Uncover the Secrets of Pinterest Marketing: Newbies, Prepare to be Amazed!

Uncover the Secrets of Pinterest Marketing: Newbies, Prepare to be Amazed!

This is Episode 146 from my Your Digital Marketing Coach podcast. You can read the show notes here: https://podcast.nealschaffer.com/episode/pinterest-marketing-for-those-who-still-dont-get-it

The tool I recommend for Pinterest hands down is https://nealschaffer.com/tailwind [affiliate]

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business: Introduction for Newbies | Is Pinterest Good for Marketing?

Are you looking for ideas on how to use Pinterest for your business? Look no further: This 30-minute live video will walk you through why you should be on Pinterest and baby steps you can take - including recommended tools - to start pinning like a pro!

Everyone looks towards Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for business marketing, and then most stick with those. However, it is important to branch out and widen your reach across social media. You may think of Pinterest for being used only by people that do art, crafts or diy pins, this is not the case. I will be showing you how to get started on Pinterest and how to make the most of its features to reach new people and potential clients.

Wherever there are people and traffic, you should be there and post regularly. You want to have images that are bold and eye-catching, it is good to have photos with text overlays. You will learn about brand imagery and colors in this livestream, why consistency is key.

The next very important area to focus on is SEO, how does Pinterest SEO work? Stay tuned to learn the inside scoop on Pinterest SEO. I will discuss my experience with social media platforms and how they vary from each other, the key goal is that you stay exclusively on their platform.

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