Web3, Marketing and the Ownership Economy [Ovi Negrean Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 11, 2022
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Web3, Marketing and the Ownership Economy [Ovi Negrean Interview]

We have been hearing more and more a out Web3 and the so-called Ownership Economy, but what does it mean and how can it concretely be applied to marketing our product?

Enter Ovi Negrean, Co-Founder of the social media management tool SocialBee, who has recently launched a new product, ACE Meetings, which has integrated Web3 as a core component of its product.

Learn all about this fascinating case study and see how you can put the power of Web3 to use for marketing your business!

Key Highlights

[02:19] Introduction to Podcast Guest, Ovi Negrean

[05:40] How Ovi Got Into Software and Entrepreneurship

[10:12] Launching New Product

[13:02] What is Web3 Space?

[17:54] The Process and Tools of Integrating A Product Into Web3

[20:39] The Value of Getting Into NFT Space

[24:38] Group Ownership With Ovi's Product

[28:44] Co-founding Decision

[30:05] Group Decision Influence

[35:06] Managing The Community

[37:58] What is Discord

[41:06] Connect With ovi

Notable Quotes

  • Social media is just like one part of the whole marketing toolkit. And it's actually maybe depending on your profile, not even the most important part. 
  • We want to take the same approach that we did with with social be where we are offering our own flavor of something which maybe is existing, but nevertheless, we try to make it a bit better, have good customer support and good price. And try to innovate around the edges.
  • At the end of the day as any tools, some people will use it for good and some some for bad, but I think is a tool that will definitely change the world in the upcoming years.
  • But offering some sort of ownership to a startup will really incentivize the early adopters.
  • I think for the community, and for that ownership and getting people more active and passionate about your product. That's really the key thing.
  • I think the community part is, even though it's now it's web three, it's still the same type of community building. Sure, maybe the tools have changed a bit, maybe it's not Facebook groups anymore, but it's discord or telegram channels and so on. But it's still interacting with other human beings and trying to, to see what are the shared values and the shared visions that you have, why you bought or all of you came together in this, this specific community, and how you can support each other. 

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