!

I’ve been listening to Neal for several months now (I know, late to the game), and I’ve learned so much from his podcasts. Every episode is packed with knowledge that I can use in my digital/social strategy right away! 10/10 would recommend for all marketers and business owners looking to get a leg up in the digital world!

Neal is great and the show is too. He knows his stuff and preaches it in way everyone can understand.

Great Insights on Social Media Marketing

I was a guest on Episode 182 “How Networking Helps You Scale Your Business - with Philip VanDusen” where I discussed the power of “natural networking” during the pandemic and the transformative effect masterminds can have on your business. Neal is a talented and insightful interviewer and I strongly suggest you listen to episode 182 - as well as all the shows Neal has produced! Highly recommended.

Josh Steimle on writing your book

Great interview. Fast moving, authoritative, intelligent questions, motivating information, and good audio. Well done guys! We listened to the entire podcast during our morning walk. I need to make an outline now of my story even though I’ve already written half of it. That should get me out of my distraction block.

Neal knows influence

I’ve known Neal for several years, have seen him speak in person, read his books, and have now been a guest on his podcast. When it comes to influence, he’s one of the leading voices who understands that it’s not just standing in front of a lambo and a big house, telling people how they can make money selling courses on how to make money selling courses, but that influence is leadership, teaching, impacting, and really…it’s all influence. You might know everything, but without influence you can’t do anything. Glad to see this podcast continuing in Neal’s traditional of giving away huge value.

Binge Worthy

I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago after connecting with you in a social summit. Normally I don’t get excited about doing yard work but that changed once I started listening to your podcast. I have since binged 20-30 episodes and look forward to more. What I enjoy about your podcast is both the technical recommendations your provide AND the stories you tell to put it all into context. I appreciate that you are also willing to share your own data. Overall I would say this is the best marketing podcast I have listened to.

10/10, Would Recommend

There’s a reason Neal has become one of the de facto, cream-of-the-crop names in digital and social media marketing, and this show is a glimmering example of why he deserves the status he’s earned. This podcast should be mandatory listening for marketing professionals everywhere.

Awesome Podcast!!!

Neal, host of the Maximize Your Social Influence podcast, highlights all aspects of marketing, social media, sales and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

For real marketers

If you are a marketer, and willing to be helped to become even better at your craft, you should listen here. Neal covers the topics you need to learn and does it in a friendly style with examples. I’ve seen him speak several times and know his work. I have read his books. These podcasts are an investment in your future as a digital marketing expert. The industry changes so quickly we all need to stay on top of the changes, and Neal helps with that.

Neal is the man for the job!

When the foremost thought leader in enterprise social media hosts a podcast, I listen. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have leading the charge. Listen up - you won't regret it.

Generating leads with Facebook Episode 110

Loved being able to participate with Neal in this podcast episode where we were able to talk about the opportunities and potential for generating leads for a business from Facebook. Great time discussing this and like all of Neal’s podcasts they offer tremendous value.

Spot On!!

Thank you for this great content Neil! It’s uncanny how relevant and timely each episode/topic is in terms of the information our organization needs to hear as we focus more on our content and digital marketing initiatives.

Best influencer marketing podcast, by far!

I’ve been following Neal’s work for years on his blog, and I’m an avid listener of his podcast on my way to work in the morning. I must say that there’re very few people that create this many high quality, practical pieces of content consistently over the years, and personally I’ve learned a ton from Neal. It goes without saying that it was a great honor coming on to the show (episode #164) and chat with him directly. Highly recommended to anyone interested in marketing and influencer marketing in particular.


Hi Neal, I just started listening to your informative podcasts! Thank you for the wealth of information you provide. I am fortunate enough to have the “time” now to be able to process what you are saying and implement some of these strategies into my company’s social media platform. I just ordered your latest book-Age Of Influence on Amazon. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Stay Healthy! Best Regards, Sherry Frank GS Inspirations

Great show

Hey Neal, I just started listening to your podcast on the train to and from work and I’m loving it! Thanks for everything you’re sharing! Love all things about Instagram!

Fresh new insights that work

Neal takes a fresh approach to providing real insight that he KNOWS to work. This is not regurgiated content for neal to push a lot of content. Instead, it's clear Neal puts his real tips and tricks to grow influence, visibility and maximize your social. Great!

Totally Blown Away!

I have been following Neal Schaffer for many years now. He has always been a shining example how to sincerly engage wth people across all manner of social media. I had no idea that Neal had a podcast until I found it today. Just one episode in and I realize that I'm going to be doing a lot of "bnge listening" for weeks to come. I'm totally blown away by the high quality of this content. If you depend upon using social media for your business, this podcast is not a "nice to have." It's a "Must Have."

Really helpful social media podcast!

I’m new to the social media world, having stepped into a role where I’m trying to grow social media accounts from 200 followers to triple the number. Having a hard time so came across this podcast and so glad I did! Thanks so much for existing and putting out great content!!

I enjoy a lot your acknowledge

I have started my career in social Media consultant and as I am progressing studying a lot and practicing with couple business I am implementing your tips and ideas into my service. It is just fantastic how it works. I am following you on twitter and just got this podcast. I am excited to learn more. I am already working on big social media company which I prefer keep private and because of that I decided to continue this path and getting to know social media leaders is a amazing journey! Thanks for helping me!