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Dec. 21, 2015

122: Live Streaming: An Essential Component of Content Marketing [Abbson Live Interview]

122: Live Streaming: An Essential Component of Content Marketing [Abbson Live Interview]

The Social Tools Summit was a couple of months ago now, but I am still sharing some great conversations I had around the event. On today’s podcast, I'm talking to Chad Abbott, the CEO of Abbson Live, the company that provided all of the live streaming for the Social Tools Summit. Listen in as I go a little deeper with Chad, discussing how and why live video is an essential part of content marketing.


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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize Your Social Social Media author, speaker, consultant, founder of Maximized Social Business, Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Pool Summit. Neil Schaefer. Everybody kneel Shaefer again here at Maximize Your Social. The Social Tool Summit was in late October of this year. But there's still a number of conversation of hod, which I've been publishing on a weekly basis in this podcast. And today I want to share with you a conversation that I had with Chad Abbott, the CEO of Absent Live Absent Live, if you're not familiar, was the provider of our live streaming service, and we talked about in a central component of content marketing that is often for gotten. So I hope you'll tune in this podcast and listen to the interview and start to leverage what you here. I know that I will. We'll talk again soon, and here we go. Here's another edition of Maximize Your Social Enjoy everybody. This is Neil Shaper and welcome to

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another episode of Maximize Your Social part of what I like to do your maximize your social is also have you take part in conversations that I have with many of the corporate social media professionals or social media tools vendors that I meet at my own social tool summit events? Recently we had one in San Francisco, and I was really happy that for two times in a row, our live streaming provider was absent live. Just, you know, the best video streaming video marketing company that I have met their located in New York right here on the line. I have Chad Abbott from Absent Live. He's one of the partners in the firm, and he's here today to talk all about video and lifestream and marking. I'm really excited for the conversation. Chad. Welcome aboard.

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Thank you.

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It's great to have you here and let's just start my streaming. So my stream is not new. As you know, I had a client and we you know, he he would do these live use dreams and then you had, you know, you must hang out on Google plus hangout on air come out. That sort of was the cool thing. Obviously, these days the cool thing is, you know, meerkat periscope blab In fact, at this concert I went to last night, actually, Paris about the first song. I guess you probably were the

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only one.

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Yeah, exactly. And, you know, we the technology has gotten the point. Now where with you stream, it would have been a lot more complex with periscope. It just makes it so much easy. But But then again, when I looked at the playback, it's like, Wow, the quality is not really, you know, the frames is like five frames per second, or it didn't like that. So So tell me, Chad, tell us about, you know, defining sort of what life streaming is and the boom that you see, I am sort of, you know, where are we today with the role of live streaming in marketing for brands?

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Yeah, Well, there's a lot there. Uh, let's start with where it's come from and where it is. I think you're right. There's, uh, kind of this increased, um, commonality in line streaming, and you're seeing it in more, more places and with more and more brands. And, uh, I think that's I think that's a really good thing because I think video and especially live video has the power to captivate an audience online, like other forms of media do not. But as you're also mentioning, there's 1000 different ways to do it right now. Some of them are easier than others, and some of them are much more high quality forms of content than others. And, um so it's a little confusing to a lot of people. There's a lot of different ways to get started. There's a lot of different ways you can head after you've gotten started. And I think the brands that are being successful with live video right now are the ones who sort of have a strategy in place, sort of easy to just kind of, ah, throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. In fact, I think that's a good way to start. But then you need to sort of narrow it down and see what's working with your audience. What's not as you're mentioning, Um, the networks like periscope meerkat, these brands of really low cost option, Um, and you know, there's really no barriers to entry. You just sort of turned the phone and do it, and, uh and anybody can you can give it a try, and and that's not a bad place to start. Um, it's just that that doesn't work every time it works. In some cases, it works for sort of really personal behind the scenes content. It doesn't work on ah, broad scale with conference or an event or a product launch or something like that, because people have you mentioned the very frustrated with the quality and with the ability to be different angles. And, you know, even the ability to engage is very limited unless you're keeping tighter, open right next to it or something like that. And so, um, so there's a lot of options out there. And so part of what we do is help people figure out where to start, where to go and how to how to leverage different platforms for different purposes. Um, and to the second part of the question, um, which was how it relates to broader marketing strategy. I think this is what key and that is understanding video on live video, especially as a part of important part of a broader content marketing strategy. So as you're looking at, um, brand content marketing strategies, which include Block posts, YouTube videos, he books, white papers, short form content on social. Um, this can play a part in a lot of those different areas. And, uh, you know, give you an example of the Social Tools Conference. You know will will engage people on a live basis during the conference, which is the primary function of live video. But we'll also create lots of different other types of content that go hand in hand with other parts of your content, marketing strategy videos and blogged posts, videos on social segments of them, usable as small quotes on Twitter, things like this. So you're sort of buying into a larger investment that helps your condom. Marketing strategy on the whole estate makes sense.

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It only does. And it's the same thing with when I talked about content, marketing and the necessity in order to scale to repurpose content, I show this whole this whole sort of sequence of events that produces different content that, for me, begins with my podcast on. I can see how a video can do the same, so you can either just for court of static video or if you're having an event or you're having a speech or there's something you can do that there's value in life stream in it. You can then leverage that same notion of repurpose ing and really create a lot of bite sized content. And, you know, and when I say bite size obvious, I'm talking like vine and instagram, right? But we've become so visual in social media marketing, and the visual shouldn't stop at the static. And it's really the dynamic, as you were saying, video still of this magical medium that people will, you know. It's the most engaging medium out there, so it's probably untapped. I think you know, the first generation, maybe a video marketing was sort of like Let's create YouTube videos. And now we're in this

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for a

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second generation. And, uh, you know, I can see how livestreaming can be the, um, you know, can can provide the engine of that, Um, with just an hour event, I can just imagine the number of 12 2nd snippets you can create out of that,

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right? Right. I mean, you were just one more thought on, You know, you also look at just the way that you can kind of keep people interested in the amount of time that people engage with live video is incredible compared to any other former content Internet you're looking at, Ah, few seconds on Facebook, typically for reading a poster Looking at a photo is that, um, you're looking at maybe 5 to 7 seconds for them watching a video on Facebook unless it really taxes their attention. But live video. You'll frequently get people to get 1/2 an hour or more, which is just when you thought it an incredible long amount of time to make a sale. That's compared to any other foreign content that's sitting out there.

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So in this age of you know, everyone's doing content, marketing, and everyone's producing lots of content, and you're probably one of those companies. How do you differentiate what you do with the others and, you know, video to be one of the answers, right, because you do create yeah, longer term relationship that you can do than with any other medium. I mean, and I write like 2000 were blood post, but still, you know it's a six or 78 minute reed exercise. It's not a one hour visual exercise,

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right? Right? Yeah, It's just it's just a way to stand out.

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So Chad, tell me, you know, you obviously do a lot of different projects work with a lot of fantastic clients. What do you see in the market in terms of what clients are trying to do with live stream video?

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Yeah, well, I think, I think, what's what's unique about what we do and what excites me about what we do is helping brands take a kind of a further step and and differentiate themselves even from people who are trying to do live video. We're really good at helping brands figure out how to put together cohesive strategy for utilizing live video, and usually that means something of much higher production value. Then they're gonna do otherwise. So when we're working with a client on a project, one of things we always emphasizes having really high quality content because often with video, I think, um, the assumption is it's enough to just do it because it's so new. And unfortunately, Worf, we find that's not true, just like with bad writing, bad photography, bad film, bad television, people don't like bad content. And, um, that's about what you're putting into the, um, live broadcast. But it's also about what it looks like. Is it? Is it beautiful? Does it engage people? And that is so often overlooked on? And I think it's just a product of, you know, the medium being so new. And I think people think just sitting at the table with enough. But what you really have to do is create content that's exceptional. And so what's really fun for us is to help people do that and to see the results of people engaging at really high levels and people converting. And people being willing to here you out for an extended period of time because you're willing to give them something that is worthwhile, which is good content

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in terms of those businesses that are in this podcast, trying to figure out where video and Lifestream is gonna fit in. What you're suggesting, in essence, is look at your content marketing strategy and think about the most valuable type of the information that if you could have an hour conversation with someone, what would that content look like? And start from there? Would that be good advice or how would you?

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Yeah, that's it. That's exactly right. I mean, I don't want I don't want the assumption for your listeners to be that looking at a live video is only useful if we have a yearly conference that we're doing big ascents. You know, that's not what I'm saying. That's a good example of a live video. But what you said is much closer to home. And that's that whatever your content marketing strategy is, even if it's normally podcasting or even if it's normally 1500 block posts, you can video is a part of that strategy and probably, um, increase your reach quite a bit. And, you know, perfect example is just taking the person that you're interviewing for your block post and doing it live. And, um, you can still do the block post. You can still send it out of the podcast if you want to, whatever your normal strategy is, but put it on periscope for the for the first time. You see how your audience engages and, uh, take care when you put it on periscope to make it beautiful, making engaging somewhere nice and introduce it and and then take people's questions and engage them. Don't make it a static broadcast where it's only going one direction. Let them contribute and maybe ask questions and you'll get better content for your bog post that way, and you'll also get more engagement at at the moment that you're broadcasting. And hopefully that creates a lot of value both times. And, you know, if you get creative, you can probably repurpose it even a lot further than that.

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So this sounds really. I'm assuming that for B two B brands that are already doing concept marketing, that blogging, it sounds like an easy way for them to, you know, get get video into that mix. What about for consumer facing brands? What would your suggestion be for them?

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Well, consumer facing brands are in a in a very unique position, actually celebrity video, because it's a way to connect what there consumers in a way that has really been impossible. Previously, it was sort of like how how Twitter change brands interacted with their consumers. You could do customer service in real time on Twitter. You could thank people for using your product if you could answer people's concerns. Live video lets you do the same things, but in a much more personal way. So, for example, we see successful consumer brands engaging their customers by answering their questions, doing live chats where they can submit questions on Twitter and get live answers video. We see them taking suggestions from their consumers, doing even even like Google hangout type chats, where every even the consumers could get on video and give a testimonial or endorse the product or share their concerns about the product even and be heard. And it's just a way to get by in from consumers. And, too, while you're at it, probably get more attention than you would otherwise from people who are potential consumers. You

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know, one thing that comes to mind a CZ you were talking about that was Cadbury. And they're used to Google plus

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hangout like

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chalk virtual chocolate tasting around the world, right?

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Yeah, exactly.

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Yeah, cool, Chad. We've covered a lot about, you know, life story mean, and, you know, I know that your company offers a lot of different types of service, anything that we've missed, a visa, the video and how it can be leveraged for social marketing.

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No, I think the takeaway point is just that it's okay to just jump in and try it and sort of get a sense of what works with your audience. Every audience is different, and just like every other form of content, it has to be tailored to the people that you're targeting. So give it a try. Try these different platforms. There's nothing wrong with starting with some of the free ones and just seeing what worked. Some of the free ones are actually some of the social ones, and then, as you have different uses, you'll adapt. As you do conferences. You'll be more perception produced stuff as you do Twitter chaps. You'll do stuff. It's more engaging. You'll find lots of different uses. And, you know, there's really not a downside to just just giving it a go.

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Yeah, so I guess the takeaway here for those of you that red maximize your social and that notion of experimentation is that, you know, video might be the flavor of your experimentation in December or January, federal, whatever month and starting with a periscope or a vine or an instagram video. And just seeing where that goes and trying to figure out where video would sort of fit in that content marketing strategy. Once again, if you could have, ah, long conversation with your target user, what would that look like? And I think just like anything else, once you start to think of it, just some of the repurposing content. Once you start to think of it, you'll probably think of a lot of ways a using video and whether it be, you know, the hot things We talked about a social tool summon. Employ advocacy, whether be influence or marketing, whether be a campaign or engagement marketing almost everything you do. There is probably a way of fitting video and it just a new way of thinking about it. But you know, once you begin to get a sense as to the value of having it and the value is is, you know among a model from front, it could be from the gate. The additional engagement you get, the deeper relationship you make. There's also SDO benefits. Obviously, if you upload these things the YouTube so run of different benefits and I guess you know if you haven't been do anything, if you have been doing stuff that's great, I'd love you to comment on this podcast and share your experience with us. But if you haven't, now's the time to really give it a try and, you know, see what happens. And from that, you know, it reminds me, Chad, all most of you know we employ advocacy is this concept that permeated the compensations Social tool Summit. And everyone saying, Well, you know, your program is gonna become radically different than what you imagined. It takes a life of its own after you do it. I'm wondering, maybe video marketing the same, right?

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Yeah, that's right. Because you sort of let the consumer lead the conversation. You were ago. That's sort of the point. So oftentimes it'll end up in a very different place than where it started. And that's not a bad thing.

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Yeah, and that's Ah, that's Ah, beautiful, invaluable journey to take for anyone. So, Chad, tell us how people can find out more about yourself in your company.

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Yeah, definitely. If you're interested in talking more about live video on how it can work for you, you re treaded me personally. You could issue an email chat at absent at a B. B s o n dot com, or find us on Twitter at, uh, absent lines easy

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enough. And that's a BB S o m e l I v e Correct.

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You got it? Yeah,

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it's always to be That's what you need to remember. All right. Well, Chad, thank you very much for being here on maximize your social podcast. I hope that all you listening will engage with Chad. If you have any comments or questions, shoot it out. The hammer you can comment on this post will be back again soon. And as always, I'd like to end this podcast wherever you are in the world.

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Make it a great social day. Bye bye, everybody. Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate all of your iTunes subscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on this show or recommend content, please contact Neo Schaffer at meal at Maximize your social dot com. Please also make sure to check out Neil's New Community Social Media Centre of Excellence at Social media, c o e dot com, as well as Neil Social Media Conference, The Social Tools Summit