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July 24, 2014

69: The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

69: The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

Neal announces his new free ebook, created together with the employee advocacy platform PeopleLinx, on how to create, manage, and measure an employee advocacy program regardless of the size of your business.



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welcome to maximize your social actionable 10 minute advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize Your Social Social Media author, speaker, consultant and founder of Maximize Social Business Meals. Schaefer. Hi

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there. This is Neil Schaefer and welcome to another episode, Or should I call them additions? I never know, but this is the podcast called Maximize Your Social. Well, I'm really excited today to announce a lot of you may have read one of my free e books or samples of my books, and it's been a while since I put out a new one. I'm actually working on a few, and I'm really happy to announce that the newest free e book resource that I have is now available for download. It is called social marketing. Howto build an employee advocacy program. Some of you that I heard me speak or have spoken me recently. I've been talking about this new e book that I wrote, which is coming out. This is actually an e book that I co authored together with a platform provider for employees. Efficacy called people links great company, great people, and I think we authored or co authored the definitive book on employee advocacy. Now for some of you who may have heard the buzz word or may have heard the word. Or maybe it's the first time you've ever heard it. The idea is that companies often look outside the company walls for influencers or fans or people that they can try to influence to talk about them in social media while some of their biggest fans are working for them inside their company. So the idea of him play advocacy is, How do we yield, or how do we harness the power of our employees to help our word of mouth marketing in social media and to give you a better introduction to the E book? You know, part of it is how can marketers make their companies standouts in the incredibly crowded social media landscape? This is one of the reasons why we hear a lot more about employer advocacy, and a lot of it is actually coming from the marketing department, even though it's questionable as to what organization actually should be in charge. But often it is marketing where begins and you know it's really no surprise, you know, most strategies in social focus on the brand entity and overlook the power and the influence of the employees use of social networks. And, you know, you may not realize how huge of an oversight that ISS. There's one survey that said 88% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, and of those, 50% are already posting or half posted something about their brand or company that they've worked out. So you can imagine that is a huge word of mouth marketing opportunity and the Maur employees you have in the larger their social graph, the bigger the opportunity it is for your company. Whenever I present on employee advocacy, I always show the slide of Prudential Financial, and the fact that they have 15,000 employees are linked in and on average, each of their employees has. I don't know, 160 connections, meaning that in theory, if there was one message that every employee on linked in shared that that message could potentially go out to 2.1 million connections now, those air not unique connections, there may be some overlap there, but the interesting note about overlap is that there have been different studies that have found that overlap between employees, networks and networks that follow brands have very, very little overlap. So, like less than 10%. So the potential there from a theoretical perspective right is huge. So the reason I partner with people lynxes, they have a similar perspective on the world of social media that I had. I first met some of the executives. It was actually at the social shakeup presented by Social Media today. Back in the autumn in Atlanta. I think of September of last year and we've kept in touch, extended a weapon, are together, and that really led to Let's create something that is, you know, that has some third party objectivity, which I bring to the table and that can really be used by anybody that wants to create their own employees of a CSI program. So as you go through the e book and to give you further description, you know, the E book starts really getting you to understand the potential in the value that employees off because he has of which I just sort of hinted at here in the beginning of this podcast, it then goes into talking about how employ advocacy, have special meaning or special benefits for people in sales or social selling. And if you are interested in social selling, you know, I think the book is going to be interesting to you as far as you understanding how you should be requesting your own internal departments to create content for you to share, to help you yield your own thought leadership and to keep in touch with people in your industry. Right? And in fact, if you're in in sales and you don't have such an employee advocacy program in place, and you may have been talking to the marketing people by creating content, you may want to share this e book with them and say, This is sort of the plot from that you need because it'll make it a lot easier for you. The E book then goes into helping you actually define your employees out Dixie strategy. You know that I'm big on strategy, obviously using the notion of the three I's to help build your program, and you have to read the book to find out what that is. So there's also a very, very important section on sourcing content for employees to share. And this is where I think a lot of companies breakdown because marketers want to get those calls to action out there. But employees are like, You want me to post this blatantly self promotional tweets all my profile? Are you crazy? And this is where there is a lot of, you know, misunderstandings that happened, or a lot of failures or Onley. Avery. Very small percentage of the people that have signed on to be part of the program actually go out and post a tweet or a Lincoln update, Or what have you regarding it so really happy of about the content that we created for the source of the content? We also talk about the measuring of success of your own playoff exit program. How do you know how well you're doing something that's river critical? And it really ends talking about this evolving relationship between marketing and sales and, in fact, this evolving relationship between social selling and employees advocacy that we see both people legs as well as myself through my own clients and, you know, cos I'm eating my speaking events will have you that we see evolving. So you know, there are some that say, there are three types of media you know, owned, earned and paid. And with the advent of employ Agassi, maybe this is 1/4 type of media employees, media or employed media. So it's really when we think about those top 15 trends in social media that are going on this year, and it's gonna be the topic of a block, post it I'll be publishing soon. The employees advocacy without a doubt is one of those trends, and I think that if you are a social media marketer, this is an e book. Regardless of your experience with employees advocacy, I think that Z pickles value for you, and it's absolutely free. So what are you waiting for now? I'm starting to sound like an advertisement That's not cool. So let me take a step back there. So in order to gain access, and I will try to publish this link on the maximize, your social dot com pod counts Paige as well. But it's actually really, really easy. To get access to their is a form and to access the form where it will be available for immediate download. You need to go to get that g e t right dot maximize social business, which is the site that I have the founding editor in chief of dot com slash employee advocacy slash. I don't think I need to go through the painstaking detail of telling you every single letter That's a part of those words. The benefit of a podcast is you can rewind and play it back again until you get it. You should also start seeing some tweets and Facebook post and what have you for me as well. But once again it is Get dot maximize social business dot com slash employee advocacy slash hope That makes sense. If you're trying to access it and you can't get hold of it, you don't see any tweets or anything from me. Reach out to me. I will send you the link directly. Anyways, this is a short and sweet perhaps that some of you introduction employ advocacy. But I really am happy of the work that people links and I created for the Sea book, and I really, really hope that you spend a few minutes to go in, download it and read it and I really await your feedback as well on the book. So that's it for today. Everybody hate. Is there any book you want me to write about? Let me know. Like I said, I plan to publish a bunch of them. I have one specifically that I helped to publish in the next few weeks. And really, I want to provide Maur. Educational resource is to help empower what you all do in your social media. For your own business, as an employee of a business or as an agency or consultant for other business itself, you're free to reach out to me. That's it for another edition of Maximize Your Social Wherever you Are in the world, make it a great social day. We'll talk again soon. Five. Already

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