What is the Future of Social Media Marketing in 2022? Here's My Take - and Advice for You
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 14, 2021
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What is the Future of Social Media Marketing in 2022? Here's My Take - and Advice for You

If you're doing your social media for business or yourself the same as you have for the last few years, your time is up. All of the trends in social media show us that we truly need to think visual first in so many ways in order to gain visibility within social media news feeds.

In this episode I analyze all of the changes that have occurred in social media over the years, putting even niche platforms like Tsu and Ello (remember those?!?) into perspective. From this I believe the future of social media and thus social media marketing becomes clear, and I finish this episode with my advice on the ideal trifecta for your social media marketing going forward into 2022 and beyond...

Key Highlights

[01:33] Introduction

[02:40] The History of Social Media

[05:15] The Emergence of New Social Media Platforms

[07:55] Dynamic and Emergence of Reels

[10:28] Pinterest Dynamic

[12:06] What Are Video Pins?

[12:28] How To Get More Impressions from Different Social Media Platforms

[14:13] The Effects of the Changes in Social Media

[15:26] Tools You Can Do For Livestreaming

[17:13] The Use of Video Content

[17:59] Easy Ways of Repurposing Video Content

[19:39] Why All Social Networks Now Want Content Creators

[20:53] Get Paid for Sharing New Reels

[21:31] The Other Important Type of Content

[21:41] What Are Idea Pins?

[23:00] Why Carousel Images Perform Better

[25:12] Where Does Influencer Marketing Come to Play in Content Creatio?

[27:18] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • Where we start with everything is we need to have a digital presence and the digital presence, the digital gateway becomes our website.
  • If you want to get more impressions on Instagram, you do reels. If you want to get more impressions on Pinterest, you do video pins. More impressions mean above the funnel visibility and brand awareness does it add to more clicks or not, is a whole other story.
  • It's about showing yourself showing up doing real-time content. You can't do reels you do videos igtv. But if you can do something longer, and cut it up into something as engaging as real, it's a new skill set that we sort of all has to learn. 
  • If you want to get the most visibility for your content, almost everywhere, video is going to be the key.
  • The reels is all about entertainment. The carousel, the idea pins, and carousel images are more about education. And what's really interesting is that your results are going to vary.
  • If you can't create the content, there is a ton of people out there that can't create the content are creating the content that you need to figure out ways to collaborate with. That's the heart of what I wrote about in the age of influence.
  • People completely misunderstand, misinterpret influencer marketing, it's tapping into the influence of others in social media, whether they have 100 followers, or have 1000 followers.
  • People that have influenced people that are able to build followers are a great content creator.

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