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July 15, 2020

169: How to Leverage Your Employees as Influencers

169: How to Leverage Your Employees as Influencers

According to my brand affinity model for influencer marketing, your employees are those that naturally have the most brand affinity for your company because they are an organic part of it. How, though, do you activate your employees as influencers? How does this relate to the concept of employee advocacy? How would this work in regulated industries? And are there any analogies to leveraging employees as influencers that you see in influencer marketing today?

Today's episode covers all of these questions and is a summary for a recent webinar I did for the leading employee advocacy platform PostBeyond entitled "Employee Advocacy is out, Employee Influencer is in."

Links mentioned in the show:

Exploring the impacts of employee advocacy on job satisfaction and organizational commitment: Case of Taiwanese airlines: http://www.isihome.ir/freearticle/ISIHome.ir-21028.pdf

FTC calls out Sony -- and Deutsch L.A. -- for deceptive advertising: https://adage.com/article/news/ftc-sony-deutsch-la-deceived-consumers/296004The Age of Influence:


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