Why the Riches are in the Niches in Online Business [Jillian Tohber Leslie Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 01, 2020
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Why the Riches are in the Niches in Online Business [Jillian Tohber Leslie Interview]

You've probably heard the advice that if you want to become an influencer, you need to niche down. This podcast is going to be all about why the riches are in the inches and what you can do to take advantage of that. I interview the CEO and Founder of MiloTree, Jillian Tohber Leslie, and we discuss:

  • Why drilling down in your niche can help you explode your business
  • Why using Instagram and Facebook Groups is GOLD for selling to your audience
  • The importance of teaching your audience to buy from you

Key Highlights

[00:58] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Jillian Tohber Leslie

[05:45] What Is Milo Tree App?

[07:20] High-Quality Follower Vs Low-Quality Follower

[10:50] What Are Niche and Niching Down?

[21:58] Jillian's Advice On How To Be Successful On Facebook And Instagram

[28:35] DM Me Vs Linking

[33:11] Connect With Jillian

[34:51] Final Advice

[36:16] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • We think that it's an awesome way to get people to stay to get to know you to build that relationship.
  • The guests that are the most successful, that I interview are the ones that have figured out what their niche is, who their audience is, and how best to serve them.
  • And if you can create a relationship with that person and know what their problems are, know what they're struggling with, know what they're thinking about. That's the way to serve them. And that's the way to sell to them, whether it be a product or a service.
  •  So I would keep your stories related to your content, but a little more raw, a little more with a little more personality, not as stylized, like, let people in in your stories.
  • If you don't have a passion for what you do, it's not going to last period. The niches are only relevant when it's a niche that's meaningful to you.
  • People want to be led. I think it's an evolutionary thing. And therefore people want to and it sounds weird, be told what to do.
  • It is a slow build It is all about showing up and being consistent, and it will slowly grow. it's not an overnight thing. It's about patience. And it's about doing the work. And I wish there were a magic bullet. But the truth is, there isn't. It's really you and your, your commitment to building your business.
  • No shortcuts here, people, it takes time to build relationships with people, right. And especially when it's online, it may even take more time. But by showing up and being consistent, you can actually shorten that. 

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