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July 16, 2014

67: Social Media Engagement from a London Pub

67: Social Media Engagement from a London Pub

Join Neal in a candid conversation over a pint from London as he introduces three of his social media friends who help provide fresh (but sometimes "old school") insight into leveraging social media for your business.



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welcome to maximize your social actionable 10 minute advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize your Social social media Author, speaker, consultant and founder of Maximized Social Business Neal Schaefer. Hey, this is

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Neil Shaper and welcome to another exciting episode of Maximize your Social. I am here in the pure spirit of my travels around the world. I told you I'd be speaking here from Vienna, Austria. I am actually have already left me on Austria. I am in London. And if you remember the last time I was in London, I did an interview with Rachel Miller on this podcast by Internet internal communications. One of the primary reasons for doing an interview in London is because I just love the accents of people here. So with that in mind, I have brought together three amazing individuals that have agreed to invest there a few hours, a few pints of beer together with me in just sharing in the learning of social media and how we can all leverage it for business. And that's why you are listening this podcast. That's why I want to add value to your life. So let's begin around me. I have three people tour from London. Well, okay, one is from London. One is from Malaysia. One is from Brighton. Or should I say load? He's from that's right meal from, you know, these are the same people who brought me ales, even though I asked for a lacquer. So who do you believe on this podcast? Okay, I'm gonna go around the room here, And No, we're not just having fun here. This really is for your education. I'm gonna get back to that point. But we're in London, and these three people are people that I met through social media. And I think it's important that as businesses that we use social media and we forget that we're engaging with actual people. And when we make a person a person, a human human connection, the most amazing things, the most amazing ails that you would have never imagined drinking if you thought they were laggers stories. The education that connections you make are amazing. So I'm gonna begin with Alex. Alex, this is not the first time meeting. This is the second time meeting You met me When I've spoken, I strategy in London. Introduce yourself and tell me about your intersection with social media. So I'm Alex. I'm Kong Colton. I live in hope of, actually in the UK That's a Brighton. Isn't it close to Peyton? Yeah, Brian's part of it. Andi, I met Neil Online a couple of years ago. Maybe three. Social media is a passion and you gotta love it Or do it, live it and make keep it. Really. Otherwise, it's just too much of a hot sound. So Well, we'll get we'll get the heart cells latest. But you work in the hospitality industry in operations in management. And how did you get started on social media? And although we all have a passion, how has it helped you in your everyday business? Okay, so I was opening a hotel in my last job on dhe. I wasn't Facebook. I wasn't Twitter woman on Google plus or anything, really, except my CV on Lincoln at the time. And I asked my sales marketing director if I should do it. Then she said I had to, because that was the thing to do for marketing. So I joined everything on the same day on started on Dhe got thoroughly addicted and now filled my extra little times on the train on the tube in the lift, waiting for things on social media sharing and caring. Hopefully, I know that you've made amazing personal connections to social media. Do you think it's affected your business at all your professional life? Has it added to it in any way? Definitely. In fact, when I joined my most recent company, I had them rewrite the contract so that I was allowed to go on social media because it was very distinctly written in there that I wasn't until I changed. And since then, now, yeah, I raised hell Fire. Basically, I'm connected it with all my clients, and I talked to them quite frequently. And quite often I find out I'm talking to my client's boss's boss without even realizing it. And thats quite good fun when you have conversations like that innocently online. Well, thank you, Alex. I'm gonna move on. And actually so I was in Vienna speaking at the uber all conference. I just sort of threw it out there that Hey, I'm gonna be in London after returning from Vienna. Let's get together and there is an amazing woman that it's sitting across from me. You answer my call way, knew each other in social media but didn't really know each other. But she took the initiative to get tonight together. And that is Liz Liz, I'll let you introduce yourself, but she has some amazing stories to tell

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my name then. And my job is I help people who have a message and have a purpose in their business and in their lives, helping to become famous using social media. And this is because I've had my own life changed because of the stuff that I've been doing on social media. So the story is, I was a research student, Salim. I paged in social media and government on I had hit a wall because I couldn't get enough participants to participate in my research and, you know, without participant, you pretty much don't have any research. So what I did was I went on Twitter. I followed 15 people and that I still have the names of these people to this day. That's how I started and I started to just connect with them because these were the people I identified who were working around social media. So I started blogging as well, and I started tweeting. The link to my blog's and the blog's were all about my research about me learning about between government and just engaging with that community and from 15 people go into, like 1000 people on in a way. This time my tutor was on private, by the way, which is America. I could have felt reputation around it. So it was such a life changing experience that I've had the opportunity to not In 2000 and eight and 2009 I got paid to tweet at events when social media wasn't even a job yet. I got paid to block when nobody actually knew what that meant. But people knew that there was value in me being there and talking about it and just sending out that message about why social media was important for government. So from there I actually then went from tweeting to block into getting us weak at events, and I became the thought leader on almost you know, it's kind of weird. A research student is telling the government how to do social media and for me, that's just mind boggling. And I got paid to do that, too, by the way. So from all that, one day I came to a crossroads whether I had to go home to Malaysia or stay in the country. And the only way for me to stay in the country was if I got a job. So I just tweeted to my community and said, Guys, I need a job if I have to go back on what was really amazing. But they all came together. They re tweeted my treat hundreds of times up to the point that somebody said to me lives, You gotta put your twitter on auto. Thank you. Because I kept saying Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For every between, Like, even though I put lots of names they want want me? I was still taking thank you so many times. So they even had a hashtag for it. It was called Keaton is local. I just broke down in two years. You can just imagine that you know the impact it had on me. I didn't realize all this time I was sitting behind a screen that people really knew who I WASI was passionate about keeping me in the country on Dhe. From there, somebody said 70 70 gm and said, Liz, why don't you put your block as the company on Lincoln and I'll write your testimonial? And I'm like, Gosh, I never thought of that because I don't have a company that well, you are your brand, so I'll write you a testimonial so I can't give you a job. But I'm sure someone will do when they see you know what you can do. And from that one testimonial, I tweeted out. I said Thank you to this person for writing in testimony on 28 other people followed and wrote me testimonials that were just amazing, and I literally cried for days. That's just like, That's my life changing moments with social media and I got States offers for a job, by the way, and there were three very serious offers, and then it came down to one which bizarrely came from someone. Why connected to in the beginning, like one of those 15 people that originally followed. That was one of the person that hired me. It was it was amazing. I just did not think that it would all come back to that list. So here I am today. Have you had that experience and Oh, yeah, by the way, because of that I quit my PhD. I decided I don't need a piece of paper to tell me that I have made an impact in my research just by connecting with all these people. And I have made lifelong friends. And now I have thes three more people here. Conrad Meal Shaver and Alex. Thank you so much for connecting us here, Neil. Because if it's not because of you, we wouldn't be here today.

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And if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here today.

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You have a message. Just believe that if you put yourself out there, especially using social media, such a powerful medium, just do it. Don't be afraid and connect offensive, leaving people because people will really give back to you in a way that you cannot even imagine. That's my story.

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I spent my days in KL on paying. Anyway, let's move on here now that's that's really great story. I'm gonna I'm gonna save my thoughts till the end. Give a rap up summary, but you know what this talks about and anyone that you've met, probably the people that you meet that a really passionate about social media have had similar experiences in different ways. But it really is amazing when you live it yourself. And I think it's great that you're teaching others based on your own experience how they can share the same experience. Thank you again for organizing this. Thank you. I'm gonna move on to the gentleman in the hat next to me now, Conrad with him, introduce himself. But this is a gentleman who out of the blue I started getting all these tweets. He's looking at me like, don't make fun of me and I'm not making fun of him. But we all use social media differently. And this is a gentleman who clearly had done his homework and said, These are the people that I want to engage with, and he was very engaging. And sometimes you get, like, follow Friday's you get these random tweets or I get people that just tweet links to me, hoping that I'll click on them. It's like, you know, what do you think it but it's like, Hey, I'm just getting started on blogging on Twitter. What do you think about this very vory educated questions related to social media that were sent out the relevant people. And since then, I've actually developed a relationship with Comrade Online, and we had the chance to meet for the first time day in person, which has been awesome. So all that you introduce yourself first, then we'll get on to my question. I know you have a lot to say.

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First of all, new. I appreciate the fact that you have instigated this podcast after we've had several pints in when I'm at my most eloquent for my first ever poker. So thanks for that, Andi, I will introduce myself. My name's Conrad's. I run a small, talented group of copywriters called the Creative Copywriter. Here in London, I wear a hat on. I'm quite obsessive about wearing the hats. I'm kind of an old school typewriter hat, kind of kind of guy. That's part my Brandon. We're talking about social media, so I literally I'm a newbie to social media. I'm not on old hand at the game that some of these guys here at the at the table I started my business about 45 years ago. But based on old skool SDO techniques which have kind of changed on only just going to social media about six months ago, I've been told I'm a little bit aggressive with my techniques. I like to think cheeky was the word I was going for. But Hanley Hanley, these Americans can't really handle it. They love it, but they can't handle the truth. You can end this on a man. I occasionally when I'm annoyed. I say things like core ply me and governor on another such English phrases from 100 years ago. Apart from that, that's pretty much may I think near was gonna ask me a couple of genuine questions genuinely difficult questions I'm gonna attempt to answer them on. Hopefully, this party will be cut out of the podcast way. Say

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none of this is cut out because, as you know, social media is all about being authentic organic, and you've had a few pints. And you you've had a few pints in you because we're in London where the pockets of Friday night and we're celebrating life. So it's all good. So, comrade, I know that your business is copyrighting. So I just wanted to ask you because there's an educational aspect of this podcast, which it's easy to forget about after a few pints. But I wanted to ask your advice for everybody's listening. I know you do a lot of blogging. You do a lot of copyrighting. So in terms of blogging, in terms of what I would call it and Max, my social business has a category called Social Media writing. What would you say are some tips that people can do to help improve their own blogging their own tweeting the Rome Facebook posts that you could give everybody right now?

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Okay, So I think First of all, one of the most important thing is, is branding on copy is part off Brandon, and getting the right tone of voice is very, very important. And if you want it, whatever business you're in, there are thousands and possibly millions of other businesses out there that you're competing with. And if you want to position yourself, as you know, unique someone unique business in the industry, the tone of voice is part of that on DDE, and part of branding is consistency. So that tone of voice. You know, it's a role that over a love your collateral that includes you know, your website copy social media brochures, everything every every kind of every touch point that the client could possibly engage with you. You need to have that same tone of voice. And if you really establish yourself as something unique, and if you think you know the foundations, I think the foundations are really, really important. Um, as in getting that branding right from the start and if you your copy. Basically it needs to. It's help people why you're different in every paragraph. They should be able to read one paragraph of your copy, whether it's and social media, whether it's on your website where it's a new block, they should be able to look at that paragraph and know exactly what you're about as a company on on. They should be able to tell That's you. That's so like you crave copyright. That's so new, Chef, You know, that's his Brandon on. That's what really separates you in the vast Internet on the competition that you know that we're all up against. And I think one thing that I've done as kind of a representative of the creative copywriter with branding is even the image that you have. You know, it's really important that photo literally the gravitas of the photo that you have. I wear a hat. I talk about a lot. I wear a hat on old school hat. I've got a typewriter. It's black and white in social media. I think your profile picture is really important. What I've done. I've got a circular profile picture. It's in black and white. I wear a hat. Purple outline is very different to everyone else.

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Isn't that old school?

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Some say that is for eight.

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Put the fact that I am here in London and when I was in L. A, I reached out to comrade stay. When I'm in the middle of the meet with you, that is a sign that someone has the right branding the right content. And he's someone that if you're curious as to what well branded content looks like you should look at his website his block in that you're always

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www dot creative hyphen copyrights dot net slash bloke. Check it out.

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Damn, that's along your l Okay. That was sold school. I couldn't even see her old school. So what does this all mean to you? The listener? The whole idea about this is that social media Israel and these are the types of people that you could be meeting in social media. And as a business, I was on a weapon or a few weeks ago. I don't know if you know about H two h and social media or human to human and social media, and there are so many things that businesses we could be doing to engage with other people. Have you ever engaged with people as people rather than as objects of your marketing campaign or of your social media strategy? So I really present this podcast as a representation of what your business is potentially missing out of engage with real people. I have so many people reach out to me as a quote unquote influencer that, in essence, treat me as a commodity one of 2030 40 other influencers or so called influences that are out there. And when you treat people individually and you gauge with them individually, you build a deep relationship in that deep relationship. Assume that they were a fan of your company can have obviously significant positive impact over time. So just remember the social media about people. And I kept this one riel. I'm about keeping these podcasts. Riel, This is a portable icy recorder that I hold in my palm. Yes, we're drinking beer. We're in London. It's a Friday night. I reserve the right to drink beer. And if you were here, you were gonna be drinking beer too, right? Oh, yeah. That's really what it's all about. And remember, when you tweet when you post on Facebook, you're on a global stage. So even though you may be intending for local, you get people from all around the world Embrace that and look at the opportunities you can be developing by embracing global audience. As I never imagined that I'd be able to meet you twice, Alex that lives would reach out and say, Hey, I'll organize something for you or that Conrad with say, Hey, I love to meet with you when you're in town. So what social media is all about? Member social media is made for people, not for businesses. Let's get back to our roots more root, sticking it back to the more people to people relationship you can build, the better it's gonna be your business. This is Neil Schaefer signing out from a random pub here in the Well, we're in Kensington our way. We're in the proper part of the nice. We're in the par sh part of London, but that's not really part of my brands. I'm gonna say we're near Paddington Station and that's it for today. Wherever you are in the world, I wish you the best of luck and make it a social day. Bye bye,

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everybody. Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate your iTunes inscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on the show or recommend content, please contact Neil Schaffer at Neil at Maximize Your social dot com. Make it a social day.