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Sept. 25, 2020

179: The What, Why, and How of Podcasting

179: The What, Why, and How of Podcasting

If you are a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner and you are listening to this podcast, why aren't you creating your own?

Podcasts are easier to create than you might think.

They are also one of the most powerful forms of influencer marketing, as I will explain to you in this episode.

If you've been on the sidelines, this episode will hopefully push you over the edge into launching your own podcast!

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175: Why I am Investing Time in Being Interviewed on 100 Different Podcasts

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Key Highlights

[06:35] The Most Misunderstood Form of Marketing

[09:04] Why It Is Powerful To Have a Podcast

[09:44] Influencer Marketing in Podcasting

[10:40] Four Main Types of Content Mediums

[11:28] Podcast Statistics

[12:18] The Average Hours Podcast Listeners Spend On Listening to Podcasts Every Week

[12:44] How Podcast Generates Relationships

[12:33] The Currency of Digital Marketing

[13:45] How to Repurpose Podcast

[14:42] 7 Points You Need To Get Started in Podcasting

[16:51] 5 Choices of Platform to Create and Upload Your Podcast

[18:12] Conclusion

Notable Quotes

  • Not only can you ask other people to be on your podcast when I'm talking about other people, but I'm also talking about influencers in your industry, other content creators, you can now access their audience by appearing on their podcast as a guest.
  • Every influencer is a content creator.
  • That is a significant time that they are investing in your content more than any other network really more than any other type of content medium or social media. That is a unique thing that podcasting has going for it.
  • Another great thing about podcasts is they generate content, you need content for everything that you do in digital and social media. It is the currency of digital marketing. 
  • Podcasting is the ultimate media in which you can repurpose. 
  • But I want to end this really short and sweet episode by seeding you with what I wish everybody had taught me when I started podcasting, you don't need to overthink this. 
  • There's no extra advice needed. You're all set. Don't overthink it, do it implement action, execute.

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Neal Schaffer:

Have you ever wondered why podcasting is such a powerful medium for marketers? Are you thinking it's too complex to start your own podcast? Well, I'm here to tell you that not only is podcasting, a compelling medium for marketing, but it's a hell of a lot easier than you think, to launch your own podcast. Stay tuned for this episode of the maximize your social influence podcast. Welcome to the maximize your social influence podcast with Neal Schaffer, where I help marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners grow their businesses using innovative marketing techniques, leveraging the concept of digital influence throughout digital and social media. Hey, everybody, welcome to episode 179 of the maximize your social influence podcast. Hope you're having a great day from wherever you are in the world. I know that although I don't often crack the United States marketing charts, I know that a lot of you around the world, I seem to have a very international audience. So I just want to give a shout out to those countries where I know a lot of you are listening to me in I really appreciate it. I know, obviously, English speaking nations are where a lot of people listen to podcasts, but I know and in Germany, in Ireland, in Israel, Netherlands, India, Japan, I see you all listening to me, and I'm giving you a virtual way from my home office here in Southern California. So this is the first podcast episode that I am publishing after the six month publication anniversary of the age of influence my book on influence marketing, and really Digital Influence. And I know you've probably heard me talk about it in the past, and how there's only a certain amount of time I have in order to talk about it. Because now I really can't say it's a new book, it's been out for six months. But if you're on my email list, you would have received this email yesterday or Well, earlier this week, depending on when you're listening to this podcast. I know that all of you are not on the list, I highly recommend that you go to my website, Neal schaffer.com, you sign up on any widget, there's one in the bottom, there's one on the side, so that at least you get my weekly if not monthly updates, as well as the special emails I send out with a lot of special opportunities. So well, because this is the six month anniversary, this is what I want to send out and I just want to repeat it here. Before I move on to the topic of podcasting. A lot of you who subscribed to the newsletter and you know, podcast listeners as well. People read my blog, people that see me speak, you know, I often get asked caneel Is there anything I can do to help you? And I always respond, I don't need anything now. But when I do, I'll let you know. And thus I am recording this today. With a small and humble request. It has now officially been six months. I actually published the age of influence on March 17 2020. So yes, it has now been six months since I published the book and therefore I can no longer say I have a new book my baby is growing up. If you've been listening to my podcast over several episodes, you know that I set up this period of six months post publication to do everything I could to promote my book in my attempt to leave what I like to say no stone unturned. And now here we are. So my publisher told me and this is something that I've probably talked about on previous episodes, but the single most important thing I can do for the long term success of my book is to encourage my readers to review my book in order to better reach the digital consumer. And this is advice before Coronavirus. So it's even more important now, you know from when I've talked to other authors, they recommend to ask their readers again and again and again and again, for review until Critical Mass is reached. Which is why you've heard me repeat this request, and why most podcasters end their podcast with a request for review. So it's not my intention to do that with you, I just want to send you one email or in this case, just talk about it on this one episode before we go into the main subject matter. So as you can imagine, it's somewhat a grind. And I'll be honest and uncomfortable with that, to ask for favors from others, when hopefully my work should speak for itself. But in the real world I have learned it just doesn't always work that way. I believe the age of influence is a groundbreaking work redefining Digital Influence and providing every business the opportunity and the playbook to tap into the influence that surrounds them for impactful marketing success. And now fueled by the reviews of our readers. I am getting ready to begin work on my next book to provide you all and even more impact work on digital marketing that includes but goes well beyond the scope of influencer marketing. So in hopes of getting closure and moving on to the next chapter in my life as an author and educator, I am asking you, if you read the book, or a significant part of it, to take a minute or two out of your day for a star click and a sentence or two. And really just leaving a review on Amazon, you know, I had someone reach out to me from India, saying I'd love to leave a review. So you can do it an Amazon India, someone today from Germany, you can do it in Amazon, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, wherever there's an Amazon, I had a gentleman from the African country of Ghana reach out to me and apparently, Africa does not have an Amazon store. Obviously, you have to purchase from Amazon in order to leave a review there. So wherever you could, it just really helps build the credibility and the social proof and allows the book to be exposed to others. That's my ask, obviously, should you leave me review, please let me know that I can. personally thank you, you should be able to find my website. me on social. Thank you so much. Warm regards, Neal Schaffer. That's it. We now close the chapter on the age of influence. And we move on to my next work, which well, it's still in the conceptualized or I should say, it's still brewing. It's still percolating, but I'm getting there. But today, I'm going to be introducing something that will become part of the book because over actually, by the time this episode is aired, I will have already appeared on my first webinar, being asked to speak about podcasting. I'm really excited to talk about it, because I think it is one of the most misunderstood forms of marketing. It could be similar, you know, I know obviously, you're a marketer, you're an entrepreneur, you're a business owner, you're listening to podcast, but maybe you never thought about launching your own podcast, sort of like you're a Pinterest user, but you never thought about how you might be able to use Pinterest for your own business. So this is going to be a short and sweet presentation, basically mimicking what I talked about on the webinar. And it's really the what the why and the how of podcasting, I want to leave a lasting impression of you on how impactful of a marketing medium is and how easy it is for you to get started. Okay. Now, I know that back in March, the last conference I went to before lockdown was a podcasting conference called pod fest. I know on when I recorded an episode, I said, Hey, I'm going to give you all the updates on everything I learned. And I know that since then, I've really only recorded one episode about podcasting. And that was why I am being interviewed on 100 different podcasts. And by the way, that strategy is still working. And let me just go really quick here to my my Excel spreadsheet where I'm I'm tracking all this Yes, I think today, the 76 of those 100 is already published. And I have another 25 that have either been recorded or scheduled to post. So if you're curious, I'm still banking on that strategy. But let's now move on to the subject at hand. Now, when I talk about the digital landscape today, in 2020, there's a lot of different pieces here, right? You have your website or your app, you have you know search engine marketing, email marketing, content, marketing, social media, marketing, and influence marketing. Podcasting is one of those things where it can help you with your SEO. If you repurpose the podcast into a blog, it can help you with your email marketing give you content to talk about it can obviously become a blog and help you with your content marketing. It can help you with your social media marketing, you can create great audio grams and videos. And it helps you with your influencer marketing in two ways. One way is that a lot of people really love to be invited to speak on a podcast. It's human nature that when someone reaches out to you, that's they might be honored by it. Now, if you're trying to reach out to a Gary Vaynerchuk I'm sure he gets us to be on a lot of podcasts. So it's going to depend on your industry in your target audience. But inviting and this is why it's so powerful when you have your own podcast. And you begin to build influence yourself. Because not only can you ask other people to be on your podcast when I'm talking about other people, I'm talking about influencers in your industry, other content creators, you can now access their audience by appearing on their podcast as a guest now going back and I'll put it in the show notes, the episode where I talked about being on 1000 different podcast that's actually episode number 175 wasn't too long ago. When you reach out to someone you want to be in the practice, if you mentioned that you have a podcast as well. And if they were interested, they could be on your podcast as well. You have now increased your chances that they're actually going to say yes, and you can imagine whether you're on their podcast and you're being exposed to their audience or you You're inviting an influencer on your podcast, in hopes that they share the content with their audience. This is influencer marketing. Most podcasters are doing this without even realizing it, they intrinsically understand. But when you strategically look at podcasting, as a type of influencer marketing, you begin to uncover its power. Because at the end of the day, I'll say this day in day out every influencer is a content creator, right? Most brands stop at a blog. Maybe they dab a little photo with Instagram. Maybe they dabble in a YouTube video, but they never enter podcasting and they miss out on an opportunity. So whether you want to tap into other influencers, or you want to yield more influence yourself, in digital and social media marketing, there are four main types of content mediums. You have the text, which is the blog, you have video, which is a YouTube channel. In essence, obviously, you can repurpose this for other channels. You have photos, we used to have something called Flickr for those that remember, this has now pretty much been replaced by Instagram. And you can leverage photos in every social network. And then you have audio, which is podcasting. Now it's really interesting is there are 600 million blogs out there. There are 31 million YouTube channels, which is why for every 20 blogs, there's a YouTube channel, which is why I'm very bullish on the potential for YouTube and I plan to implement it in my strategy going forward as well. Guess how many podcasts there are 600 million blogs, 31 million YouTube channels, 1 million podcasts. And guess what? For the 1 million podcasts, there are 88 million podcast listeners. Some are occasional, but there's a lot of podcast listeners that will subscribe and listen to six or seven podcasts over the course of a week. I have a active subscription to about nine or 10 podcasts that I listened to religiously. So podcasts truly generate listens. And what I mean by this is an Instagram photo is fleeting videos on YouTube. I don't know, maybe people will listen or watch a video for two or three minutes. Maybe they'll spend a few minutes in your blog. But here's a stat for you. Podcast, listeners spend an average of six hours and 37 minutes listening to podcasts every week. Okay, that is significant time that they are investing in your content more than any other network really more than any other type of content medium or social media. That is a unique thing that podcasting has going for it. Now. Podcasting also generates relationships. Because if you plant you don't have to do an interview format, I do half interview half solo. But if you think of every interview as a way to generate a relationship with an influencer, or someone you want to network with or someone you want to learn from, you begin to see that these relationships can lead to bigger and better things. I mentioned on that episode of being a guest on 100 different podcast episode number one or 275 When I was a guest on a on an episode that actually led to business, literally the podcast hosts after the interview reaching out and saying, Hey, maybe I can hire you. And that's now one of my clients. So podcast generate relationships in a unique way, because you're spending half an hour to an hour together with someone right. Another great thing about podcasts is they generate content, you need content for everything that you do in digital and social media. It is the currency of digital marketing. You need content for your blog, boom, repurpose a podcast transcript, you need videos, boom, you could record a video while you do a podcast interview. And you don't need to upload the entire thing to YouTube. But you know, take out a few minutes snippets here and there or if you just want one minute snippet for Instagram, boom, done. Right, you need tweets to send out done. You need an audio gram for Facebook, LinkedIn done. Podcasting is the ultimate media in which you can repurpose. So you excited, I hope so. I blog once a week now on podcasting once a week and on my next solo episode, I'm going to be talking about why I'm starting to guest blog once a week as well. But I want to end this really short and sweet episode with seeding you with what I wish everybody had taught me when I started podcasting, you don't need to overthink this. I'm going to give you basically six or seven bullet points of what you need to get started. Number one, you need an external mic. I started this podcast for those of my loyal listeners. If you go back to episode number one, it was called Social Business unplugged and I literally use my iPhone, okay, which then I move to a Sony IC recorder $50, which then I move to a yeti nano mic, I bought a external mic and now with work from home and when we do interviews, we tend to record through our computer, you need to get an external mic that that connects with USB to your computer. Now I use the Yeti Nano. And currently I you know, my podcast editor was religiously telling me I needed to upgrade and really up my game and I agree with it right, so I am using a mic called the Rode Podcaster. By the way, Jay Baer mentioned that he used to use that mic as well, and I think a few others. There are other options. You have something called the Samson cue to you, the Audio Technica ATR 2100, the Blue Yeti, these are between 50 to $125. My Rode Podcaster is $225. Any one of these is fine. Do the research buy one do it. That is the most important thing in order to get really, really good audio quality to do. Okay, so you have your external mic. It's not a lot of money. You need a podcast host. If you are a blogger, you realize that you have an RSS feed, right? And the RSS feed is what seeds, you know, social media automation tools, what have you. A podcast needs a similar thing. Okay, you need a podcast host in order to generate that RSS feed. So the podcast host is we're busy. You upload the audio, you upload the show notes. I use Buzzsprout. I love them. Lipson is the 10,000 pound gorilla in the market, I move from Libsyn to Buzzsprout, because it was just too hard to use. We have anchor.fm, which is owned by Spotify, very popular. If you're in the UK, Captivate is the leading platform there if you're in Australia, Wiscon is the leading platform now I'm actually going to be interviewing someone from workshop and upcoming episode. But here's five solid choices, look at their business models pricing, go with one go. Okay, now when you upload when you create your podcast on the podcast host, it's going to generate an RSS feed for you to distribute to iTunes, Spotify, Google I Heart Radio, Amazon music. And in fact, you can do it all through like I do this all through Buzzsprout, which is why I love them so much. It just makes it so easy. Some of these hosts may ask you to do it on your own, but it's very easy to do. Okay, then that's number three, right the mic the podcast host the RSS feed to submit it to directories. Number four, you need an intro outro I recommend use Fiverr. For this, it's what I did. Number five, you need a podcast logo, I recommend use Fiverr. For this, that's what I did. Number six, use a podcast editor. I recommend you use either Fiverr or Upwork. For this, that's what I did. And then you're going to need an app to record interviews. If you record it on your own Mac, you have GarageBand if you're recording interviews, I use a tool called squad cast. Okay, you can use Zen caster, or you can use free things like zoom, or Skype or Google meet the squad cast and Zen caster, you know, 10 to $20 a month, they're really focused on higher audio quality, and I highly recommend you go with them. So you're not looking at a lot of money. You're not looking at a lot of technology. I'm going to put links to these in the show notes. But there is your playbook for and this is the topic that the title slide of this webinar, right. The what the why and how of podcasting, you're all set. If you have any questions need any help along the way, let me know. But this is going to close out this episode of the maximize your social influence podcast. There's no extra advice needed. You're all set. Don't overthink it, do it implement action, execute mixture, you hit that subscribe button, got some great interview episodes coming up. As well as I'm going to talk about my guest blogging strategy which is going to be related to my backlinking strategy which related to looking at bloggers as influencers as well. Really excited to be presenting that in two weeks time. And obviously, any reviews my last ask for the age of influence as well as for this podcast, any reviews. I'd be extremely grateful. Let me know if you end up doing that. But if not, no worries, wherever we are in the world make it a great social day. A great virtual social day I might add everybody until next time. Take care sayonara