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Feb. 19, 2014

48: How to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing [Interview with Mike Gingerich from TabSite]

48: How to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing [Interview with Mike Gingerich from TabSite]

Neal interviews Mike Gingerich from TabSite on best practices in maximizing your Facebook marketing for your business regardless of size.



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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize your Social Social Media Author, speaker, consultant and founder of Maximize Social Business Neal Schaefer.

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Hey, everybody, this is Neil Shaper. Welcome to another episode of Maximize Your Social. Sorry, I don't have that. Las Vegas glittered in my voice, but I actually am still here in Las Vegas, meeting just a number of great people, and I am actually sitting here right next to the one and only Mike Gingrich of Tap site. Now, if you know me when I speak on social and specifically on Facebook, I bring up a lot of Facebook application providers, top providers topside being one of the leading ones. And I just, you know, wanted to get the chance to talk to Mike about not only top site, but about Facebook in general, how you could maximize your Facebook and learn more about his product. What have you So, Mike, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview.

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Neil. Glad to be with you today and Thio share a little bit of time here in Las Vegas.

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It's amazing if you are using a particular social media tool or application, and you reach out to them via social, and they do not respond to you. You may not want to be using that tool. A rap Mike is someone that has engaged with me, reached out to me, and that's really if you're in social media, that's sort of the support both, you know, engagement supporters. But I would call it, but also support for the product that you would want. So you know, thank you for that, Mike. I really appreciate that. And it really says a lot about you and your company.

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Thank you, Neil. Appreciate those kind works.

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So, you know, when I talk about maximize your Facebook, I believe that the the platform that Facebook provides you to create applications and tabs is something that is unique in social media. No other platform. Really? How's that? You know, can you tell me a little bit about how cos I'm sure you have a number of case studies of companies that have been successful using topside just one or two that you'd like to share of all companies through creating an application on tap site have been able to, you know, meet goals achieved. Amazing things on Facebook.

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Sure, sure, Yeah. Well, for the small, medium sized business market, I can think of Ah, one photographer. Okay, so she's a solo preneurs, and she's looking to grow her regional audience for her photography business. She specializes in weddings, family photography and, like, high school senior pictures. And so one of things that she did was she ran a Facebook photo contest of the weddings that she had done that year. And I think she done 24 25 different weddings. And so she placed a photo contest up on Facebook, letting each of these couples know that there photo was entered into photo contest and they could invite people, their friends, their family to vote for them and that the the winner was going to get a large portrait designed well by her for them. And so that was unique in the sense that the pictures were not submitted by other users. These were ones that she had taken, but But she had a ready made audience there who was ready to vote on them. So everyone who went to the wedding that that couple would say, Hey, we're We had opportunity to win this come vote for us. And so it ran for about seven days. A garnered a lot of votes and she did a couple things she did should've like gate on it. So people to come in to vote would have the opportunity to, ah, like her Facebook page to be able to see the entries and to vote for theirs. And she had voting as one time per day. And so then people were motivated to come back and vote daily for their couple that they wanted to win. And the end result was that you know that the reach on her page, the engagement on her page and the likes on her page grew significantly and, you know, as a part of that also by those people coming back and voting day in and day out over that seven day period, there's a thing called ej rank with Facebook, which allows that Facebook's gonna determine you know what content you want to see, and the more you engage with a page, the more they will show you contract that page thinking that's a value to you will show you more of that, and so more people would see her content going forward. So she was able to maintain that. And from that audience off weddings that she had done and the people that came to vote for them, she was able to, you know, secure new business that took her into the following year. Very well.

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That's awesome, Mike. And it's funny because a lot of people say, Well, you know, they read books. They hear people. Well, you know, big brands can do that. But what about small medium size businesses? So I really appreciate that, You know, it could be done by anybody, right?

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Absolutely. Absolutely.

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So I guess a few sort of add on questions to that. Number one. I'm a small business, and I've never done a campaign, you know, through traditional marketing. What have you considering Facebook? And I know that you also support a lot of different functionality. How should I develop my first campaign?

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Yeah, well, I mean, I think you first need to know. You What? Your end goals Are you trying to to build up your reach on your page? Are you trying to get email sign ups you need determine you know exactly what's what's gonna look like success to you. So that be the first thing. And then, you know, the second thing is, you need to to plan out. Okay, So what are ways that we can do this? If I'm trying to get a email, sign it, for instance, and I'm trying to grow my email list. Then one of the ways that's gonna be most beneficial for that is to perhaps offer something in return for that. So some type of resource, A e book or a coupon that will give someone the incentive to to want to sign up for for your list. So you determine what that is. It needs to be something that's coming relevant, something that's not gonna be too high dollar to you, but it is a value to them to get number three. Then you need to plan out your communication strategy. And so, like with our topside application, we can help you build that tab quickly. Then it's a do it yourself tool. You can come in and quickly create. Okay, The form. I want to put a capture, the name and the email address. Here's my image of one of years. Here's my offer that I want to give out. You put that in, that can go live. But you need to plant your communication then. So your communications prior primarily on Facebook gonna be in your newsfeed post on your page to to pre alert someone. Hey, we're gonna put this out there. This is gonna be coming now. Hey, this is live. You can call and vote here, and this contest is soon gonna be ending. So, you know, make sure you sign up to get this access here. So you want to put those as well as communicating that out on your other social channels and your email list, Emit your website. Your blog's that type of thing, then you wanna you wanna follow up and engage with those people afterwards and know what you're gonna do with that information afterwards.

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That's awesome. And you know this I find more, more as we enter 2014 that people are really all over the place. They've always been all over the place, but in terms of social media, it's funny. I I shared a Google plus circle. When I shared it on Facebook. I got you know, I won't be as much engagement on Facebook. I said that on Google. Plus, I had a tremendous amount of engagement on Facebook, and it really is about this cross platform promotion of everything you D'oh! So I want to ask you two more questions. Prevent this podcast number one being its 2014 Facebook is saying that we need to pay more. And I was actually just at Facebook corporate headquarters last month, and I I told they understand what they say and there's so much content going out there in the news feed is limited to what you can chill, right? So what is your? You know, if you haven't won top tip or two or three top tips for Facebook marketing in 2014 related to topside or above and beyond that, that's that's one question. And then I want you to end. And maybe you could include this. Part of your answer is there are you know, there are a number of companies that offer similar tabs. Some of them have been acquired by bigger companies like wildfire, like Google. How do you differentiate what you offer versus your competitors? So all and I hope that's not too uh, severe of a question to ask you here. I'm sure you get asked that a lot, so I want to end this podcast. Those two questions. Let's first start with your best advice for Facebook marketing in 2014.

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Okay, I think with Facebook Marketing 2014 it's going to be key to evaluate your your content, what you're posting on Facebook and in terms of you need to look at you what your goals are. So there's gonna be content that is for engagement, and there's gonna be content. That is, perhaps, for capturing leads and content that is going to be in this coming your smallest percentage because it is a social network. But content that would be like more of a direct sell, something that offers something. So you want to take a look at your content mix. It has to be engaging on Facebook, and I think too many people are still in the I don't know if they're in a Twitter mindset or what, but there's there's too much of a just a quick push of information out, and so it is a social network and particularly on Facebook that needs to be socially engaging. So you need to take a look at that with Facebook for business. I think that you do really need to take a look at using Facebook ads and people say, Oh, you know, Facebook used to be free, and now you have to pay. But the Converse side of that is that you can get a ad on Facebook and because Facebook knows so much about you, what your life's are your your interest, those types of things for the individuals that for business as that's a very valuable tool because you can get very specific and who you target and to reach your audience. Whether that's a local audience or whether that's a specific international global audience, Facebook can help you reach just that unique target audience. And one of their greatest tools in 2014 that you need to look at is there look alike audiences. Okay, because with Facebook ads, you can upload a email list, your email list, and that will show you know who your people are. You could target those people again, to to offer another and add that's related to a product or service is complimentary or an Upsell that you have. But one of things related to that is, once you have a look a like a custom audience loaded, you can create in the Facebook ads. A lookalike audience. Facebook will use their demographic data to find a audience that is just like that audience, and you can target those. And so if you have a email list of people who have purchased from you, isn't it a tremendous value to be able to create a look alike audience that is very similar that you can reach out to through a Facebook ad?

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Well, think of how much Mike I actually wanted to come out on if you know. But I was actually interviewing Facebook at their headquarters last month, and I want I haven't written the block post about it yet. But since I always podcast for a vlog, I want to share with you some of the insights based on what Mike just said. First of all, about the content, people on Facebook said, Look, treat every Facebook post is if you were writing a love letter and I thought that was a truly profound statement and those you don't know me 2014 and content is go big, go home. Really craft. It's not about spewing a lot of content. It's about the content you published making account, really strategizing what you do not just throwing a link out there were a tweet, as Mike said, and really thinking about, you know, the objective. And when I met the director of advertising for Facebook, he was talking about one of the key things they did in 2013 was really create this whole new dashboard, which made you try to determine your objective. And then they're gonna recommend the appropriate add format. Those of you who have read maximize your social. You know that, I said in that book, paid social is one of the most underutilized aspects of social media. And to spend $50 to get your brand in front of 50,000 very, very targeted people in whatever niche. It is absolutely the cheapest thing that you can think of. How much of your time is $50 worth? So go ahead and do that if you're not doing paid social, especially faith Facebook advertising, which I'm a huge fan of but It's funny that you mention the custom audience. And when I talked with the advertising folks at Facebook, they're trying to make it simple for smaller, medium sized businesses to do it themselves. But custom audience look alike, and you also have the database of users that they have from third party sources. Three companies. I forget the names, but there's still a lot of features where you need to use the advanced Facebook ad manager to use. Unfortunately, and there are resource is out there that will help you do. That may really make sense, especially that custom audience Sabina. Upload your email database and then being able to market to them and almost to your own type of retargeting, and we can talk about retargeting as well. We're going a little bit above the initial scope of the spot guest, but there's a whole other world out there, and I've noticed retargeting really happened a lot of Facebook recently. So if you're wondering, Wow, how did these companies know that I went to the website? I see them on Facebook. You have the ability to do that yourself, and if there's one thing that you get, I mean There's should be a lot of things you get out of this podcast number one going over the top side and signing up for the service and learning about all the amazing applications they provide. But the 2nd 1 really is making better use of Facebook ads and going above and beyond the self serve and really looking at the custom audiences and and the advance Facebook. Anything you want to add to that. What I just said,

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No, I think you're absolutely right. And I think that 2014 will be the year. I mean, I think Facebook is trying to make that easier for small, medium sized businesses. Continue to look for that, to be able, get easier. And also look for companies like TAP site to try to integrate some of these things. To be able to make it easy for you to do that with your tabs right in the manager area,

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that would be really, really awesome, especially well, I don't I don't expect you to go into like advertising management. But that's something that there's still a chasm to cross for many companies to figure that out. So just the final question I sort of alluded to it, But you know, there's there's a lot of other companies out there. What is tab sites the benefit of using Top said over the competition or secret sauce? Or would have you any anything to comment on that?

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Well, I think that you know a couple things. There's we're one of the few that provides a mobile friendly tool so that you can have mobile users access your tabs and by getting our smart girl and using that in your campaigns when you publish to the news. Feed allows any user whether on mobile on a tablet on the desktop, to be able to access the tab, which is so important these days with eyes it over 65% people using Facebook on a mobile device. Number two is we have a unique tool called a website re sizer, and what that does is it. It helps you utilize some of the tools that you already have developed for your website and to bring them into a Facebook tab in a way that fits well within the tabs. 810 with limit. Okay, so say you have a landing page on your website where you are offering a free e book. You know that type of thing and your Web site's 1000 pixels wide. If you just simply try to use a regular I frame tool to bring that into a tab, you would be you have scroll bars and it would just kind of look hazy because it's intended to be 1000 miles wide, and it's kind of it's scrolling within this event on 10 window. Our website re sizer application allows you to drop it in there, and we will resize that for you so that it looks conducive. Kind of like a responsive style to bring that landing page down into an 810 so that it looks valuable and it looks like it actually is and functions on the website. And so therefore, you're gaining an efficiency by utilizing what you've created on your website and maybes campaign specific and bring them to Facebook at the same time period for your Facebook audience. So that would be a couple things. It's a do it yourself software. We try to make it easy and have responsive support. As you mentioned the loo to earlier Neil

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Yeah, you know the devil's in the details. Another quote from my visit to Facebook was, when you think mobile, think Facebook. And you know, we all know how many more people are using mobile on a PC. Think about on smartphones how much time we spend in social specifically and Facebook. If you want to reach a mobile audience, think Facebook and just creating a tab and not having it show up on a smartphone. That's costing you a lot of potential dollars. So that's a that's a critical functionality. Provide as well is that re sizing. It's almost like skinning a Q R code and then going to a website that wasn't optimized for mobile. When you go to a tab and you have to scroll across that see the whole thing, it should be resized, and it should be fitting into that Facebook native environment. So I appreciate the attention to detail that you've all done. So if you haven't make sure you check out topside dot com and if you tweet out Mike Mike Gingrich on Twitter, I'm sure he'll reach out to you as well. But that's it for today. I hope you enjoy this podcast if there's other people or other tools or application providers that you're interested in having the interview, please let me know. I'm still gonna try to do a few more podcasts while I'm here in Las Vegas. So I hope you enjoyed this one. Wherever you are in the world today, make it a great day. We'll see you next time. Bye bye, everybody.

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Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate your iTunes subscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on the show or recommend content, please contact Neil Schaffer at Neil at Maximize your social dot com. Thanks for listening and have a great day.