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Oct. 6, 2019

140: Want to Excel at Social Media Marketing? You Need to be an Active Consumer of Social Media First

140: Want to Excel at Social Media Marketing? You Need to be an Active Consumer of Social Media First

For whatever social media channel you want to become proficient at, STOP listening to this podcast and START becoming a user of the channel! As marketers, we sometimes look for new social networks or content mediums to utilize for marketing, but instead of reading blogs or listening to what advice others give us, becoming actual users and consumers of the content on those platforms or of those mediums is probably the single most important thing you can do at the beginning to get better at them. 

This episode #140 was inspired by my own podcast and the confession that I personally wasn't a consumer of podcasts yet was a podcast creator. While the positive thing is that I might not have been influenced by other podcasters and thus my podcast might be unique, it also means that I failed to grasp the importance of certain things about my podcast or the needs of podcast audiences. 

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This is the Maximize your social influence. Podcast with Neil Schaeffer, where I helped sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners build leverage and monetize their influence in digital and social media. Everybody, this is Neil Schaefer before I launch into this episode, which is wow, episode number 140. Believe it or not, I just wanted to give you a little bit of previews. I'll be explaining a little bit more about my rebranding, but obviously when you listen to the intro, it is very, very different. And if you were to look at the logo on my podcast, you'll see that it also has changed over the last few months. In between episode 139 and 140 I've done a lot of soul searching Visa Vee, my podcast, and with my new book, The Age of Influence, coming out next March, which is all about not just influence or marketing, but really the concept of influence and social media and why it's so important to businesses and professionals. I really want to, you know, re tune on. And I also noticed that, you know, my intro and Altro before were very I don't know. After listening to a lot of other podcasts, it just to me didn't sound authentic. It wasn't me. So I did something a lot simpler using my own voice. The music, if you are curious, was inspired by times I spent in business in Indonesia, where I became a big fan of dangdut music for any of you. Maybe from Indonesia. Malaysia? No, that that was actually the exact song that I was inspired by was single copy dung, which one of my favorite songs from that part of the world. But anyway, I hope you enjoy that. That new feeling, the new rhythm there and I hope you enjoy this podcast. Now I am in the process and I talked about this a lot and hopefully I'm finally going to do this in queue for of releasing some new digital products. So I hope that if you haven't already, you'll go on over to Neil schaefer dot com and you will sign up for my list, which is on the side bar widgets or on the bottom of the website so that I can inform you when I release these things which I think are going to be very, very valuable to all of my listener. So without further ado, let's launch into the new upset. This is Neal Schaefer, and welcome to another exciting episode of Maximize Your Social. Yes, it's been a while now you're listening to a podcast from the guy who wrote a block post saying that I hadn't written a block for like a year. So apologies. But I don't feel like I want to publish content just for the sake of publishing content. We're trying to maintain an editorial calendar. I do know it is the best practice to be consistent in social media. I tell all my clients. So, like many of us consultants, we need to drink our own medicine, right? So this is really my promise to you, You know, when I get a tweet on Twitter. Obviously that says Neil, haven't had a podcast in awhile. What's going on? You know it's time for new podcast, so I am trying to do my best. And, you know, I know that a lot of you are bloggers wanting to post more frequent and instagram or wanting to get into podcasting or you two being whether for yourself for your business and maintaining that consistency is hard. I feel it. I feel for you. But I'm hoping the advice I give you today we'll give you two pieces of advice. But really that the main piece of advice I want to talk about is, if you wantto benefit from it, you gotta use it. I'm gonna get enough. Second. The 1st 1 is you've got to become proficient at matching content. Now. I am not the best about you content. But I do know that when I want to post something on Instagram, I can go back into 20 years of photographs and I've taken had a digital camera since, like 1999 I think found out, mistaken and man. There's a lot of content to coal from right. There's podcasts of published that I've never shared on Instagram this block. Plus, I've never shared an instagram, you know. So there's matching. There's repurposing. What a lot of influences do is they go out on a shot, go out on a shoot, obviously on don't you know they use the same photo shop, you know, color settings and boom. They have, like, two months worth of content that could post every day when I travel to Japan or Europe. Wherever I go in the world, I tend to take a lot of photos, and that can lost me sometimes a few weeks. I mean, yesterday I just posted about eating this wonderful Carter Benatta in Sweden because I have to go all the way overseas to get good carbonara that I can't find in Italian restaurants. United States. I digress. But you know, the whole idea is that you know it's matching content, right? Taking a lot of when you're out events, you could be taking lots of photos. If you have a product, service is just set up one day to create images or videos. Rent a video studio for a day, rent a videographer for day. Spend a day writing block content. Spend a day recording podcast, right? It's the same concept pencil on your calendar, done. So I am trying to get a better how. But it isn't ever any battle, and as you get older in life, you'll find that there's a lot of never ending battles that you're gonna face, And it's not saying I've lost its saying. I'm just gonna I just got your harder it and I just gotta work smarter and more efficient. So this podcast, though you know it's taking me a long time to record this next one. Now I used to go solo on all my podcasts, and I was very passionate about it because I found that there were a lot of podcasters that didn't have anything to say. They were just interviewing other people. And while it's great to interview people and there's definitely value in that and getting a variety of perspectives, I have a lot to say. I'm a speaker. I've been blogging for like, a decade, right? I have a lot of ice that I want to give you. My listener, My I don't want to call you an avatar, but my image of who you are, right and I want to be Maur faithful to those of you who do want to tune in a regular basis. And here's the thing. I'm to be very honest with you. Okay, there are some social networks and very active. Instagram is the one I'm probably most Dr Von I am really deepen instagram to the point where if you have not posted in a few months, right? I'm probably not following you anymore because you're not invested in it. And probably like a lot of people unfollowed me on Google. Plus, when I tune out of it a long time ago, right, And that's human nature, I want to be invested in a platform and invested in people that are equally invested in the platform. So here's the thing about podcasting, right? I'm a marketer, Okay? Primarily social media marketer. But I'm a digital marketer. I have to do it all for my own brand, for my own business as well as for my clients. And I'll be very honest. I was not a podcast listener. I was creating podcasts without being a podcast listener. That probably sounds really bizarre to a lot of you. I was one of many. It's like a The next thing is podcast. You got a new podcast. Okay, I'm a speaker. I'll do it on my iPhone. I'll call it social business unplugged. Which is how this maximize your social podcast actually started. But the funny thing is, one of my clients I work with Well, I guess you could say I work with a team of millennials and I'm a gen Xer for those that know me, I you know, I do not hold biases against generations, but obviously with every generation, media consumption is different, right? And you talk to your kids, My kids, you know, there are in seventh grade in ninth grade, and the influences to them are not TV or movie stars. They're YouTubers and an instant hammers or grammars. So, you know, with that in mind, it was really interesting because I listen to it. All the music and those you know, I play drums. I was in a band in Japan. We actually recorded two CDs and sometimes have shared some of music on social media. So I tend to listen to Spotify in my car, my way to client meetings, business trips, even when I kicked my kid's school. What a soccer practice or whatever it might be. And I listen to a lot of Japanese music, one of the joys of Spotify, as I can keep in touch with the latest trends of Japanese music. So listen, allow that listen American music as well and getting back to my client with the millennial marketers. We were talking you know, I came in and they're from our weekly meeting. And, hey, how's it going? Hey, what sort of music do you listen to? You know, And she's like, I don't listen to music like, really? Yeah. I'm like, What do you do in your car? You have, like, a 30 minute commuter. You know, when you're the gym, what happened Because, Well, you know the gym. I might listen to some of the background music jazz, but, you know, in my car, I like to listen to podcasts, and it's sort of blew me away. I mean, she's not in my target audience, obviously, but it blew me away. I you don't meet many people where they are podcast first, people, unless they're marketer with a podcast. And then there's a lot of those types. So you know, it got me thinking I really haven't listening. Podcast. The other interesting thing. And I was a guest on someone else's podcast. Someone's have been human for, like, five years. My podcast is probably five years old. I should look at what I did my 1st 1 and I'm already like 100 37 episodes, but I have definitely noticed since the beginning of the year, a serious uptick in downloads. Now it could happen because I got better visibility in the algorithms that control iTunes and Spotify and Google play whatever it is, or it could just be, there's a lot more people listening or could be on better promoting it. But I am a believer that slowly, more, more people are listening to. The stats is suggesting this. The fact that Spotify, you know, buys anchored out Ofem there say we're going to go heavy on the podcast is another symbol, right? And you have a lot of entertainment. Figures that have their own podcast is Well, now it's just a way for you to get your message out directly to your audience. And, you know, when you look at all the marketing stats, how long do people engaged with your tweet? A second right? What about your Facebook post? Well, not very long. Instagram story. Maybe up to 15 seconds. Instagram video, maybe up to a minute. YouTube. It's gonna be longer podcasts. I mean, it might be 20 minutes might be an hour, depending on how long your podcast is. A lot of time, people are stopping and listening and you got them for a long time. So the net net of all this is and I'm gonna share this, I'm probably gonna pull something instagram. I may put it in the show. Notes. I'm not sure I don't really do show notes. That's another interesting thing is before I assumed Well, if I do a podcast, I should write a block post about it. But you know what Blog's from my perspective be part of its brandy, but part of the Jesse Oh, right. It's like posting a bad photo on Instagram. It's gonna kill your engagement. Bad blood content is gonna kill your relationship with Google as well. So I would be posting podcast episodes that were fund record. They might have had some value from audience, but from a Google perspective, it was out of brown, right or there were just no key words that people were searching for that would have relevance. It wasn't valued based, it was more entertainment based. And I'm not just some pictures as well where I've gotten deeply in the pinchers over the past few months. Incomplete disclosure in terms of generating traffic to my website Google is always number one by far. That's why I talk a lot about Seo. Number two has been Twitter. Number three's been Pinterest, and that's why the last 2 to 3 months and I'm gonna have some podcasts episodes of up interest because I'm not a consumer brand. I'm not posting recipes and travel photos on posting marketing information right on Dhe Pinterest has maintained its ability to generate traffic over the long term. It generates more traffic and probably Facebook and LinkedIn combine. And some days, in fact, some days I get more traffic from INSTAGRAM, then from Facebook or linked in. So this is a whole other story, right? A whole other story. But here's the thing on Pinterest I notice as well I was. There was a lot of pins that got bad engagement. When you get that engagement right, you have this lifetime batting average like I'd like to talk about. So it's it's hurting my lifetime batting average. And you know what? I don't need to create a pin for all my blood bus because some post are more relevant to the Pinterest audience and others. You gotta be in the platform, you know, what works. Let me repeat that You have to be an active user. You have to want to use the social network and use it on a daily basis and engaged in a daily basis and become part of the community. If you wanted to work for your business So I'm gonna talk about podcasts. I just obviously, I'm recording a podcast. I just didn't know podcast and I'm not gonna say who. Not important. But they were talking about a certain social network. And once you gain a follower or a connection or, you know, a friend, whatever it is, they're not at the top of your marketing funnel. I do not like that lingo because it's treating people in social networks as dollar signs. Now, obviously, we're all this news podcast, and I don't know if it's gonna come in time. It's gonna be new Jingle Jingle, Jingle Bells. It's that time of year I'm renaming. I'm rebranding my pockets with the emerging publication of Age of Influence and really honing in on my target avatar. And I'm gonna talk about that because I talk about podcasting and what I've learned over the past few months. It's really gonna be not maximize your social, maximize your social influence. Everyone every business wants to and should become more influential. They should grow influence. That should love Ridge influence, meaning leverage, other influencers. And they should monetize that in different ways. So don't get me wrong, right? It's about business. But you know what? People do business with people. They like knowing trust. And when you come on to me and immediately we connect and you're selling them in, even though my little savvy like, Hey, this is how I help people. Let me know if I can help you. It's still very clear that you targeted me for business and you have added me to your funnel. You might have had a media OCR ribbon that says you're gonna send me a ah, follow a message a week from now. To me, that is not social Media now might be effective, but guess what? It's gonna be extremely ineffective, I believe with a large majority of people, and a lot of those people might block you. I blocked all the time. And when you get blocked, that is sending a signal right to the social networks that this person is spending a lot of people, and I know people that have lost accounts on social media because of that. So you might get some low hanging fruit. I'm not going to say, you know, and it gets back to sort of my days and sales. They're people who swear by cold calling, right. But I think what worked 20 years ago or 10 years ago, five years ago doesn't necessarily work the same today. So we're all on social media to hang with friends Now. There are some networks were more more professional. There's somewhere more open. We're Maur visually engaging, so every network is obviously different and you got to be part of that community. But here's the thing. I don't think of you as dollar signs. You don't want me to think of you as dollar signs. I want to become your friend, right? And if we become friends, you need my help. I can help you. And yes, If you want targeted help, it's gonna use up my time. You know how busy I am. It requires money, and we all get that right. I'm not gonna try to pitch you on something. So that's the problem I have with a lot of ice out there. Ah, lot of social media marketing for business advice is they take that approach and guess what? Those people end up either sending sort of automated messages or semi automated messages where they piss off a lot of people they get blocked and or they just published content without engagement, other people. And then they wonder why no one's engaged with the content, and then social media truly becomes pay to play 100% your social media just using Facebook ads. That's not social media anymore. That's just pure paid media, right? So you got to be part of the network, and once you're part of the network and you're actually engage with people like you care, you don't see them as a dollar sign because you truly want to help them, because you know you can help them better than anyone else. You know that by investing you and your investing in them, they're gonna get tremendous Arli. They'll get that right. Once you start engaging with them, commenting on their posts, sharing content that's targeted to them. That's value based on hopeful. They're gonna get that they're gonna get that repeated. The them or engagement you getting, the better your engagement gets. So why hit the people over the head automatically out there? We will funnel. I don't think that's the right way to use social media. And I think over time, those people are gonna be less and less effective not to say that for every 100 people contact, it might be that one person that might be in the market for your service is that was in the middle of doing a search. And you had the exact timing. Sure. But you know what? They might have seen your content opposed that might have resonated with them and ask them to contact you again. With that in mind, I want to get back to the original topic. And I'm sort of, you know, I like to cover a lot of topics here. I'm not working off of a block post. There's some podcasters who write a block post and literally talk. That block coat paused on the podcast and what I've learned because of actually, uh, I never subscribed to a podcast. I'm being really honest with you. So over the past few months, up subscribed to several pockets. I'm gonna share some great podcast is out there some people that I really respect, some that have influenced even what I'm talking about today on the positive or negative side. But and I want to share those right? And I'm gonna send you all that information later. But I have learned a tremendous amount and what it's helped me do. Just like I'm saying, if you wanna get business from the Grammy, got to be part of the Graham if you want to get Pinterest, you got any part of it and listening to a lot of podcasts and made me realize both the power of podcasting and what I have been doing completely wrong up until now because I wasn't a consumer of him. If you want people to consume your content, you need to consume their content. If you want to be extremely effective now, I think my pockets is done. Okay, enough scene, all right from it. But I've missed out on some. Really, Really. I would say both fundamental and critical mistakes. Now I don't That's the subject of another podcast. You know, the mistakes that I've learned, but I am renewed with a passion for podcasting as an extremely powerful medium. And I'm gonna be keeping my promise to you to try to maintain that consistency. I also, if you've noticed over the last several episodes, I have switched to 1/2 so low half interview. I just have so many incredible people reach out to me wanting to be interviewed on my podcast and some of them I want to get to know better. So for me, the podcast gives me the opportunity to learn from them, to get to know them better, to be influenced by those I want to be influenced by. And now I'm getting back to thinking, You know all those people who just interview other people. That's why they're doing it. There's nothing wrong with that. They're learning from them. They're using it as a vehicle to develop relationships. That's awesome. So instead of me thinking differently, I am now coming full circle, right? If you want to do that, not your objective. That's great. So long as a condom is relevant to your target audience, right? And I just listen to a podcast where the podcaster did an interview and it was completely off topic. It's almost like accepting a guest blogged posting your vlog that does not fit in one of your blood categories, right? You just stay on topic. You need to always remember that avatar, that target user, that person that you're trying to reach because you think you can help. So I have done a lot of soul searching and, you know, in all honesty, I never had I mean, yes, I had an avatar. I had a target user, which is pretty much a corporate marketer. But what I've noticed recently is a lot of influencers. Ah, lot of bloggers. Ah, lot of small business owners. In addition to marketers, a lot of solar printers as well have reached out to me asking for help. And I want to serve that market. And I think that market may be better served through these podcasts. I have tons of blood content and some of these some of these podcasts will be relevant since well, so when I was searching for my avatar realized you know what? This is a podcast. That not only helps my, my pure marketers that I have so much respect for, but it also helps Ella preneurs and small business owners. So whenever I am recording a podcast or writing content or developing digital products, which helped to dio, it has to be targeted to them. I have to be in their shoes and listen to this and see if it has any value. So that's the value I want provide you today. You got to be part of the network you want to monetize, and by becoming part of it, you begin to build and yield influence there. And this is gonna be a topic. I'm becoming a lot with the obvious publication of my book, Age of Influence, not coming out till March of 2020. It's a long story, but it's gonna be worth away. But I plan to be doing a lot of stuff before that. So keep tuned in. And if you don't know how to go deep into a platform, you know, I always say social media was made for people, not for businesses. It's not rocket science. Spend five minutes a day, spent 10 minutes a day. You know what it is? It's actually at the beginning, checking out the feed scene, if any. Your friends on the network following them. Just trying to get a sense is the water people posting. What are people engaging on? Doing some searches for some topics that you're interested in, either personally or professionally, or maybe looking for customers, people that you can follow that might convert not by sending them an automatic direct message but by getting to know them to your content engagement and start there. And I think really soon you're going to see I don't even like to cross close by instagram stuff on my Facebook page. I really don't. It's really unique. The Instagram and I think that is the ideal. Yeah, I know it's gonna take some time. That's where the content matching the content repurpose in comes in. But trust me, the more you hone your content for that network, the more effective you're gonna be. But it all starts with being part of the network you want to monetize. I hope you enjoyed this. Well, what's the word for it? This reinvented podcast episode My return to podcasting now, as an avid podcast listener Hey, you know, make sure that you are subscribe my list because I'm gonna be releasing some digital products and brought this up before. But I'm getting closer and closer to London and brought in some help. It's gonna help me develop these lot quicker, so make sure you go to Neil schaefer dot com. Subscribe. And hey, if you think my podcasts and help other people, I have more 130 episodes. There's something in there for everybody. But if you think you can help other people, I would really appreciate, you know, take a screenshot of you listening wherever you are in the world to my podcast. Put it up on Instagram, tag me on instagram stories or wherever you post it and please. You know, whatever podcasting up you were, you use iTunes or stitcher or Spotify. I'd really appreciate it review because it shows it's legit. It gives this podcast credibility, and it helps other people find it because, just like social networks, podcast at platforms or or podcast player platforms also have algorithms, and the reviews generally do help. So I want to thank you all for listening to me to the end here, and wherever you are in the world, make it a great social day. Bye bye, everybody