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Feb. 18, 2020

148: How to Scale Your Digital Branding

148: How to Scale Your Digital Branding

Whether you work at a company with staff or you are an entrepreneur, you need to scale so that you can focus on your business and have other experts around you do what they are good at. This includes your digital and social media marketing work. If digital influence is yielded from content creation, you need to stay focused on your content and IP and let others help you do things that are not primary business drivers. I want to share with you what I have done to help scale my own marketing operations and my advice for you.

This podcast episode is a preview of one of the two free webinars I will be doing for those that pre-order my new book The Age of Influence on Amazon. For instructions on how to apply to access, please listen to Episode 144 or read my blog post here.


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This is the Maximize your social influence. Podcast with Neil Schaeffer, where I helped sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners build leverage and monetize their influence in digital and social media. Hey, everybody, kneel shaper with episode number 148 of the Maximize Your Social Influence podcast. Today's episode is being sponsored by The Age of Influence, my new book, which will publish on March 17th 2020. I do have a pre order campaign, which is going on. I will post a link to it in the show notes that actually talked about it in great depth in episode number 144 as well as a block closer recently published. So one of the benefits of being part of that pre order campaign is you're gonna get access to two Webinars that I will be presenting on. And actually, I wanted to spend this podcast to just sort of summarize what one of those webinars is gonna be about because it's about a topic that I have really never blogged about nor podcast about. But I think as the title of this podcast indicates, and I know that a lot of your listening are entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as marketers with limited budgets. Scaling is really critical to our success. My father was a successful entrepreneur and he had a business accountant for all of his career, really as an entrepreneur, and this accountant became a family friend and actually in some ways influenced my career. And I'll never forget a long time ago when I launched what is now called P. D. C. A social. He actually did my books at the beginning of my business. But I remember him asking me, Neil, how many employees do you have? And this is when I just launched It was me. It was my I P. And I thought the best way to monetize that I p was really through launching a social media strategy consultancy, which was called windmills market in that time. But anyway, I digress. You know what he was saying is Neo, you know, your dad grew his company because he was able to hire employees, and at the heart of it, a consultancy is really, really hard to scale. It's not really a scalable product, so that's why you see a lot of people like myself do many, many different things. So we're consultants, but it's also about creating paths of income, and I know a lot of you probably are interested in that topic. You probably listen to other podcasts about that topic, and they're obviously experts out there on it. But when I talk about scaling your digital branding, this is in terms of yielding influence, because as an entrepreneur, it's a small business owner of the marketer. You need to stay focused on your key tasks on your key expertise on your key, what you would call an expert zone right. And there are a lot of things that you can do to actually scale what you do, even if you do not want to hire someone full time. I have hired people full time in the past, and I've realized that I end up having to teach a lot of these people Ah lot of different things, and no one is an expert at everything. You're probably an expert and everything that you do obviously as I am, but it's hard to find. We can't just copy ourselves, and I know that would be the ideal thing. The only way for us to scale is the delegate is to have other people do work on our behalf. There really is no other way. Obviously, you can look at everything you're doing. Pick the top three things, stop doing the other things. And there's a lot of productivity things that you can do to try to improve upon the efficiency of what you do. But at some point, you need to hire out to scale, and that is really the critical point that I want to drive home. If you are not hiring out, if you're doing everything yourself, you're doing yourself a disservice because as a influencer as a content creator, because obviously in order to yield digital influence, you need to create content and in order to really yield that influence once you create that content, there's a lot of other things you need to do to promote that content, and the content becomes a integral part of your infrastructure. If it's not, ah, block post. Maybe it's a podcast, but maybe it's also an email newsletter. Maybe it's a YouTube video, and then obviously you want to promote these other digital assets that you have in order to yield Maur influence, get more subscribers, more website traffic and obviously Maur sales, or to better monetize whatever you do. And the only way you do that is if you can focus as much as possible on that core content creation. Now on this webinar, I am going to go into more details. But what I have realized over doing this for over a decade now is, and it really comes from the influence of when I used to sell semiconductors in China. My best sales person was out of Shanghai, and he would always say, Neil, you know, you've done really well at surrounding yourselves with smart people. Obviously, he was a really, really smart person. But there are other smart people that I was able to hire, and he said, You know, you can't do everything. You're basically some have everybody around you and you want to hire people that are smarter than you if you want your business to grow and those words are very profound. And what I realized is that now that we're into the second decade of what some used to call the social media revolution, there's a lot of people out there that are experienced. I remember I was with a client last year on a consulting call, and you said, Neil, you know, Social Media Marketing, there's no I still believe there is a secret sauce, obviously, but it's a commodity. There's just a lot of people that do it that you can top into now how well these people do. What are they following best practices or not? That's really your role, right? But there are a lot of people out there that can help you. And not to say that there aren't awesome virtual systems that can do a lot of different things for you. I'm sure they're out there. I have not been fortunate enough to find one at my budgetary level to meet my needs. And if you are in the same boat, or if you want to try to figure out how to doom or with a slightly larger budget, I tap into experts, and there are really, really easy ways to find experts these days. You could start with Linden, right? That's that's an obvious choice. There are sites that specialize in experts. The two biggest sites that you've probably heard off our fiber and up work. Now, I know you hear a lot of horror stories, okay? But I have found excellent, excellent people that are really skilled at what they do that I hire for specific tasks. I probably have a team of a dozen people and obviously based on because I have an agency as well, which is more of a boutique type. So based on certain projects, I ramp up a ramp down. But there are people that I've hired that I work with for several years. There are people that are excellent content writers that really know how to write in my voice. There are people that help me with my podcast. This podcast, right? You know, I know a lot of people. Here's the thing. Oh, I need to start a podcast. Oh, you know, what are the tools I need? What's the software I need? Don't get lost in the weeds. And there's a lot of people the blogger sphere who are experts who'd like to talk about the weeds. Don't get lost in it. I'm recording this podcast. I know it's not the highest quality sound right, but I'm recording this in a Sony I see recorder that I got in Japan a few years ago. They sell a similar model here in United States. It's It's less than $100 right? But it's portable. The battery lasts a heck of a long time. I plug it and it comes with the USB connector. I just plug it in and boom! I can upload it. I can send it to my podcast editor and I'm done with it. Pocket center does everything else? Yes, I create the title. The description that's gonna be an iTunes. What have you? But I can focus in the content creation Pinterest pins, You know, from listening my podcast. I generate a lot of traffic from Pinterest. I'm not there in photo shop, creative mount pins. I let the experts do that. I tell them what pins I want. I decide on sort of the design. What templates I'm going to use that are highly converting or what have you and they created for me. And guess what? Once the pin is ready, I don't want to be in Tailwind putting into my smart looper uploaded. I have someone that does it for me, and this is what I'm talking about. So I want to teach you in 2020 to become a better scale or of what you do. There's, Ah lot of great people out there, so I'm gonna give you and these are just some examples of what you could do. Now some people like to be a little bit more hands on. That's fine. But I think every podcast you listen to for entrepreneurs will say a similar thing. But nobody's talking about Well, what exactly can you outsource to who, What can you get? And also their tools you can use? I'm a big fan of Agora Poles. You all know that can help use Kayla's well by leveraging the tool to do some of the work for you. So that's gonna be the topic of this. One of the two webinars I'll be doing had a scale your digital branding, but I really want you to think, What are you doing? It's taking up a lot of time. Is it? Do related to your soul business. And if you're an influence of its content, creative your business. Is it related to directly Senate of your product? If it isn't, you got a scale. You got to find someone to do that for you if you're still doing it. If you have the budget to hire person full time, that's awesome. I know a lot of your listening may not unless you work for a larger company. So that's the message for today. I want to end this podcast with a thought, and I have a brother, I guess sort of being an entrepreneur runs in my family's. Ever have a brother? One of my few brothers I have who's, ah, successful entrepreneur. And in his words, he says most small business owners focus on things that are completely irrelevant to the business, and my brother talks about how he spent hours and hours and hours trying to research the best copy machine for his office back in the day. He doesn't do that anymore. Obviously, In fact, after that he went, you know, and this is a long time ago, but he's like we have to We have to go paperless in everything we do in this company. This is before we had Doc, you sign and what have you. You need to focus the right things. If you want to drive the right revenue and In order to do that, you need to scale. And often with marketing specifically digital in social media marketing, we need to find people that can do these things for you. And I want to help you find this people in 2020 and beyond. All right, So your homework is to write down all those tasks that do not either directly impact your bottom line or that are not related to your core competencies. In this case, if you're an influencer, which is gonna be content creation, what can you have other people do for you? Whether things that you know, they're experts out there And if you're curious, go into fiver, going up work and do a search. I'm gonna put the links in the show notes as well. If you've never used those sites, do a search. You're gonna be pleasant, surprised at all the amazing talent that's out there now finding the right person getting the right quality, these air, other topics that we're gonna talk about. But it is the first step in freedom for your time to be able to do bigger and greater things this year and beyond. All right, as always, I thank you for listening this podcast. I appreciate all of the reviews that you've all written. If you get any value from this, it would mean the world to me wherever you're listening. This of whether it's iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, I heart radio. I don't know wherever it is. If you would be so kind as to just take a few seconds here and leave a review, it would obviously help my message. Get out to more people out there that need it. I want to read one review here from Brazil 2014. I enjoy a lot of your acknowledge. I have started my career in social media consultant. And as I am progressing, studying a lot and practicing with couple businesses, I'm implementing your tips and ideas into my service. It is just fantastic how it works. I am following you on Twitter and just got this podcast. I'm excited to learn Maura, I'm already working on Big Social Media Company, which I prefer to keep private. And because of that, I decided to continue this path and getting to know social media leaders is a amazing journey. Thanks for helping me. Well, Brazil 2014. Thank you so much. If you write a review, it would be awesome if you left like your instagram or your Twitter handle. And part of writing review is Hey, if you just wanna post the screen share of you listening to my podcasts wherever you're on the world and tag me on instagram on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, wherever you are, that would mean the world means Well, that's really what keeps me going here, right? Is those comments and seeing you talking about my podcasts and social media? So I'm gonna stop there. This begins the busy season for most of us out there that do a lot of speaking. We have social media marketing world coming up soon. Obviously, I have the launch of my book in. Wow. By the time you hear this podcast, it's It's literally gonna be a month away or a little bit less than a month away. So I have some international speaking coming up. I will be in Europe, I will be in Asia. I will have my first speaking event in Mexico, which I'm really excited about, so I hope to see a lot of you wherever I travel around the world. But until that, everybody I just want to say wherever you're on the world, make it a great social day. Bye bye.