ConvertKit Review: 13 Amazing Benefits You Need to See! | How to Get More Sales in 2022!

ConvertKit Review: 13 Amazing Benefits You Need to See! | How to Get More Sales in 2022!

ConvertKit Review: 13 Amazing Benefits You Need to See! | How to Get More Sales in 2022!

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There are many email marketing software companies to choose from, and I have used (in order):

Constant Contact
Infusionsoft (now Keap)

Based on this experience, I wanted to show you why I use ConvertKit by showcasing 13 benefits that this software has that you might not be aware of.

In this video I will thoroughly explain how to use ConvertKit, how it will help your email marketing, types of email sequence and the templates you can have, also a section that is optional, so you may want to personalize it more to the buyer. The key thing you want them to do is go back to the cart and finish their order. Writing the email with a slight bit of urgency in the call to action is good too!

It is important to know when to send out reminder emails, we don’t want to be too soon because we may seem eager but also not too late, because they may have moved on and purchased from a competitor. We want to make the most of each person that lands on our website and especially those that were close to ordering.

Also it is nice to have communication with the person or company that you have given your money to. Buyer remorse is a real thing and people will regret a purchase if they don’t feel like the communication is good. Also, this could impact the review that they leave you, in terms of communication. Having a great looking website and getting sales is important but post purchase emails are just as important.

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