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April 25, 2013

13: Got Good Social Media Marketing Apps? [Ian Cleary of Razor Social Interview]

13: Got Good Social Media Marketing Apps? [Ian Cleary of Razor Social Interview]

Ian Clearly of Razor Social joins us for a look at the best social media marketing apps for social media management, monitoring, and automation.



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Welcome to another edition of social business Unplugged. Practical advice on how to leverage social media for your business. Now the host of social business Unplug author of the forthcoming book Maximize Your Social, published by Wiley and founder of Windmill Networking, Neil Shaper. Hey, this is Neil Schaefer. Welcome to another episode of Social business unplugged. And as what I enjoy doing for this podcast, I like bringing the podcast to wherever I go in the world today. I'm in San Diego, California, where I'm presenting at social media examiners, social media, marketing world and here. Just as we meet many people in social media, we finally have the chance to meet them in real life. I have the opportunity coming in from Ireland, Mr Ian, clearly of razors, social Twitter handle and clearly I N C L E A R y www dot razor social dot com and Ian, also blog's for Social meet Examiner, and he is really specializing in social media tools and applications. So I thought this would just be a great time to sort of pick his brain for his favorite tools and APS. Maybe there's one or two you may not have known him. So, Ian, first of all, thank you for becoming a part of this podcast

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delight to be here. It's great. Great. I have this chat. So yes,

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from that accent, you know, he is from Ireland. I wasn't kidding. So in, I guess. First of all, how would you? From a social media marketing perspective, you have social media monitor relapse? Have dashboard? There's probably a few different categories of APS. How would you define the different categories of APS that social media marketers can use?

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Interesting? Well, I suppose the lot of puts in is in the management section, so pure management chills for managing social media on then, Like you say, that's the monitoring site for monitoring activity related to social media on someone's we're talking about, then some automation tools for automating some task within social media could be within management or else I'd management. They're useful tools as well. It's there to be. The main ones will be ready cover.

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So managing, monitoring, automation. So let's first talk about management, and I'm assuming that you mean management. You mean social media dashboards. That could, sweetie, what happened? So tell me, and you, we all have our personal choices. From your perspective, tell us a few platforms that you would recommend if someone is maybe using who'd sweep it doesn't know about another one that may be equivalent or even better.

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Okay, well, are you soups? Hoot suite? Because it is one of the best ones available only to be free as well. But I also used Nimble as a social relationship management to Ondas, a free version on a paid version of Nimble On Without Letters to me to do is identify the key influencers on within. Nimble. And I tracked the relationships within that on the tracks, all the social activity. So it's a great tool if you want to build a relationship with the influencers and you're on that list, Neal. But,

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oh, well, thank you very much. I don't know why, but let me ask you. So just we're gonna talk about tools. Here I am, someone who went from twitter dot com two tweetdeck hootsuite, then to sprout social. Not enough of you spelled social, but you also have the ability to track your communication as if it's a CIA ram with people that you've treated with. Would you say that combination of hoots with a nimble is equivalent to that. Are there special features that you recommend within nimble that the spot socials of the world can't handle?

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Well, what what I like about nimble is as well as the ability to track people within. You know, all the social networking activity. You can also progress that to the lead status and into a sale status. So it's a purist theorem tool as well. Spread spread social Maura. That's focus more on the social side of Where's Nimble is looking for the answer and relationship from when your initial introduction to actually where you bring the get the sale. So that's very useful within the nimble side of things. Did

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you hear that? That is just amazing advice, basically picking the people that you want to engage within social, whether you're trying develop new business, a new partnership. So you want to engage the quote unquote influencers and really using nimble as I see around like a sales for us to really put down your targets, your you know where they are in the pipeline. That sounds awesome. Okay, so let's move on to the monitoring and I know you can monitor just by building a column and sweet as well. But let's hear what you like in terms of monitoring jewels.

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Yes, I do use who's sweet and I have a separate column with keywords. Second monarchy words. But wouldn't my favorite apps that have come across recently is mentioned? It's mentioned on national. What I like about mention is where there's a free version again. We like the free rations on the paper. Russian is $1919.99 very cheap and very good monitoring. Now it's like Google alerts on steroids. If I track my name or my business name, it's striking across Twitter. Facebook had the Web or blog's, so you're getting it everywhere. So somebody within a business page mentions my company name. I get a notification to monitor and dot net on. Then I can respond within their Facebook business page on. It also has a mobile version of the APP, which I love as well so you can get the alerts on your mobile phone. So that was really, really good at from the monitoring side. So

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would you say that sort of a combination of Google Lords plus social mention gives you the ability the search, like salsa mentioned with the ability of getting automated notifications that Google alerts. Or is this just way better than any of those? Is it like one plus one equals three?

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Yeah, you mentioned is Troika Google Alerts, so you don't need it on, he just used mentioned as you're monitoring up

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and compared to social mention, it's it's much more robust.

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It's much more revolts, much more comprehensive. Yeah, absolutely

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awesome. So let's now move to the third type of tour up, which is the automation. And obviously there's certain probably things you can automate within the tools you just shared. But are there any specific automation types of tools that you recommend?

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Well, there's a few we would use. For example, where you post out a block post. We use delivery DLV or dot I t. To automatically pick up that blood post and send it out onto Twitter and Facebook to lengthen on. That's what we use free part of that which is just Britain Way, also you. Sometimes I f t t t. If this then that that's a useful tool for automaton. You know, task a task be on that's pretty good. And Xavier? Is that a p I? Your is another version like I f t on. That's quite years. So let that be the main automation tools buffer we would use. Which new categories senators doesn't. That level of automation so you can schedule a lot of block post are content to weld at certain times that you've specified already. And that's very useful because it saves so much time. Just

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a really specific question the first time I've ever heard about, say, Piers. So compared to, I have t t t. What's the difference with Xabier? What are the advantages of using Xavier over? I've I've t t

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They have a different set of rules that you can apply, so there's some of the functionality is quite similar on others is new functionality that's not provided what I t unlimited bunch to say. Fear is that if the automation is not available, you can build that automation so you can defer to develop zey pierre yourself. So it's a business organization you can face. You do enough lot more with you. So

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could you write from Xavier directly into social AP eyes, for instance?

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Yes, yes,

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pretty amazing. Any other specific tools or upset? You recommend that we didn't talk about that? You have hit your fancy over the past few weeks.

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One is Post planner on the others and post rock, actually,

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Josh Rocks. Yeah. Hey, he paid me to say that

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Well, it's very good at picking up content for you on having the content ready available for you to share really quickly, I think the guest. But the post rocket guys are pretty sharp there. New versions coming out the next couple of weeks and really looking forward to see what that is on again. It's a very good Facebook to on the really focusing on being ableto put the right content at the right time. I think about now when I just didn't mention the mobile one called the Lighter. So I think the future of Social Media merican in Management tools will be on a mobile device so people will move to using on a mobile device. Glider is a really interesting application where it provides really nice templates that you can their use on update on. Send out your these nice graphical images out onto Facebook Pinterest on Twitter on everything very easily, and I think it's just a really great application. And I think that's where small businesses in particular will be used in mobile to do their updates. The graphic designer. To build these templates, you provide all these templates. True glider,

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I think especially for brick and mortar stores that one offer coupons. What, have you really easy to do that?

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Yeah, absolutely. You can see, like all sorts of restaurants and shops and everything used in these type of chills.

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Well, there you go. We just heard the latest cutting and social media tools Advice from Ian. Clearly, you're in Dublin, sir.

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I am a date's yet in Ireland. Yes,

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if you're ever night and you definitely want to check it out once again, his twitter is I a N, as in Nancy C l E A R y. His site is www dot razor social dot com, also makes you check out his monthly call them on social media tools on social examiner. Any closing notes for the audience, see and

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know, just say in terms of Maybe don't overdo. The tools were given section of tools. They're picked the ones they're most relevant to your business on Get it working for one to properly before you start adding an additional one, thank

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you very much, and it was a pleasure. Having you today ends another upset. A social business. Unplug. I hope you'll share this with your friends and Maki and a lot of friends out there on social media. He already has a lot, but you can never have too many, right? Thanks again and make it a great day. Everybody, Thanks for listening to another edition of social business on plug. We appreciate your subscribing to our podcast and would be honored by your ratings and comments on iTunes. Please feel free to spread the word about this podcast. And if you would like to appear on this podcast or have content that you would like covered, please contact meal Schaefer neo at windmill networking dot com. Also, please subscribe to the windmill networking log on social media strategy at www windmill networking dot com. Thanks again and make it a great day