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Feb. 11, 2020

147: LinkedIn Ads: A Comprehensive Look (AJ Wilcox Interview)

147: LinkedIn Ads: A Comprehensive Look (AJ Wilcox Interview)

Everybody talks about Facebook and Instagram Ads, but what about LinkedIn Ads? If you are targeting a lucrative demographic or are a B2B company, LinkedIn should be one of the focus points of your marketing. Join me in this interview with one of the world's foremost experts on LinkedIn Ads, AJ Wilcox, as he teaches you all of the different options you have and how to make the most of them for effective advertising on LinkedIn.

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This is the Maximize your social influence. Podcast with Neil Schaeffer, where I helped sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners build leverage and monetize their influence in digital and social media. Hey, everybody, welcome to Episode 147 of the Maximize Your Social Influence podcast with Neil Shaver. Ah, lot of people talk about paid social. They talk a lot about Facebook ads and instagram ads. But what about Lincoln ads? Well, today I am lucky, really, really lucky to have the who, I believe, is really one of the foremost experts specifically on the niche of Lincoln, adds A. J. Wilcox on this podcast. I first met A. J at the Content Marketing Conference back in Boston. I believe it was three years ago saw him present on Lincoln ads, and I've seen him a few times since. Not only is the extremely knowledgeable, but he is one of the friendliest people. You will meet in the social media marketing space, you know, maximizing your social influence. We like to try to do everything organically, but obviously the paid social helps accelerate our efforts. So if you have a big ticket item you're targeting other businesses. This episode is for you. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lincoln Ads with A. J. Wilcox and once again before we start. This episode is being sponsored by The Age of Influence, my new book on influencer marketing that will be published on March 17th 2020. If you're interested in the pre order campaign, where you get exclusive access to two Freed live webinars, make sure you listen to Episode 144 or read the show notes for how you can take advantage of this opportunity without further ado. Here is a J. I have a very special guest. We're gonna be talking about everything you need to know about, Lincoln asked. Now this is someone that I saw speak. I believe it was at the Content Marketing conference in Boston, where I saw you speak the first time. And there's a lot of people who talk about Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn instagram And there's a lot of people talk about Facebook ads. I think the social media marketing world next year it's gonna have, like nine people just talking about Facebook ads. But you know what? If you want to pay to play. There's a lot of options out there, right? You got Twitter Pinterest, obviously instrument on my Facebook. But what about Lincoln? And there's not a lot of people who talk about it, right? In fact, I think that my guess is sort of like the only one who talks about it. And that's why it's really a special treat to be able to introduce to you. Really, I think the premier expert on Lincoln out in the world, but also just a great guy that if you ever have a chance to meet another conference, hopefully walk up and introduce yourself A. J. Wilcox A J Welcome.

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Well, Neil, I'm turning bright red. Thank you for that super kind of drove.

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Dude, you've been doing Lincoln ads for a few years now. You have quite a track record. You've managed millions, if not maybe tens of millions by now. An AB span. So how how did this all start?

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Well, it all started because in my background, I've always been a digital marketer for about the last 12 years. I started in search engine optimization, moved into Google ads and just loved it to death. We'll hear about eight years ago, I got recruited into a company and it was my first B to B company to go and run all of their digital marketing. And on the very first day, I'm talking to myself, my CMO that, you know, my new boss and I'm laying out all the channels that I want to use and my strategies. And I remember her saying Okay, all that sounds great. Go ahead and execute it. But just so you know, we started a pilot about two weeks ago with Lincoln ads. See what you can do with that. And I saluted and said, Yes, ma'am, Absolutely. And then I walked out of her office and went What is linked in ads? I've never heard of it. It must be terrible. But I went and jumped into the platform because I didn't want to look stupid to my new boss. Two weeks later, I had a sales rep come up and introduce himself. Who said a J, we don't know what you're doing over here, but we're fighting over your leads. Keep it up. And I was like, What is he talking about? I logged in to Salesforce toe. Look at the Leeds he was talking about, and everyone that he was talking about was sourced from Lincoln ads. And so that was like the very first inkling I had that. Okay, there's something here you might want to keep investing into it.

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Well, this stuff actually works, right? Paid social just in general, is you know, it's something. I mean, way back when I wrote Maximize your Socialist back in 2013 service, I gave the analogy of like, the water spigot So organic social takes time. Time is money, and if you ever it's like, Hey, we need to build a pipeline. We need 10 more leads this month or we need 10 more followers of 10 more collects. You just turn on the water I cost and it comes flowing through butt and we'll talk about the intricacies of Lincoln ads, and it sounds like, obviously started off with success, and from there he built upon it. But I think a lot of beginners really struggled Lincoln ads because number one it's more expensive if you usedto Facebook ads. It's expensive, especially prepared. A pincher stabs, but the other thing that sometimes they don't like, give impressions for your abs. So why don't we start with if you're just new, other than obviously going out and hiring your company to do it for them? For beginners. One of the things that you you teach them to get them over the hurdle where they can understand the value and actually start to see positive results from. And maybe it's not for everybody either. So you know what is your advice for that as well?

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Oh, man, I have so many responses here. So if I get off track, just steer me back in. No. So first I start with the economics behind Lincoln ads because, like you mentioned, we know the platforms pretty expensive. We know it's gonna be between about 6 to $9 per click to get that traffic. So if you're gonna be paying that much for traffic, it means you've gotta make sure that your funnel is pretty tight. Your sales processes are good and you know how to follow up with him. And you have a high enough lifetime value after a deal closes that you can basically pay for those expensive clicks along the way.

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So let me positive very J. So 6 to $9. So I think if you go on a LinkedIn, I haven't done a recently, but it used to be a minimum bid. $2 per click is that

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it is $2 per click on text ads, one of the ad formats. But when you go to sponsored content, which is the the Halo ad for not that everyone I should probably be using it has a variable floor. So sometimes for some audiences, it will be $4. Some, it'll be ate some, but most are come around that $4.50 $5 range

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and depending on the audience that you're tardy. That depended on industry. The number of people.

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Yeah, the more layers that you add on the higher your floor guys. So if you could say, Hey, anyone in the entire North America who has this job title chances are as long as the job title isn't super super competitive, which it pride won't be at that size, you'd probably end up with, like, a $4 floor. But if you start saying they have to have this job title and be it this size of company in this industry in North America. That's when it starts raising up, and you might pay 5 50 or 5 75 at the floor. And, of course, if you want a lot of traffic, you're not gonna be very competitive at the floor. You got beat up a little bit from their

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gods. The first mind set is it's $5 a pop minimum if you try to get budget and therefore you have tohave, you have to have that are like conversion to make sense. To do that, you're not like trying to buy company page followers here at five bucks a pop. Probably, although you could be. The chances are that's what it's got coming down. So that's that's a great point. What else would you say? I know, and I'm sorry for interrupting. I know we have a few more points.

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No, no interrupt away. This is great. The next thing I say is you have to have some kind of offer that people care about. The idea here is if you just ask someone to go right to your sales team, you have an ad that says Click here to talk to sales. No one has any sort of incentive to click on that ad because there's nothing in it for them. It's just an over sales pitch, so someone might click if they're already maybe considering a product, and this might be helpful. But the vast majority won't, which means you'll end up getting a really poor relevancy score, which is similar to Google's quality score or Facebook. Relevant score. And after you get that Lincoln, we'll look at it and go well. It's not actually worth showing this person's ad because it gets it doesn't make us money very often. It doesn't get clicked on very often. And that's when you see that issue that you talked about, where impressions just stop being received. So you don't want to go to bottom of funnel with that offer and and I could talk about like, the opposite direction when you go to low commitment. But what I really like for Lincoln adds, the the ideal scenario here is starting with gated content where as soon as someone clicks, you know you're gonna pay 6 to $9 to get them onto that page, and at least you know they're gonna download something that's valuable. At least you're gonna get an email address out of showing that there's a little bit of commitment there.

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Absolutely. And that sort of goes down to be to be marketing in general, that notion of having a lead generation asset on acquiring an email address, which then goes to a sales person or in the market automation. So getting back to that So I've found and maybe you can talk about it. So with Facebook, Twitter with other platforms, even if that engagement scorer for the other you talked about the quality of relevance, whatever it is low, they'll still sort of push out that out. But with Lincoln, it seems like they'll give you oughta know a six hour window or 18 hour window and then booth, that ad fatigue just is most accelerated on that platform. Maybe you Constance, the higher quality on the quality product they want to deliver. But do you normally see like, 24 hours? Or is there sort of a sudden you see where if you're working with a client and you're not getting the engagement, it's like, OK, it's been 48 hours. You're not gonna get any more impressions. We knew we need new at Creative.

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Yeah, it's usually about 12 to 24 hours, where they will give you impressions, assuming that you have a decent relevancy score. And then if you fail to get over that that minimum threshold for whatever your bid is, they label you with the relevancy score. And like you mentioned is, it's actually like pretty, pretty ruthless of a relevancy score. One of your ads gets judged as being not great. Good luck resurrecting that ad later, we tell people, even if it's the exact same ad creative pause that ad entirely, re launch a brand new ad with exactly the same stuff. So it's tow us. It's the same ad. But to look Dennis, it's new. And then try launching that on a Monday or a Tuesday, which generally give you more favorable relevancy scores.

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So do you think that from an algorithm perspective? So there's an algorithm that governs obviously supply demand, you know, had cost relevancy score. Do you think that if you've been publishing a lot of relevancy, score adds, or as with no relevancy scores? Do you think that you have sort of like a lifetime batting average with linked in ads? do you know that concept exists?

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I d'oh the way I envisioned and some licked An engineer can correct may. But the way I see it is every individual ad has a relevancy score. Then the campaigns that they're within have a lifetime relevancy score, and then the account has relevancy. Score. If you have an ad that's performing well, like it's, it's poison, it's never gonna run. But if you've run some stuff that's been good inside of a campaign and you just have one or two bad abs, it's probably gonna poison that campaign. But if you just over and over you've tried to run the same crap, add theirs. No amount of lipstick that you could put on the pig. That is, whatever your offer is, you can't get people to click. Chances are like that looks at it and goes up. This campaign is not not high quality enough, so we're going to put it at a disadvantage for every new ad that gets launched inside,

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got you and then, obviously, if you do well on the flip side and obviously you get the most competitive ad costs, although they're obviously gonna be more expensive because the minimum threshold. But also, you're going to get we could say impressions, which your precious, because if you're out isn't good enough. You just don't get the impressions right? A little bit different from the other. Hey, social networks in that aspect.

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Yeah, Yeah, totally. And the really nice thing that you mentioned about that history is if you have a single campaign, you've been investing in overtime. When you launch a new ad, even if it sucks, Lincoln will give you the benefit of the doubt saying we assume this ad's gonna be good. It'll launch at a good price. It'll get good impressions. And then, of course, if it sucks later, it'll get shut off. But certainly build that strong history into your campaigns. Don't just run one campaign for a month and pause and then start a new one cause you won't be building up history that will work in your favor in the future.

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Makes a lot of sense any other other than sort of the pricing, the impressions or, you know, this ad fatigue, this need for really, really quality ads. And then obviously the pricing determines sort of how you gonna complicate the R A y. So you need to be able to accept Cosper lead a $5 what have you any other sort of unique features? The Lincoln at platform that the community should be aware of?

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Yeah, I think there's some really cool things. Like, for instance, if you are just following Lincoln's recommendations building a brand new campaign, they're gonna throw a few things at you that you want to change immediately. The platform, by default is not set up for success for you. So to give you an idea by default in a campaign, there will be a check box called enable audience expansion. It allows linked in to stick other pieces of audience in with yours. And if you're paying that dear cost per click on LinkedIn, I sure think that you should maybe start with just the audience is you know we're gonna be successful. I mean, I I wouldn't pollute that. It also uncheck that box. They'll also automatically set up automated bid, and you don't wanna automated bid for a brand new campaign for the simple reason that it's all based off of machine learning. And if the machine doesn't know yet how your ads are gonna perform, it's going to try all kinds of bids from high to low, and you might look in your account in all of a sudden, see, like a 25 or a $50 cost per click s O. Just do yourself a favor. Switched to Macs. Cost per click bidding where you're essentially saying, I'm just not willing to pay any more than X amount. Make it something really low, like like four or $5. See where Lincoln's floor actually is. And then, of course, if you're not spending as much as you want to, you know you can always bid up from there. But start with Max Cosper. Click. Just because the guard rails air on, you won't pay more than you're willing to.

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And I think that advice really is sort of universe with any eye platform. They're going to give you minimums or recommended bids that are just way more than you probably need to spend, especially the beginning. So awesome. So let's take a step back for those that are noodling, Ethan adds, because you have you know, I remember when I first saw you speak of content marketing conference. Lincoln a just announced or just rolled out the sponsor in males so linked in in terms of add products have a few different things you could do in some of those obviously unique link. Then, so can you give an overview of the different your Lincoln at products that exist and which ones you think are more appropriate for which situations or businesses?

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Yeah, and you brought up sponsored in Male. Let's start there because it's a very nuanced ad for Matt, and I think a lot of people get really excited about it. And so I hope not to be a wet blanket to you in this, but it's certainly helpful to know. So the vast majority of Lincoln's ads you consent to a pay per click model. So you're only gonna pay when someone is actually showing some sort of intent on your abs. And that's really nice to you, is an advertiser because it takes the onus off of you the risk away, because if you launch a crap, add, you won't pay anything for it because no one decide to click sponsored in males a little bit different, though, because you actually pay per person you send it Thio and you'll get metrics back like how many opened it and then how many clicked on your Lincoln side? And then, of course, you'll have your conversions that came out the other end. If you're looking at sponsored in male in general, on average, they'll have about a 50% open rate, so you'll pay 35 to 85 cents to send it to someone. About 50% of them will open it, and then about 3% will end up clicking on it. So if you do that math, you end up with an astronomical cost per click. It's like 23 2 $56 on average S o. I don't recommend this ad for Matt to everyone. The reasons that it is really worth using is if you have an offer that feels like a personal invitation as an example. If you were to get your email from someone you didn't know cold, would you be excited about it, or would you call it Spam if you'd be excited about it? Chances are this is the perfect offer for for an end mail something like because of who you are in the industry you know, stroking their ego. We want to give you early access or sneak peek to something or invite you as a V i p to this free event network with your peers Can have drinks were interested in you for a job opportunity. Those are the types of offers that work really well, if you don't have that, please don't use sponsored and mail. You will pay way, way, way too much

spk_0:   16:37
from, you know, the average marketer. You're assured that your message is gonna reach them. And a 50% open right to me is a wild one out of every two. Now, the 3% click rate is very similar to email marketing in general. Right? So you know some, but yeah, you have to do the mouth. As you said, it has to make sense. And when you do that math and it is a lot more expensive than you say, so that's really awesome. If I So I assume that outside of that then although you do have similar Facebook, you have the right hand rail. But I'm assuming all the action is really in. The feed is in posting things that go into the updates of the people you're targeting correct.

spk_1:   17:10
The vast majority is in the feed. This ad product is called sponsored content, and it has quite a few different flavors. You have a single image version, so you have texts, a big, beautiful image than more text. That's what I recommend everyone start with. It's the most simple and easiest to troubleshoot if there's a problem, but they also have video abs. They also have carousel ads. And all of these could be a fixed with something called Li Jen for Mads, which, if you're familiar with Facebook, it's just like lead ads where someone can convert that can fill out form right within the ad itself without ever leaving the Lincoln experience.

spk_0:   17:46
Now, would you recommend always using a lead form? Or do you recommend a be testing or What's your experience, man

spk_1:   17:52
who? Great question. What we have found is so about 60% of our clients right now are using legion forms only they're not sending to a landing page. The great parts about this is if you're using the legion for Mads, they have really high conversion rates. It's usually 10 to 50% higher than if you were using a landing page. People love that volume increase, watching their costs per lead come down. So that's why most are doing it. But be aware that someone who converts because Lincoln Auto filled the form for them, and it just shows him the submit button. That's all they have to do to get whatever you're offering. It's going to be a lower quality lead. They decided to convert after reading 150 characters of text. You also can't track that visitor with you tm parameters because they're not on your website. You can't target them also, cause they're not on your website. So just be aware. If your goal is to is to generate conversations with highly valuable people, send them to a landing page where you're gonna make the strongest impression and get to know them. But if all you want is to get as many email addresses as possible from a target market so that they could go into your database and be nurtured than legion forms make a lot of sense.

spk_0:   19:00
Are legion forms integrated with email marketing software, or so basically that you can automatically off them into whatever email software use

spk_1:   19:09
they integrate into Hub Spot Marcato l acqua sales force a couple others at this point. And if you don't happen to have one of those obviously enterprise solutions for 20 bucks a month, you can. There's a pier plug in that you can do to to basically ship the lead into whatever platform you have.

spk_0:   19:25
Or I assume there's an Excel spreadsheet that you can generate.

spk_1:   19:28
Yeah, I wouldn't suggest they Excel spreadsheet because you're gonna be downloading a new C S V every day. And in the last 24 hours, some of those leads have cooled off. So certainly integrate if you can, but there is a possibility to download

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Got. Okay, Cool. You know, we only have about 10 minutes left and I want to spend the rest of the time. I think hopefully everybody listening has gotten a very, very good idea as to put of the landscape of the land, right in terms of Lincoln ads who it's gonna be good for, What's the cost of the product? So what are some of the best best practices for lack of better words? So you want to invest in the canal and you're going to get started. You already mentioned some of these default check boxes that you want to make sure you they're not checked, right? Can you give, you know, the audience two or three best practices and or case studies of clients he worked with to illustrate some things that they should be doing in order to have success?

spk_1:   20:16
My recommendation is to target pretty tightly. You're going to be paying a lot of money for these cliques, so definitely make sure it's exactly the right people that you would want in your funnel in your sales process. So don't be afraid to to target really tightly. Obviously, if you go too tight, you won't spend very much money. But that's something you can feel out along the way. So use Lincoln's targeting because it's awesome. Use it to your best advantage.

spk_0:   20:41
I was just gonna add a note on that. If you've never done linked in ads and used to something like Facebook targeting, I actually think that Lincoln ad targeting is easier to manage, easier to control and because we, as people, put so much more in Darlington profile than we do in a Facebook profile, the options you have in terms of company name would have you. It's very, very easy to get that very, very niche target. I'm sure you'd agree, right, Agent

spk_1:   21:02
0 100%. Yeah, Facebook Targeting is really cool because they just have everything. But very little has to do with business. There's only so many things that unite us in business. It's our job title, our seniority. What company will work out? The industry company size skills groups. And so it's really easy for Lincoln to build a lot of power around the few things that we do know about business. And we don't have to worry about who's someone cellphone carrier is. And if they're a smoker and if they own a boat like that, that's the stuff that Facebook can worry about.

spk_0:   21:31
Yeah, that's a great way of looking that started it started, you know, you were gonna go over a few more things there,

spk_1:   21:35
the next one we talked about a little bit earlier on, which is just be really smart about how you're tiptoeing into the platform. Don't take Lincoln's recommended bids. Don't leave the box checked for audience expansion. What you want to dio flip to maximum cost per click bidding and bid low and just see what happens if you're not spending enough when you do that, sure, you can always come and incrementally raise it. You know 25 cents 50 cents a day until you are spending what you want. But don't take Lincoln's advice and pay too much. Because if this is a pilot test for you, you want to see if the network is capable of giving you something that you want. Definitely don't don't pay too much. Just dip your toe in the water with the minimum, and then the third piece I want to share with you is going back to that offer. You know, what is that piece of gated content that you could offer to someone to get their attention because to advertisers could both be doing a webinar. But if one webinar offer is just not interesting, it's the same thing people have already heard. There's not a whole lot of value there. There's nothing that I can do with your ad creative to make people want to convert, whereas if you've done the research and you know that your ideal audience has really specific needs around a certain topic and you create a webinar that's all about helping them solve their problem and satisfying their curiosity. Then there's almost no mistake I could make with the ad copy that would make people not want to convert. So your offer will cover a multitude of sins. Make sure you put a lot of thought into the right kind of offer that people actually want

spk_0:   23:02
some, assuming when we get into that ad copy when we get into the creative Well, obviously there's a textual aspect, and there's a visual aspect. I'm assuming for the textural aspect. You want to obviously keep it simple, very clear as to the benefits for the visual, though, do you find including people versus Not including people or cool colors work better than warm colors? Have you ever done any experimentation at that level, or are usually just normally using the creatives that your clients give you so you're not part of that process?

spk_1:   23:31
So, first of all, male, you are brilliant. The fact that you keyed it on this most people don't understand is that when you're on linked in, you have a mission in mind. You are going to do something and So if you do the thing that you do on Facebook, which is, like, all right, big long posts and tell a story that stuff just does not work on linked in, you need to be really short and concise. So for that textural component, make sure you get right to the point you're telling someone this is what you need. This is why. And here's the call to action. You get those two things in, and that will help your ads perform. You don't want to get too creative there with that audience. Who's gonna give you much attention and then for that visual component there? I've seen all kinds, so it's hard to say, like for sure. Use a person or use lifestyle imagery or just use the stock, though that type of stuff is hard. But the things that we have definitely noticed that really help out our make sure that your ads are contrast ing to Lincoln's color palette. Same thing goes with Facebook, so I'm sure this will feel pretty familiar. But the whole color palette of Lincoln is blues, grays and whites, and so if you can have your image pop with the oranges Reds, greens, purples. That kind of stuff will help it stand out. The job of your image is not to get people to convert on your offer. The job of your image is to attract someone's attention so that they read your ad copy. So make sure it stands out enough, and obviously it has to be a little bit relevant. Otherwise, people are gonna comment like Debbie TF. Like, what does this have to do with anything?

spk_0:   25:01
Right? And I think your comment and advice on the ad copy is just some of any advice. Whenever you're reaching out to anybody, I'm thinkin you have to assume that they're a busy professional. Wfm went in for me. And if you cannot be clear about that, whether it is ad copy or a Lincoln invitation request elected in mail, whatever it may be, people just tune you out and they're not gonna ask you. Hey, what do you mean by that question? They're just gonna go to the next thing. So it's a great reminder for everybody that Lincoln really is. It's not like Facebook. We are spending 30 minutes scrolling or instagram. You are there, I just said on a mission. So you want to make sure that you you adhere to that and everything you do there.

spk_1:   25:38
A bent nail. Amen.

spk_0:   25:40
Tell us all where people listening confined you as it was. Just a brief introduction to the types of ways in which your company helps up. You know, the companies that are listening to this broadcast

spk_1:   25:49
possible. Thanks. Yeah, I'm pretty easy to get a hold of a few to be two lengths dot com and fill out the form on any of those pages. You don't go to a sales rep and you won't end up on our newsletter. It just goes directly to my inbox. And I'm not a sales guy. So feel free to reach out. Ask anything for how we work together. Probably about 90% of what we do is managing people's linked in ads, accounts for them, and then about 10% is teaching, training, consulting, auditing on just a project basis, helping people advertise better themselves. So basically anything you need around linked in ads, we want to be the ones to help you out with it.

spk_0:   26:23
And as I said, I think after you you listen to this and you do A little bit of research A J really is really is the man when it comes to this. So I hope that if you have any questions that you will reach out to him and obviously be doing dot com A. J. Thank you so much for spending your time sharing your wisdom with everybody, any sort of final thoughts, final nuggets that you want to leave the audience with you.

spk_1:   26:44
If I could, something that's been really interesting to me that I don't see a whole lot of people doing is you can segment your audience unlinked in very, very cleanly because things like Job title are so clear cut. So rather than let's say, your audience is someone like marketers who are decision makers, so maybe manager and above, rather than just creating one campaign that is marketers, manager and above, what we would do is split that out into four different campaigns. So marketing managers, marketing directors, marketing V, P's and CMOS, and even if we launch the exact A B test within each of those, you know, that's the same two ads in every one of these. What happens is now we get data It's kind of like a silent focus group where you can see who in your audience cares about what you're doing. And if you find that you're really resonating with VPs and above or they're ignoring you and you're really resonating with managers that tells you what you're content is doing and then you have an opportunity to adjust. If you want to be speaking more to VPs in CMOS than, sure, adjust your content. And now you have data that is telling you, click through. Rates are three times higher for managers than they are VPs. It'll actually tell you to take action, whereas if you left that all in one campaign, it would either perform well or poorly, and it doesn't give you a lever. You don't know what that means.

spk_0:   28:02
That's really awesome advice. And in fact, I think that obviously link in your odds are primarily gonna be be to be focused. So at what level, if you think of the target personas, you have what content engages at at what which persona, right? Where with Facebook, that same notion of sort of experimentation and because they're in terms of visuals, colors what have you but because of the Lincoln targeting beings of different. It does allow you to do that. That high degree of experimentation that you talked about that's an awesome point. It costs money because they're similar things you do on Pinterest ads to get hold of data that then you use for your organic social media and in this case, the data you get from your Lincoln ads you can use throughout your company with all your corporate messaging. So that's really awesome. Advice A. J Thank you so much for being on and congrats. I know that by the time this podcast is published, hopefully your book will be out there. So make sure you gotta beat you link dot com or you look up by a. J. Wilcox on Amazon, where I'm sure it'll be. And you pick up a copy of the book and you reach out to him. So Asia once again, thank you so much. It's been awesome. We'll keep in better touch. Hopefully, we'll see you oughta at a conference sooner rather than later. Where there you have it all you wanted to know about linked in ads. Obviously, the Lincoln is a very, very lucrative demographic, so the advertising costs do come at a cost but intended. But the benefits, depending on your product or service, can be extremely beneficial. I want to thank all of you that have gone out of your way to review this podcast on iTunes, which is now known as Apple podcasts. I wanted to give a shout out to Andy 189219 Really helpful social media podcast. I'm new to the social media world, having stepped into a role where I'm trying to grow social media accounts from 200 followers to triple the number, having a hard time. So I came across this podcast and so glad I did. Thanks so much for existing and putting out great content. Thank you so much, Andy. 189219 It's comments like these that really keep this podcast going as we near the 150th episode and for all of you who get any value and feel this is a podcast you would recommend to your friends any and every review that you provide would I would thank you from the bottom. My heart, obviously, if you're listening, this podcast on a phone Take a screenshot posted on instagram story Tag me. I'd love to share that with all of my followers as well. So once again thank you for listening to podcasts and until next time wherever you are in the world, make it a great social day but everybody