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Oct. 21, 2019

141: How Can Marketers Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Industry? [Yam Regev Interview]

141: How Can Marketers Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Industry? [Yam Regev Interview]

If you are a marketer, especially a digital or social media marketer, it really gets more and more difficult with each passing day to keep track of all of the changes going on in the world of marketing as well as all of the excellent and insightful blog content that are being published. From following social media feeds to subscribing to RSS feeds and newsletters, all of us marketers have our own system that we have created to try to cope, but this approach may not be ideal, especially for the subject matter that we are less familiar with.


This episode #141 features an interview with Yam Regev, CEO and Founder of Zest.is. We discuss all of the changes in marketing that marketers need to be concerned about, how can marketers consume all of the blog content that is being published on a daily basis, as well as how a combination of Community + Content + AI utilizing the free Zest.is app can help support today's marketer. You can access Zest at https://zest.is


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This is the Maximize your social influence. Podcast with Neil Schaeffer, where I helped sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners build leverage and monetize their influence in digital

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and social media. Welcome to the maximize your social influence. Podcast. This is your host, Neil Schaefer, and this is episode number 141. As some of you might know, I like to mix up my podcast, still do a lot of solo podcasting, which is how this podcast originally began. For those that remember, it was originally called Social Business Unplugged. But I have been doing a lot more interviews as there are just so many compelling experts out there that both wanna be on this podcast as well as those I want to learn from. So this is a special interview that I did over Live Stream. Now I do these periodically every 6 to 8 weeks, I pick a week and I do 41 a day, 45 for the week. So make sure you go over to Neil schaefer dot com. You sign up on any one of the widgets, there's that you can get an informed the next time I do these live streams and therefore you can engage in real time and get your questions answered. This particular interview was with Yam Regev, who is the CEO and founder of ZEST, which is a content marketing. I guess you could say a curation tool. It is zest z e s t dot i s now I do not know about this platform until fairly recently. But those in the know no And what Yam has built is a ver ver unique platform which really helps marketer stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry which also, by the way, is the theme of the podcast interview. What we talked about, So some of the things we talked about, you know what is changing in marketing that marketers need to be concerned about? How can marketers consume all the block continents being published on a daily basis? I think this is something that we all struggle with and how zest dot i s can help support today's marketer with its unique combination of community and content and artificial intelligence. Needless to say, there is something missing in the world between the blog's like Neil schaefer dot com, the newsletters and really giving marketers et way of leveraging the wisdom of all the other marketers as to what content they should read to stay ahead of the game. And that's where zest comes in. So if you are a marketer like I know many of you listening to this podcast are, I think you're really going to enjoy this interview. So without further ado, here is my interview with him. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening to wherever you are in the world. This is Neil Shaffer. So today I am very over excited to have a special guest yammer give who is the CEO and founder obsessed. Now those of you that know me, I know that at the core of everything I do, whether it's consulting or speaking or this podcast, I really do consider myself an educator. And I think that zest is an amazing platform that is offering all of us marketers and ability to really grow professionally. So I'm gonna let our guest do a little bit of introduction about himself and also about the platform, and then we'll get into our main topic, which is how can marketers stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry? Yam Shalom thank you for staying up so late to speak with us from Israel.

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Oh, it's my pleasure. Thanks so much for letting me hear me.

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So tell me, Zest, how do you describe it to those in the audience?

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Your presents are generally about the best meals. This is the knowledge building platform for professionals. Currently, we cater only to marketing. People are working professionals. This is the first medical it with salinity. Focus on you know, this is short background. So for everything. So we feel that we live in a huge global shift, right in the way that we consume a continent. And it seems that what did you expect? Content to be be need to be more personalized. And on the men two huge brands that I believe who lead this kind of friend likes fortify and Netflix. You get it. Don't demand, you know, Even what is the match school for the content you should get, you know, as professionals, we asked ourselves me and be done by my co founder. How come they never seemed to like a professional Pontin? It's not getting the same experience as the entertainment content can give for its own users. Basically, those are the same users, right? For Spotify, Netflix and professional people. And then? Then what happened is that we ask ourselves how we can get Know what is good content? A No. In the war in the world, everything is out there, right? The cheaper it is to create content, the more accessible lengthen it gets, the more content and information will be. So when you Yeah, we're going Thio understand what is good content for professionals? So I said it first before we need Thio, you know, focus on one vertical which is marketing vertical, as I said. And the other thing is that we need to understand what type of content should match should give added value for for the user's themselves. We understood we cannot navigate the web right. There won't be another aggregate all that you haven't, whether that's good for consumers and non professional people. But for professional people you need to understand the bones in appreciation levels that each user have with four tweets, its potential surrounding profile. So the first field at that point for content to get into this is those people and beautiful users who just adjust continent believed that other community members should consume S. Oh, that's the first field at that point. This is our content getting to assess. Then we have machine learning. Who knows? You know, the see things through the content and understand what is good. What is not that good. But it's more fluff against actionable what is old burial am against more more relevant and new and what's get the still in, then being met by by by some by artificial intelligence for each and user. And in that way we've been able to create some sort of micro learning past. She's being a stealing match individually for each and users cracking. You know, we'll have to say that we build your knowledge away from the constant noise, right? So noble form. Oh, no more being swamped with content. You don't need to go, those missile says and Thio being bombarded with some other states, feeds and newsletters and all that. You have one source of truth for professional knowledge, and it's in leading with incest.

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Awesome, am I? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's absolutely free to join and become a member of the community.

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Yeah, totally and utterly freeway will Premium subscription is well, but the battlements lin will be sweet forever.

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Right? So let's take a step back. This is obviously focused on marketers. So I think marketers in the past how do we How do we get new information? How do we keep on top of what is changing the world? I think there have been a few platforms that have tried different things, So we had stumble upon right, Some of things you like. We have the idea of algorithms and social networks. We have the notion of groups so linked in groups, Facebook groups we have the notion of lets us all collect our own. Our assess feeds and put them together in a bundle and monitor our s s feed. So I think that there are several techniques that marketers have used over the past several years to try Thio, you know, for myself it's the same thing. I curate content because I shared a confident about marketing, but it also helps me keep on top of what is going on. So you what you are saying with your platform as you're saying that it is the Wild West out there and the only way to have a high quality experience in terms of finding content, the right content to help you grow is to have a community approach is due. I won't say it's like a red it up vote. But to have some some sense that there is a community of people that are passionate about the same things that other marketers are in terms of, you know, staying up the speed. And they are helping to vet the content and on Lee sort of share and thumb up content that they truly feel is worthy of being shared. Other cute community members is that sort of the heart and core of what your platforms about what you

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say is strictly so. The plant some intel for the idea is, it's an ideal kind of network. Effect comes products right. The more users around, the better the bullet gets for for everyone, sure, but I don't think you want to step back just to wonder that understand? Maybe the vision and solution, it said before diving into the product. So just like in the estimation before 4500 payment, we believe that vision wise, that should be zest for professional knowledge. Now the way did you mention to believe most of us are still using today? You know, if such a pedicure, ation and content sharing and being discovered, content and all that they're all true, the whole great. It's like a painful reality that we all live in, and we shouldn't accept it. Not if I'm as a professional. I'm not talking about myself. Is a co founder, entrepreneur or a CEO, but it's a marketing professional. If I'm wasting 9.5 hours a week sifting through content, then saving and bookmarking even and right, and I'm not sure how your bookmarks look like, I know that my you booked wants you to a 14 then called a must read. Then I have stopped for there must must read. And then, actually, you know, you've got a simple right. So we those kind of tools and products they content. Graham's right. So you you find more than two buried over there. You feel good that now it's buried, and that's it. But you didn't solve your pain yet, right chasing your own your own day, you know, eventually that's what we're trying to solve, and we said that. Yes, we can do it by using community over trying. The way that we call it ofpeople will be integrated fully within the solution itself. The machines and they and everything. We learn how a professional consuming knowledge so we don't need just to know what is knowledge were starting to know. Professionals are interacting with knowledge and now exist and lie The mobile lab we launched last month so we can connect the two huge challenges together and try to match the best content for a change for each end user. And there's the machines ever learned how professionals are consuming contents through zest and when they want to receive it. How many pieces of content a day? What is the consumption patterns? And I think that that everything that we need to remember is that you said it as well. Kneel. Is that the way that we appreciate each other either personally or professionally? This is how we are prioritizing the content being shared with us. I appreciate you very much fun feeling to the professional, being yourself and never getting to know each other personally as well, right? So if you wish content and director with me on the Web and I have his professional appreciation. Leavitt for you. It's all right. Nail really knows what he speaks and the of the talk. And I go to conceal the content that you share it with me on social media. So that's exactly what just us. But in huge, really huge scale, Imagine yourself being apart off the biggest slag group on L. So the biggest What's up? Group off anyone else with the best minds in marketing, I can promise you that you will never she do a blind cherry will leave, you know, a nice title, and then you will shedding the link with water. If you will not make a fool of yourself saying gold resist right, you will not share content that you think No. One you should consider it. And thats those kind of professional feelings are officially Iraq's imagines. This is how we build the product on. Those are only psychological kind of mind sets, and this is what we believe should leave the new age or era off a not content discovery. But content being enlightened through the continent we share. So it's not just for you, but also you can share the content on slack and trailer that you find on Cecil. We get into your team's work from, and it means that they can have a lot of added value for you and for your team. Then you've been appreciated by the old lady by all but the old teams. And I think you know there is a huge challenge in front of others will definitely

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accident. We're talking about how marketers can stay ahead of the curve. Yem is the founder and CEO of Zest. I ask in, which is a really exciting platform, Really. You can call it a platform. You can call it a community. But it's all about helping you find the best marketing content to help you stay ahead of the game. So, yeah, I mean, correct me if I'm wrong. Basically, what you've done is you've created a mini social network with a Facebook type of news feed that is going to help you discover the content that the algorithm things you need based on your previous engagements with topics, keywords and with people in the community Is that Is that what it is? In a nutshell,

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you can you can definitely call it that way. We just say that my one algorithms are designed to give you content that you need No the content if you want

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God to. So let's take a step back here. So you have. I don't expect that you have the exact number of people in your community. But you said anybody can join the community. So let's look it on the flip side. I'm a marketer and I want to use us to drop links which obviously you do not encourage. How do you that bad content or content that really isn't authentic Two objectives of your community. In other words, there is a human. And this is something that, obviously, with the fake news we've had here in the United States and around the world, actually on Facebook and what have you This is something that even the social networks have had a hard time doing right of vetting out the content. It could be harmful to the community. So what are the things that s does to to prevent that

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right? So it's all about the human aspect off a obsessed, basically, you know that we were not reflect on it already, but well unifying Thio aspect. So that's competitive tech. And may I with community content curation. So those two elements combined together in order to find what we define. A What is knowledge? Right? But you sign something off the Holy Grail off the web. Where did we structure the machine learning in the past? Day one and our fields is that you don't know who created some sort of a Brady in between what is content and what is knowledge. What is what is quantities bean distilled out off. The only procedure and what we define is no. Let something is actionable in depth, insightful. You can call it also relevant and fresh, eh? Probably long phone kind of content, whether it's a podcast, videos or extra content. So these have Those are the general help the content being instilled in and then being matched, which and use it on the right the right time. And But I think that time when we go, you know, step back and ask ourselves, How did we stop? So we had hundreds. If you Hae Nam i hundreds off volunteers well past the first. They wanted our films to actually review the content that other people are suggesting and then fall Tony. But it's not really vote because you need to add some sort of reason for what you reject something on the reject reasons that themselves a father, you know, it could be a not marketing. We like that. It could be a full four page, but it also will be those news items. For instance, I believe that I'm possessed. If you search for the feet, you'll not find a lot of news items. But what you will find is that how people to news items. Let's say Google is changing the algorithm. For instance. Yeah, probably again and again, you not find the news item from ex publisher. You know that this is what happened. Will find this beautiful piece affection a below market Candace content from someone later. It's an agency or product company or whatever That other student there is a change in the S u all Britons, they let's use some well and then they did something that perspective that caused their rankings to write increase on the crease. Then they write about it. You know, it's a block post for Castle video, and then that's probably what we get The still Indian possessed. That means the continent again. It's still being is really actionable kind of content with something you can actually do after it, Not just real and say All right. Okay. Now we know. We know. Now you know it. No can actually. Action eyes. What? You what you read on? You can get it into your workflow on. You know, a Sana trail a slick,

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and because you you sort of filter out the news, Then the content becomes sort of evergreen, deeper content. And this is how you evolve into a type of learning management platform that you begin to acquire community vetted content. So if you want to learn more about, you know, instagram marketing, you already have a library of vetted content that's been approved and has gained a lot of respective communities. So now so, you know, I know that I get these email notification, zest up skill. Maybe you can go into a little bit further detail about how now I know how they you know, we all know how the community works. How does that sort of learning management aspect of your platform work?

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Right? So you know offensive. I think that, you know, I think it was a year ago that we decided to kill our news like it was a great newsletter and we had a great open right. I think it was around 60 or 70% open rate and 20 to 30% Flix Faure. And it was well designed. Look affects Tomalin, Ethan and all that. But something felt wrong. Who said that? It doesn't make sense that it's one newsletter and feet on. There are so many different years of so many different people in different as 11 their careers. We cannot just blast them and hope that they will get it. Something is wrong. It's not our proposition. It's not in our agenda. So what we did, we just smothering? We killed it in one day. We talked about it a nice bloke cause it went quite credible, was in the industry. But who's killing the newsletter fixed? If it's so great, right, and another right months to teach the algorithms what is you know, we can call it a great match school, so I would liketo given piece of content with who, given a full final use him and since we and once we started to test it and to see that we get how you met school from our users. Just say one thing about it is it will. Users are everything is transparent and an open exist with a lot of users who are helping us. You're accusing advisory boats. So they are attempting to think about the old map business models, partnerships, celebrations and stuff like that. Everything is open and and users are really integrated. We've seen it. And when we launch new stuff, we have been in that procedure that help us to get into what we call a user's feature feet. All right, so no Polish market feet, especially into stuff, because it's so huge and unachievable at the beginning. So you think if a group of fuse users to introduce them to the future, you try for a few days off a few weeks, you get the feedback. And then what we need is that we have future try. See? Right. So then we get a few hundreds or thousands off fuses. We asked them taken, and NASA is testing the future. Then you build it up. You know the beginning. You have been slaughtered, right? It's not even good for is an M V P. But you can hear the lingo. You can hear the shotgun off the users. You can hear you understand what is their mindset? What are their expectations? Then you can give me sharpen things up together in the Meanwhile, that's, I think, what so works willing invest is that you retain those users what so integrated within the oil flow and they become your own speakers. Right they speak about this far is because they're experiencing other kind off experience. Resist. It's no just on the discovery or knowledge building. You're so interacting with the team you've been parked there, a part of the whole of the old man and even business solvent, and marketing would look good in everything. So then we got some sort off Good Mexico. No, just on our land but also is the use of said. Then we'll release the future for everybody in the future with Recall Issue said it's their record. A our email. It's the upscale email that's Kimmel takes in consideration of the way the tags that you follow, people who follow you people that you follow your career will pass if you're if you're connected with Lincoln so we can see your career paths. Your title, your geo location out of Parliament of the temples to understand also what you save on us. So we can We will send for a seat for you. One piece of the times we will remember that you saving and that's one step closer to build. You know, the perfect knowledge building platform for for marketers that will be that we give this town's also listing solution for the way that you conceal a content and becoming a mental vision. They also self

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So you have you built sort of a way of categorizing based on your Lincoln profile and he words, and based on what you're doing in the platform, these air the articles you need to read to become a better master at a certain skill. And if you're a master at this skill next, you'll want to master this skill. So we recommend this continent that sort of what's going on as well it

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because it is yours. You'll know this possible in a T shape and efficient professional rights. We understand what is your the team that makes sense. Then what is the flesh count off table? Right. And then we know that if you um a content marketing, we choose to go ask you your content marketing? No, Let for instance, so we'll know that probably off leading. Also told to CEO and social, we'll make some sort of a healthy mix mix for you. And I will just go back to my previous example now often speak with each other. We can't know each each other. You know where I am in my career. Press what? I'm leaning. Told you what I want to be professional in. You know, maybe tomorrow you will show me a link just with me, Linc. And do you know what? I'm going to consume it on the spot. I'm not going to waste any time. But as I said, this is exactly what it was. Just does. So it's your best. I don't know what to call it. Maybe on a teacher we need to build trust with each other. And this teacher now tells you that you need to read to after kills today and tomorrow. You can rest in the week and the week after we shoot the consume two videos and one focused. If you open there the best novella on weekends, and you asked not to get contenting weekends, we'll get smart about over there, and it says you promised not to work or not consume knowledge doing weekends. You know you have some nice march over there and will not send you with content unless you want to change preferences. Of course. So it's all we talk about that right? We don't need to push users not to consume more content. It's not more so, the quality. It's on the quantity but quality so totally with incest. So you get really high quality. Continent was disdained by community and the current and machines Eventually we're matching the right amounts were the right at the right time. And I believe that this is our friends won't together, right, so

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right approach. So So it sounds like, you know, from a marketer, and I want to stay at the top of my game. There's also on the other end of the spectrum, So we talked about the Wild West of our SS feeds and, you know, just searching on social media. On the other hand, you have actual certification programs. When marketing professionals are looking to change jobs, for instance, getting the certification can be can be obviously a verb in great thing. What you're offering is something that's sort of in the middle. I'm taking it based on a I A machine learning based on previous engagements that that is going to, you know, obviously help you become deeper and broader in those skills. But you don't have plans to offer any certifications of any sort, I assume. Correct.

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I tell you what with cash in right, it's open for discussion yet, but I will tell you that I want a complete disaster. Fascinated my studies within their own universities, which I didn't manage to finish my degree over there and on score between, I don't even know what I did at school. We just wasn't for me. And when I started to lend my degree, I learned the East Asian studies and tried to learn economics but a complete disaster. I understood that time it's not for me, and then what happened is that I co founded the Web marketing agency, which was quite big that few millions of fail our costs almost Thio. Two wheels. I didn't learn management. I didn't m marketing. I didn't Linda anything. So you cannot see all these scars on my face. But it's food. It's from experience. And by reading a little off my core pieces of content now trying to take online and offline courses, I'm dis elected in this perspective as well. I cannot start and finish, and I can tell you something that I've been most of his life. It'll CEO fondle. You know, executive. Even if I have those courses and there are schedule was in my calendar, these would be probably the first ones that already cancel anything, you know. So that's and also I today. I can't see myself having I know what I have two hours to sit and watch a video on only Melinda or Sarah or whatever again, those solutions are great. They're not fit for me. Not for my pace, not for my capabilities. Also probably. And then you do. Another thing is that I don't think that you can learn today. Today it's you know what way mentioned a Spotify Netflix. You cannot be in your studies. You cannot do it in a pinch kind of man and for me to have a course off 16 hours divided one hour or two hours. It's very Benji for me. Do I need Thio? Chew my content in small pieces and it could be exactly what I needed the right time. It's rather is I found myself just I'm creating this network of professional that I work with addiction with me, some articles and these were the best I content piece of wanting to take. You know, those influences that I follow those with the least faithful groups, and so you find the way. But it's still no structure. And this is why we created this solution.

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Gotcha. I think a lot of us do consume content in the way that you mentioned not in one or two our, you know, sprints but Maur little bite size here and there. But when we want the content when we have 15 minutes because we're on a train or whatever it might be, we want about to consume it in depth then and therefore that makes sense of your platform, obviously serves those people better. So you know, we've talked a lot about your platform and we've hinted about some of the things. So obviously you see all the different marketing topics and you have all the data on what people engage with when it comes to marketing education. What have you So just getting back? Thio. You know some of the agenda we set ourselves out for today? Are there specific things changed in marketing that marketers need to be concerned about? Or is it just a never ending cycle that we are in with so much content and so much information? Are there a few topics that seem to be very, very hot on this platform right now? Or new topics that you see emerging that you think are critical for every market and understand,

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right? Yeah, that's a great question, kneeling, and I think it's a big problem. Or the Web based professions. Whatever L. A marketing sales, you know, support customer success. All those new New Orleans or New Age kind of fit professions. You can't go to them. And you know that Iranian and look for Colton over there. Even if you go those something off knowledge, some things, it's not. It slowly over there you would probably find, you know, the respondent is probably not. A not do I send goes for courses we discussed about courses before in marketing. Even let's say it's not. There's something very generally basic to create more advanced kind of materials they probably will get. You start to get out of bed. You're better off two weeks, three weeks after you create your your beautiful course. So I think that I'm against that. Same same goes with our profession. We live in this sort of farmers, I said in beginning painful, painful reality. So on one hand, it's an ever changing, ever evolving kind off in the three, if that makes sense of the other. And you have so many because off that may be of so many so says our school tin mentioned before. So that's that's That's the reality. And as we also agreed, the more time it goes, the more content that will be created a the less or maybe the loss of productivity will increase for us, And they were professionals begin whether we're marketers. Oh, no. So I think that that's something that we need to understand, even if we're kicking off our careers right now is marketers or has experienced a marketer's different fields. That's the reality. I don't think that it will stop in them. You know, if the future will will not bring something that is, I know new. So it's getting you on the time, right? So then that's that's that's That's the reality, right? This is the This is what we leave. I mean, I believe that you deal with me, right?

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Yeah. And you know, I focus more on the social, but just for a general marketing, even when you talk about SDO, which is a concept that's been around for 20 years now, if not longer, obviously the algorithms are always changing. They're always trying to improve it. So so long as you have really smart people at Google trying to improve things and change things, things are always changing when you get the social media. If you look at the functional changes that Instagram does on a weekly basis, it's it's really compelling. I mean, I remember in the early days of linked in changes were very few and far between that when there was a change the platform, you could write a block post about it, but now you'd be doing it on a weekly basis with some of these forms, and they're all competing right. And I think that's also what's driving this competing for our time and for our attention. So as a marketer who wants to better never. Zeus platforms, Yes. Ah, and it's funny because, you know, the knee jerk reaction for us is we want to learn something would just do a Google search. But Google will still show results from five years ago that that might be completely irrelevant. Now I, as a log owner that have deleted out all my block posts regarding Google Plus. But I don't know if every block owners then that right? So the content creators themselves are creating a lot of content, but they're not necessarily updating the old contacts in there, Which Google? I gives really, really good authority, too. If that old content was able to generate a lot of back makes an engagement, right, So it's an interesting paradigm that we're in and you're right, I am. I mean, it takes us longer. We have to know who are the trusted sources, and it takes us longer to actually filter. And I think that's obviously what zest provides is that filtering? There's no one perfect filtering, but you do have machine learning an aye aye to give it a personalized experience. But, yeah, that is definitely a struggle. And obviously, when it comes to from my perspective, being really deep in the trenches here marking, I would say, Definitely, that's the visual platforms and just visual content creation and the process of creating visual content like you could easily create a block post on a weekly basis is still struggle for many, many businesses and that that, to me, is the area that I think that and obviously influence or marketing. Writing a book on the subject is the other area that I'm looking at, but with visuals and influencers, those two key areas where I think marketers need to constantly keep on keep on top of the game because it's still changing. We're still we're still publishing case studies today that they're still case studies to be published, and that could really help people and really help businesses. So that's sort of my take on the industry. But yeah, you know, a content creation process for me is the way that I I stay up the speed and obviously after this conversation, I'm gonna be jumping on the zest and seeing how I can work that into my process, is well and learn a few skills. So changes the constant. And because of that and because there's just so much content out there, it's it's it's necessary evil that we need Thio be constantly on top of our game. So I actually did a podcast episode on this on how to update your old content, and I am a big fan of SCM Rush going to give a shout out to them. There's a few different SCL tools you can use there, but I I love ECM Russian. I did a free social media marketing course with them. If if you want to go, I get a certification. You could check that out as well. There's I have a data driven approach to see what content may not be performing which continents competing with other continent have you so. But at some point, we really do need either update or redirect that old content because it's not. It's not going to serve us well as content creators, and it's not really helping the community, but getting back to the second point. How can market is consume all of the block content that's being published on a daily basis? And what you're saying is you can't. What you're saying is you need to tap into a community of experts that's gonna help you discover what are the bare minimum things you need to read on a daily basis. I assume that's your answer, right?

spk_1:   32:53
Yeah, exactly. Idea only thing keeping president, but, you know, for your forgiveness questioning. So I don't agree with what's going on. Google, right? Get all those old kind of say results and stuff like that. Moreover, I think that's the whole issue. Is Google is that even if you find a great piece of corn and we try to be relevant than even knowledge building for you, you know, some maybe someone walked quite help. And you know what I mean? Get this result on target. You specifically and again it doesn't munity it can all shoot, hold something off. Knowledge bending, Uh, no added value for you, right? But we understood, as you know, it's yours. How to manipulate algorithms a little bit. We create conflict for the sake of straight incontinent we know what is the right density for keywords, stuffing and in all that so some something is wrong. It's all been for consumers. I think it's really bad for four way for professionals. I cannot say that Google's within the span, of course, but I think that we could do a much better by going vertically, vertically and focus on one thing. And then it's like Tokyo. Last question is that yes, your way that you could seal a knowledge of the way that you play over guys. What content you want to consume should be. We can call a social socially based, based on about the fellow matter, but also about who you are. When what is your surroundings? What are the kind of people, if you want to be like, What are the kind of people if you are hanging out with professionally? A wise I'm speaking. So I think that that's we need to see how we are calculating all of those things together, you know, create a lot of added value for we forage and user and that's what's method if they're valued so missing in so many other platforms.

spk_0:   34:34
Another thing that's missing in law platforms and one of my favorite things to do. So I'd like to look for content, lots, different platforms so I spend a lot of time on Instagram. In fact, Instagram is probably the number one network that I spent time on. These days is not

spk_1:   34:51
possessed by the way someone to cut you off. But instagram it's the most actual on incest. So

spk_0:   34:57
not not surprised. I share a lot of content and curate a lot of content on Pinterest and I have noticed over the past few months this shift instagram as well and me riding my influence of marketing book I mean 80% of influence marketing budget is going to instagram. So there's a few reasons why I'm doing this. So I love looking for social media stuff on Instagram and I will follow a few hashtag instagram marketing tips and pinches marketing tips. You have wannabe instagram models posting photos and using that hashtag right And I love reporting back Instagram do not show for this house stag night. I love doing that. It makes me feel good that I'm improving the community right there What we all see? I'm curious. Therefore on your platform because Google search does not have the ability for me to say, Please hide this in search results for the future, you know, on the front end. Yes, you have a community there. They're coming up. Oh, our vetting content. You know, as you go through the process, though, can use his report back and say, You know what? This concept really isn't good. Or maybe it was good a year ago, but it's not relevant today is that sort of feedback process built in

spk_1:   35:59
Wait a few volunteers Calvin's condoms sculptures so they scout through the field for Continental Together, there's still such such content and get, you know the find its way threw them into the stream to the constant stream itself. Thes people, which already for the building from their own time, they have direct access to the team itself. But any any user on this, it's good to remind me that because we definitely need to improve. It is that I can flag any sort of content and then to say why the content is not that good. We got a lot of this, which is great s So that's that's one thing. The other thing is that and then I'll try to wrap everything together. Is that incontinent? Is not that good? Oh, ever low and added value. You don't need to say anything about anything about it. You can you can go to the data and you will see that that those kind off senior market tails or poor files click on this front end. And then they bounced back that they bounced back for seconds after they didn't squall through most of the page falling. So then you understand that there is not a lot of added value over that something is wrong. Then it's bean automatic deflect by the machine. Then the thing conceding, we calling professional interaction eventually it's not their mouth off likes again. We don't planks in the platform. But even comparing to other platform, you know, it's not about likes farms chair's comments and stuff like that, you know, very not weaken Say it's just for the way that officials are interacting with the content. Different a lot off shares on Facebook's rule zest given article I can get into you, and that's a deep you know, an insider is that you need to do internal slick shells and comparing the way for 10 or 12 Facebook shells. I was incest. So we feel if if someone is showing their content through zest on slack and trailer and all that, which is an option, it means that something is very valuable in this. In this piece of content, right, they even make sense. You will not make a fool of yourself in your trailer. Baldino in front, off the team. Moreover, we can also see and understand what are the card people are creating possessed on fellow intellect. So you can understand what are the knowledge grabs that they take for take from those pieces? Of course, in. And that's for later on kind of feature, so just would not have comments will have key takeaways the premium users will be able to put in. Then you'll not need to go. We'd all content probably, but you can see what is a community. And again, the machines were consulting and filtering before the community grab. So it's like, you know, to put Manticore practical knowledge that they consumed on African.

spk_0:   38:41
Yeah, that's really compelling, you know? Yeah, it's funny. You tie into something that I talked to a lot of social media, dashboard companies and, you know, tools, vendors. And I'm always telling them. You tell me what of my content performs? Well, don't just show me, you know, the analytics, and then tell me what I need to block more about or what I need to curate more on. Right? So you actually have You should offer it a your all shorting service around zest. And the analytics that use your platform allow market issues for their own content that we really compelling. I'm sure you have a lot of business plans there, so don't want to admit that, but But that's really compelling. So you mentioned Instagram being the number one search. Is there any other data? Since those of that have invested an hour there Timelessness. Any other data you can share with us today? Hey, if you're a marketer and you're not tapped in tow, you know this subject this is you know, what are the other highly and what are the terms just over the last year or two that you've seen gone down on the other end

spk_1:   39:40
to Yeah, I know you guys, only that I am, I think what's really interesting is that most such kind off a times that we have bones. That's not talking about the wolf. But a tax is absent, relate to world of months. So we could be a fellow in viable kind of things. You know, those are peculiar people use okay, the mo and more traction and we get the more users that are exists, the more they understand how we built this. Initiated the starter, we grew it and way based a retraction on three main things, and we discussed it before the meeting. It's mainly about all the mouth. So, you know, we're speaking like we are no like cab spot, but we are two co founder than him off three more people, her head just getting bored in the lot off black singles and underwear lies. You know, we just want to be a beautiful product. What we worked under student that if the committee so integrated within the solution and they're also spending the world possessed, it can be bad. Ben Walden and be good world in our favor. We consider the world off mouses good is almost 70% off the overall traction. That way, we generate especially within companies and teams. So we got a lot of videos off people shooting the home screens and the computer's off. The colleagues informed mobile screens and all day eso. When there is no one in the room, you can say that all his friends are openly says benefits of mobile. You know that stop. And I think that's the best word of mouth. Then we ask the users with the use of surveys, so as the user's why. So they sent it. First of all, you are is quite good. I can say maybe even more than good, so people want to show it so it off, you can say, then it's also make them feel Maybe the others feel they are smarter because they are gaining knowledge in the best, the best kind of way. So they just leave zest open on the screens, right? So that's the classic example for word of mouth. I can tell you the same. Few few months ago, the use of a shootout in a jingle forthis was really catchy, you know, with the track, it was super cool. It's it's, you know, it's a cool, cool, groovy dude with a black shirt and skeleton is shared the news really authentically things about this. And then it started, like competition off jingles between users of food you create the best jingle for for you know, we didn't do anything, just he's sort of off affect tryto movement effect. But for that, other channels that we work with are a publication or content marketing and the influences that we won't be staying. You know, we could say that open if influences our publications, mentioning zesty over there they can choose an articulate, got approved and be still in. It was in the content that screaming We can increase the exposure of this one So everyone all sides are getting added value will not manipulating anything or great or using Ed's, well, stuff like that. So this is the way that way group and the best example was months ago. Two months ago, before we launched the mobile elapsed and over there we found something that really solve the painful lot off users. And that's how we are all self learners, and we set a different self learners. It doesn't mean it need to be alone, so we created the movement of tribal self learners. That's about what it's all about. Tribal self, lemons. You don't need to be alone. Do it all together and in each one of the users we create some sort of beautiful banner for them and each one of the users at work working to be a part of the campaign just shared on Facebook or linked in the safe learning story. Now they throw themselves on. And then I said to the take that you know you're okay. Guys like five posts. Eventually, there were more than 300 posts from different users. We started to get a lot off, reach out from usual. Say why no in them in this campaign and what could be also we need and, you know, it was really credit. 1000 of big movement of futures just wanted to be part of fall off the best solution and what we what? We reflect the vocal ability to fight that we're going to empower each other, especially over you. So that's a great example for community growth or committee led kind of platform that relies on its own users to not only become better or twice, but also to go and track more new users in.

spk_0:   44:01
Yeah, that's That's a fantastic case study of its own. And it's funny when I do a lot of, you know, speaking and one of the areas I spent a lot of time in Japan where they're actually a little bit behind on digital marketing and general, believe it or not, especially on social media marketing. But when I talk about influence of marketing, they get it really quickly. And the reason is, you know, when I talked all these business owners or like I asked him, How did you start your business? How did you get going? It's all worth amount, right? That's how business is usually start unless they have huge VC. You know, funds that they can do a lot of paid advertising at the start. But for most businesses, word of mouth. And I think that, as I almost done writing my book and influence marketing that most companies want to go outside of their community for ideas and promotion when their best promoters are actually part of their community, their their their fans, they're they're customers, right? And I think that what you talk about is also something I recommend we consider each one of those people now, because you have a marketing platform, some of those people might actually be influenced in their industries, right within marketing. But, you know, those are your influencers and even on Instagram these days a nano influence or could come down to someone with 500 followers. But of the 500 followers, they they're you know, they're strong in a niche is a strong community. These social algorithms like to give them more impressions, percentage wise because they're smaller rather than a larger entity. So, yeah, you've been able to tap into that and, you know, campaigns, you know, share a block post. It's all it's all stuff that I think is really relevant to any business, to think about a way. So when you talk about well, in a word of mouth, being a very popular search term, that was the end goal of social media in general, right? Was, Hey, if someone like something on a Facebook page and it gets into the feet of the friends of fans, it goes viral and on. I think obviously that's very, very hard for companies to do without topping into other people. Now it's not gonna happen organically and even paid with the way that we shut out. Just that sponsored, as one of my clients said. And it's a millennial rented the social media. If we boost the post, it's gonna make us look like we're desperate, which is the impression that many may get for a paid advertisement. Really, the only way forward is through inciting word of mouth through other users. And that's where it's gonna be influences, whether your customers, whether they are influencers, that do not have brand affinity with you or whether they're your employees when we talk about employ advocacy. So that's the conclusion I've come to on. That's why I'm devoting so much writing this book, and it sounds like it's also been the secret to your success. So now it's been fantastic him one thing that we did not cover. So if I want to learn and get exposed a great marketing content, what are the features? If I wanted to shift to using zest as my content curation platforms, Yes, I'm gonna go there to learn. But as I mentioned my own processes, I'll aggregate are SS feeds. All categorize them based on keywords And then I look at each category and try to stay up to date on what the filters show me from all of these. I probably have 80 or 90 different R s s feed in my aggregator, so but But this is also within a social media tool that I'm able to use the share and schedule social media, So it's part of my process. If I use that, how do I then take that content that I really like and share it? Is it basically I go to the block post? I'm just natively sharing it from there. Or does this have any built in social sharing tools?

spk_1:   47:22
Yes. So there are four. We have a few products, right? We have from Utah Extension, which was our poor product. They delay one month ago. Okay. With our growth, went a still there in most of our users. Are they there? We didn't mention we have a little bit more than 100,000 users. What's he using? Using the chrome you top extension,

spk_0:   47:44
sir. And these air 100,000 marketers? Not just users, but they're all like us, right?

spk_1:   47:49
Yeah. Yeah, it's compelling. Most of them from the U. S. A lot off You will be in there, guys, Asia, but yeah, you know, all of them are marketers. I am, you know, way live by the in Internet cool off 1%. This is our benchmark. So 99 right directly 90% of them are consumers. 9% of them contribute that the content, 1% them Help us help us even in the past and to make sure that the content has been still correctly and they moderated. The contents of this is a great benchmark to try and stick to it. And I think that if it's on, if you use the balls of extension so we also have our whole night phone in your browser and then you can for many babies, you can share what you want and whatever your ability want to completely let the tribe into. The committees were also, um, well, really really Web product. A Web based product which is a your honesty state. Don't That's not I s what, exactly like the crow new top extension, but it's just sitting on the web under under the subsuming, and over there you have suggested link in city A and we release the mobile act, which is our core products. And I right now for I went and done droid. But we release the Denver P was defined that we can release it without, and the suggestion option there would have been able to contribute a Contin. But we're reading it right now. So what do we do? You consume content on your mobile and you want to share it to zest. I believe I need to ask my co founder and CEO right when we're going to launch this feature, but I soon will be in the next 2 to 3 weeks. But you will be able to share any kind of content to zest to your mobile a advice without needing to go to some wheat sub domains in the bone. Mojo. I think you'd be maybe ultimo next week. So I believe that we're going to launch and our superior contributors a webpage. She's some other people wanted. They have because I went to the people will be involved in what we do. And that's I think, generally a rifle for everything I do. If you give them my money. Same good cause so way cannot pay right enough of the stage. And when they stood, people are using our country, although this 1% 9% right from the 99 1 a model. So the 9% of people who want to get a little bit more fame to be their own professional profile unsaid est through this and they, of course, we get more exposure for the continent being suggested it and the proof. But we never said, you know, well done, guys. You're the best whatever way in Mexico, a bitter in the past a week you have the highest suggestion school. So just go with a simple school that they calculate. You know how many people, when pieces of content, the contribution that accepted compared to the total accepted because that you want to be the don's s, I feel tomorrow next week we'll have it them. And finally, which is great because we're here to, you know, improve find our own users and then something useful for four products. By the way, what's that? What we're doing in content marketing, for instance, I'm writing also for social media today in another few ticket publications, you will see what if it's a content marketing that we do. Oh, pr marketing that we do a whatever you will say. Quotes and names and links to poor files, a zest users again, it's all about empowering the user's. We save ourselves just the facilitators off the community or the brand or the product on the platform, so we'll just have to facilitate matters and really to empower them. So we're giving back, saying they all credit whatever we can. So

spk_0:   51:29
I understand now that I can use the crumb extension and your mobile app at some point, too, if I find something on the Internet that I want to contribute to zest that I get. But what about with in zest? I find great content, and I want to schedule that directly inside zest to share in social media, ideally with sort of a scheduler. Is that a functionality that you offer, or what you're saying is we're just exposing this great content After you read the content, please share it with whatever social media tool that you use, which, which which which of the two is your your solution? It

spk_1:   52:04
would write their future suggestion. We have it on a on a Santa. I can say it. It's on the board member cannot see us get into it. That really so you still cannot is. You're content with other social media platforms like you do it. I don't know why Buffalo on and stuff like that. I think that it's all about internal content consumption. Yeah, it right defense. But by then it will be able to expend to give other kind off a other kind of solutions. And so, yes, I hope that weekend and soon. And for that, we need more firepower. And, you know, this is why we have fundraising. We have some fundraising effort to know that. So yeah.

spk_0:   52:44
Yeah, because I'm trying to remember the platform that did that, where you share content, and instead of going to the page, it could take people back to that content on zest, so it could be a natural way to obviously get amazing amount of awareness and in traffic back to your site. Whether you want to add an extra step into allowed to see the content on having to, you know, be a gateway, that's that's a whole philosophical issue that I'm sure you'll have to deal with but that Yeah, it would be great if there was a way to schedule. But on the other hand, the core really is that you're gonna consume that content. So why would you actually go back to Zest to schedule that if you're already consuming that somewhere else? So that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. I want to thank you for being our guest. You talk about Instagram. One of the things that a lot of us talk about an instagram marketing is actually training our community so our community may not be used to swiping up right. It's not a natural thing to swipe up in order to access a link, but we have to remind them and tell them and educate them in order that they'll do it in overtime. They learn, and they do it. Or maybe, you know, for my own personal perspective, I don't put a lot of professional content, instagram, But I've started to do that. And, you know, I asked Paul questions, you know, What do you think Should I do it? And slowly I do it and I need to train people to understand. This is what I'm doing and to accept that content and to Hey, you know, this is another area where you can find my content on on this topic. So I do believe that a lot of this is that training aspect. And I believe you're providing a you know, an awesome platform that's gonna allow us to use it, but in a very different way. Not in the same way as we think of another just ordinary content creation. Platformer really has a learning platform. So I think that those 100,000 members are already active. Members have gotten that for those of you that haven't you're just gonna have to check it out. You have any closing notes?

spk_1:   54:35
That's people learning and then going, I think that's the That's the main thing and use others to do it. And they seemed that's the past for success.

spk_0:   54:44
Yeah, event that I went to in Tokyo, which was focused on a marketing education. The analogy was, marketers like samurai, and you always need to be sort of sharpening your knife because you never know who's gonna hire you, where you're gonna end up right. And I think that in today's in today's world, obviously, you know, What? What's the average time? That a C m O. Is that a company is what, like 18 months? I forget what it is. So I think it's Marcus. We always seem to be holding our skills, sharpening their knives, testing out our beautiful effort is whatever military and Alice do you want to use. But we always need to be doing that. So thank you for creating an awesome platform. Once again. It's just that I s thanks again. Thank you all for listening and for your contents. An engagement. And if there is someone you'd like me to interview for the show or for the live stream, feel free to drop it in the comments, either here or on the block post or even on the YouTube channel. CME Thank you again. It's been great having you on and everybody wherever you're on the world. I wish you a great social day