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Sept. 25, 2013

31: The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards: What You Need to Know

31: The Evolution of Social Media Dashboards: What You Need to Know

An interview with Tammy Kahn Fennell, founder and CEO of MarketMeSuite, on the evolution of social media dashboards and social productivity.



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Welcome to another edition of social business unplugged. Practical advice on how to best leverage social media for your business. Now the host of Social Business Unplugged, author of the forthcoming book Maximize Your Social, published by Wiley and founder of Maximize Social Business Neal Shaper. Hey, everybody, this is Neil Shaper. Welcome to another episode of social business someplace. Now, as promised, I'm here in Atlanta, Georgia, in the swanky W Hotel here in Midtown Atlanta. For these social shakeup, be moderating a panel in a little bit on social, big data and community, and how to derive value from all the data to help you develop new products. Hopefully, I'll have a summer without from my next podcast. But this podcast, it's always a pleasure and honor when you go to a social media conference and you meet someone for the first time, you've had a long relationship with on social, but you've never had a chance to me in person, and especially if that person is a contributor to maximize social business. And here I am right now with Tammy Continental of the founder and CEO of Market Me sweet.

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Hi there, No, great to be here

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great to have you, Tammy. So market me sweet and whenever in fact yesterday was teaching Records University, and we were talking about social media dashboards. And whenever I have in my module on Twitter, I go well, there's reasons why when you get really active on Twitter when you're on linked in, you can using thin dot com facebook facebook dot com. But if you have a personal account of business account on Twitter, you need a dashboard and we go through the Oscars. And I think, the ultimate evolution of dashboards, starting with twitter dot com. And then Tweetdeck Hootsuite, which is a column based approach and then spelled social market me sweet, which is the evolution to it to an inbox approach, which I think is the ultimate, the more out mentions and direct messages you. Yet it does become an inbox, right? And I know market me sweet was there first in realizing that in developing the product. But I also told everybody in the audience that you know, the social media desperate. The end of today becomes a personal experience. There are many of us and social media that actually have. We pay money to multiple vendors to get access to multiple dashboards because we like certain things about some and some about the others. Tell me. I just want to ask you in general, without going into your product right now, which will get into just the evolution of social media dashboards, how businesses are using them, how they should be using them, how you see that evolution. You want to just start with a comment on that? Sure, sure. And I hope all that made sense.

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No, it totally, totally made sense. And I think I think you're entirely right there. There has been an evolution in it, and I still remember when we were in England cause we started off a UK company in my CTO said to me, because we were in Adobe a rap when market me sweet started. If anyone's like a diehard old way started out that we thought, Oh, Doby, I was gonna be a great idea. Live and learn. But

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you know where

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we knew you were gonna do with based model. And he stood there and this was, you know, a while ago now, a couple of years ago, and he said, You know, it's got to be an inbox, and I said, Alan, that's genius. You know, I understand. I understand what you're saying. So in box for Social was kind of born out of that. You're right when when you say that or a small for a business page, when you deal with a business, a business account versus a personal account. And I'll even extend that into Tutor and Lincoln to an extent, because what happens is that we deal with a lot of small business and professionals is you wear a lot of hats and yeah, we don't ever try to recreate Lincoln dot com. We don't try to re create facebook dot com, but we do. What we do try to do is bring everything together so that you can be you can flag in your mind. Okay, this just occurred, and I need to deal with it much like when you get an email, you don't always answer it right away. You don't always do it sometimes the emails just to remind you to go off and do something else but that approach to social that everything is happening kind of all at once, and you just need to wait a way to organize it. So I think from a business perspective, businesses are being forced by just the way social media is evolving to get a little more integrated and really get organized so that once you organize, you condemn, prioritize. And once you prioritize, you can actually engage. But missing those 1st 2 steps could mean that you're just, you know, you're approaching it from all different angles, and you could burn out on that and not actually get true value out of using something.

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And it's funny that we're talking about this. Another thing that I mention it records and I was just talking about Tammy is that I often recommend that. And I had a conversation with someone who's still using social, right? We're talking into it. What do you like about social? Well, I have the ability of schedule messages. I'm like, Well, did you know there's like, five other dash reports that give me that ability now, right? And therefore, I think with the evolution of technology, I always tell my clients every three months or so, do an audit of all the dashboards out there. Obviously, Markham, the suite is one of them that, you know, I don't think you you have the money that a hoot suite has gotten or the publicity's PR team that they have. But being the first in box and as a user myself of market meets the understanding, the ability to absolutely customize everything that I see in the inbox. In other words, it seems like the Hutu to the world are very much developed in an analog. These you're out mentions you could do a search. It's a very siloed approach were, as you've created, a true digital product that says, These are the things that are important to me. I have five different accounts have a Facebook, a linked in what happy These are five different Twitter accounts, but at mentions from this account is gonna be the first priority. And then I have the ability to flag them and with those flags, be able to notify people internally. This is what I need him to do and actually create in boxes for different business objectives. So it's it's that ability to customize that. I think I'm almost wondering because you were so ahead of the crowd in terms of having that in box you're still ahead of the crowd by saying, Hey, you could manipulate all these social messages in a way to tie them in business objectives and work more efficiently internally. And most companies still haven't gotten there yet.

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Yeah, and and and that's that's been our That's been our challenge. And I have a lot of respect for sweeping the team over there is just fantastic. I mean, what they did for the social world, how they proven out the concept that social can work for business and where they're going with taking it more enterprise and really taking what was a very small and simple concept and growing it into these large organizations. You see very large companies now using Hoot suite, and they have multiple teams, and that's great in the data is wonderful. Where we found our sweet spot. It market me sweet is that we don't want or need our companies to our small businesses are professionals are so entrepreneurs are bloggers. We're not expecting them to ever grow up and be Coca Cola. We want them to continue to be the best business, that they are the best, the best social engaged or that they are, and we tried to build a tool that is very that fits their unique needs and part of doing it in an inbox and not styling. It is because there isn't. There's a lot that's going on, and nearly I know you push the boundaries of market. The suit, because nobody cried, has so many followers is you, But but but but for many, for many people, it's not such a tremendous amount of data. But the data that the messages in the prioritization that that's there when you can figure out the most important conversations, it's incredibly actionable, and figuring out the conversations that you want that you have that you should be having is half of the battle for smaller organizations, and that's where that's where we try to sell me. Sometimes we'll have larger companies who will be using a hoot suite for some of the enterprise stuff. We've been using a Radian six, but they have ah team within the team that is a smaller social media team, and they'll choose to use something like market the supermarket, my sweet, specifically because it just facilitates easier engagement and working as a team for just the really just really drilling down to finding those important messages and then across Twitter is quite heavy for organization. And then even just the simple thing of being just alerted when you have a Facebook notification on your fan page again, you're gonna go off to Facebook and deal with that. But just to have an inbox that just says, Hey, you know, deal with this. You know, you just got, you know, you just got a notification. Somebody just like this that just reminds you can flag that you could remember for later to go off and do it because you're not always gonna be ableto we all like to think that we can, you know, text, you know, drive, you know, get on a plane, do everything and do everything while we're treating our community. Manager Allison flew with me thio Atlanta for this, and I swear to God in the entire Atlanta airport she didn't look up once because she was I was like, Alison, you've gotta kill yourself. This is just this is leading her like like she's she's so she was socially blind. But because there's just so much she's our community manager. Obviously there's a lot going on, but she always breathes a sigh of relief when she could get to her computer and sit down and really just organize it because your go, go, go, go, go! That's fine. You know, there's an IOS integration for Twitter, Facebook, all that. But then what about when you want to sit down? Really Think about it, Really? Drill down to what the hell just happened? You know, did I just tweet with this person and do that? It's like follow up. We were joking before I said, The only problem with conferences and this is a great conference. The social shakeup is that sometimes people get conference fever and they get really excited about meeting everyone. And then they just wind up. You know, everything. Just all the business cards just fall on the floor when they're done, and it could be the same thing so she could be out there doing it all in real time. But if you don't actually take that deep breath and spend 10 or 15 minutes a day and that's literally all it takes, just say OK, what happened? You know, where can I perpetuate these conversations? Should I mark this. Should I flag this for later? Is this person is this person considered a lead? Did I schedule up enough messages to keep the conversations going? You know, who should I be? You know, and all that stuff. So that's where we really try to step in and fill that.

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That's great. Yeah. And just, you know, the Facebook notification. You can live in a world where you're sort of tied to the notifications coming from its separate platform. The emails coming from several platform when it could be in one dashboard and has already studies that show when you have everything in one place the efficiency and obviously you blogger on maximize social business about social media activity, that efficiency can be pretty huge over time.

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Abso absolutely. And and I love it. I love my new column and there'll be another one coming out coming out in a couple of weeks because being socially productive is hugely important. We have implements and a load of things just in our business, just as a start up ourselves, not just across Twitter, Facebook and Lincoln, but there's a host of other kind of I'll call them to your tools, Tier two tools. So they're not directly the consumer, but they're for the business interred, you know, just interdepartmental communication that helps you be socially productive. But and I think just there's so much going on out there. We live in an incredibly connected world like I don't know, my son is gonna grow up, and he's only going to have no in a world where there was an iPad in his hands like That's very, very interesting. He's three and 1/2 and he has a log. He he has a block. Everyone he asked he at. He one day, told me he was gonna go to work. He took his little pretend laptop computer center. That's so great, Honey, you working at market me sweet, he says. Mommy, I have my own company. Several. What's it called? He says. Duckling do dot com. I said I was going on here. So of course, being the good mommy, I immediately registered that he actually blog's every every couple of weeks and he types it himself does and does all that. But this is a kid three and 1/2. He's already pushing data into into the world that you can imagine when he's in his 30 is, you know, the levels of organization that's going to have to be layered on top of this digital world s so hopeful, I think you know, maybe, well, maybe he'll listen to this in 25 years and be like, Mom is really on to something on. Then he'll build the next. You know, the next big thing

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Here is a cloud score of 85 by the way, but anyway,

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he's beating May.

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But I mean in some way. And just to tie into the panel moderated a big social data. What you've done with marketing suite essences try to take this data that comes from all of your business social media accounts and manipulated in a way that it wasn't intended for, but for business efficiency. Absolutely. You can argue

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it was intended for it because all the social networks want you to interact on them. That's like the biggest thing, right. They want you to interact on them. I don't think that any of them ever conceived that it would get so cluttered out there. Or maybe they did, but they probably, you know, talk to your little blindside by the fact that I got so cluttered that people are actually needed later. More organization on top, because I mean, Twitter does a great job. Twitter dot com is wonderful and there's there's uses for it, and sometimes I'll just hang out and just see it, because I like seeing what's coming through. And I like going into the search, and that's great facebook dot com I love I love the mobile app, but it still doesn't help me in terms of from a business perspective, when if I'd have to go to all these things, I need the reminder to do it. And where possible, we let you engage inside of market Massoud, where it doesn't make sense. We will just push you right back out because I think that the other thing about being a tech startup in this particular the digital world is that you have to understand that you need to play nicely with other tools and be very understanding of the fact that people do have unique work flows and that people are going to do it in the way that makes sense for them. So we obviously hope that everyone will sign up for marquetry Streetaccount Be using it and we totally understand if they use it in conjunction with other tools. And where will move us companies to try to make that even easier. And that's where you start seeing open AP eyes and things like that. But I think that it's it's it's a very it's a very good approach for a start of toe. Have to say, you know, we are. We are a very important piece of this puzzle, but we know that we fit in with the greater greater Mosaic.

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So tell me, I'm gonna close this podcast. This podcast used to be limited to eight minutes currently were out. Uh, 12 and 1/2 minutes. It was them in in a minute because it was on an iPhone. And that was the Max voice memo

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he's trying to. Neil's trying to convert my team

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of Galaxies work. It's unlimited time that I could record on this and send out, but anyway, I just wanted and and you know, everyone listening. This podcast is really trying to figure out howto make social media work for their business. So from your perspective, as you know, the founder and CEO of the social media Gospel market Me Sweet. What are the 3 to 5 ways in which businesses should be making more use of their social media dashboard?

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Okay, the first thing I have to say is organized. Get yourself organized because if you don't, you know, if you don't create smart in boxes and figure out exactly how you want of you all your social stuff going on, you're just catches like the first thing. It's like the whole thing on the plane. Secure your air mask before assisting others like organized,

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scary. They're

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gonna be flying. Exactly. The second thing I would say is make sure that you are always engaging by bye bye and schedule what you can't. So I think scheduling is important, but I'm gonna quickly follow that with scheduling isn't the whole thing. So if your schedule whole bunch of stuff don't just sit there and be scheduling happy or so this article I saw that article. I'm just gonna schedule the heck out of everything if you're not then prepared to put in the time to actually engaged

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you people respond in real time, right? And they're like, we're responding back to me just tweeted to time.

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Exactly so organized so you could see everything that's coming through. Push really great content out, engage on, engaged on that content. I would say the fourth thing is make sure that you're engaging with the right people. So if you are local business, you don't want to be engaging with people in Iceland's unless, you know they're likely to come to Boston to buy your bagels. I mean, you have to You have to really think about you know why I said Boston Bagels That doesn't New York. And by your bagels, cheesecake, cheesecake, clam chowder in Boston. So, yeah,

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hungry. Okay, it's almost

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lunchtime here. The social shake up. And then the fifth thing you asked me for five. So I kind of see you see what I did there, making

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organized schedule, Engage,

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engage. Make sure that it's make sure that its relevance

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relevance. Fellow follow up.

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I'm gonna go with follow up. So the theme of being at a conference and people getting conference fever and, you know, I was telling you before my dad used to go to conferences a long time of stick with a would sit after the conference with a stack of business cards, and I was like, 10 years old. Daddy, what are you doing there? Honey? It's called Follow up and you know, that's That's what we do now in the in the social in the digital world is and a lot of people forget it. So if you've engaged with somebody, why not flag them? Why not mark the missile lied? Why not figure that out, by the way, could do all these things and market the sweet so that you can just remember to interact in them. Why not schedule up a message? If you just had a great conversation with somebody at the social shake up, why not schedule up something for a week from now? Right now, right now, while you're thinking about it so that that person's gonna get at mentioned so that you know that you found finished up the conversation and perpetuated the conversation, and then you can go back and engage in that kind of a cycle starts.

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Yeah, follow up is critical in business in general, In my background being B to B sales, it's all about the follow up. It's all about scheduling it and sometimes. I mean, if if you know anything about email marketing, you need a few touches with people to build, trust to build. Report five Exactly.

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VP of marketing was the fourth complaint. Constant contact She, like, built up like this whole thing, and she's like It's five five touches. You gotta touch him five times.

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So if you feel like you're limited in what you're what you're your business is done in social media may be because the dashboard you using his limiting you right. And if you find that and if you find that you cannot do some of the things that Tammy was just talking about it myself, we're talking about it's time for you to do your audit of the different social media gossip word. There's a number of them out there. I personally, you know, pay for a few different ones, and maybe you'll start doing that as well, but definitely highly recommend that you look at market. See, there's one of those, and I hope that in the near future we can do about dinner together and really, you know, show people the different things they can be doing just by using different technology I really think once you changed at sports, assuming that you pick one for the right reasons, it can really open up your mind to Wow, it's not like I'm a slave to social anymore. I could be in charge of it and really manipulated in a way like I manipulate email or anything else.

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Absolutely well, I look forward to that, and I look forward to continuing. Thio push out some guest blogger posts your fabulous Thank

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you so much, Thank you very much, Tell me. And that concludes another episode of social business Unplugged. Appreciate all those five star ratings on iTunes. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to hear about a topic Ah, product or anything else you want me to discuss and once again make it a great day. And best of luck in maximizing your social. Bye bye, everybody. Thanks for listening to another edition of social business unplugged. We appreciate your subscribing to our podcast and adding your rating and comments in iTunes. If you would like to appear on this podcast or of content that you would like covered, please contact Neil Schaefer. Kneel at maximize social business dot com for additional social media. For business advice, please make sure to check out your new social media for business resource at maximized social business dot com. Thanks again and make it a great day.