This One SEO Tip Skyrocketed my SEO Rankings | How to Boost Your Rankings in 2022 | Keywords!

This One SEO Tip Skyrocketed my SEO Rankings | How to Boost Your Rankings in 2022 | Keywords!

This One SEO Tip Skyrocketed my SEO Rankings | How to Boost Your Rankings in 2022 | Keywords!

Have you ever noticed that your traffic from search engines is dropping?

Or that your SEO rankings are falling?

While there are many things that can explain why this happens, and some of these things might be out of our control to fix, I want to show you an instance of how one SEO tip was able to help me skyrocket my own SEO rankings.

Hint: If Google is placing more and more importance on mobile experience and core web vitals, we need to think that about how we can improve that. By doing some soul searching, I was able to find the SEO tip which I am now implementing to hopefully beat the competition who aren't so careful.

It's one SIMPLE tip that can have MAJOR impact as you will see in the video!

You will learn about the pop up template designs and layouts that work, how the conversion rates vary between desktop and mobile. In 2022, more and more people are using their phone when viewing a website to buy a product or service. It is important that your website and emails are designed for mobile phones, so that your customer is getting the best user experience.

You want to focus most of your attention on mobile phone users, as they are opening emails on their phone first. A lot of people read through an email on their mobile and then open up their laptop to view the pictures of products and buy them on laptop/desktop.

Make sure to ask your employees their thoughts on the company's emails, or you may want to have outside people give their opinion on your emails. Also, how do your pop ups and ads look on the mobile, are they easy to read?

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