Unlock Secrets to Becoming a Published Author: Insider's Look at Book Writing & Publishing Process

Unlock Secrets to Becoming a Published Author: Insider's Look at Book Writing & Publishing Process

This is Episode 149 from my Your Digital Marketing Coach podcast. You can read the show notes here: https://podcast.nealschaffer.com/episode/how-to-become-a-published-author-lee-constantine-from-publishizer-interview

How to Become a Published Author with Publishizer | Book Writing and Publishing Process Explained

Are you thinking of writing a book and becoming a published author?

I have written 4 books now, two self-published with Amazon (1 with Booksurge and 1 with Createspace which merged into becoming Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing), one with Wiley (Maximize Your Social), and more recently I launched a campaign on Publishizer with a book called The Business of Influence which ended up becoming The Age of Influence published by HarperCollins Leadership.

Learn all about Publishizer in this interview I had with one of its founders, Lee Constantine, as we discuss my campaign, all of the options I had with Publishizer, and finally all of my advice for you influencers who are looking to become a published author and why you should consider leveraging Publishizer for your campaign.

This video will help you with all the common questions such as, what website can I write my book on? What website to publish my book on, and how to get book sales? All of this and more, we will discuss today. This will be a powerful video to take your self publishing journey to the next level and if you have not begun yet, start off on the right foot.

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