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May 26, 2015

110: How to Generate Leads from Facebook with TabSite [Mike Gingerich Interview]

110: How to Generate Leads from Facebook with TabSite [Mike Gingerich Interview]

This week, I am coming to you from Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada where I keynoted Social Media Camp. At the event, I ran into my friend Mike Gingerich of TabSite. TabSite is a great tool that helps you run contests and capture leads, mostly on Facebook, but also on the web. It integrates with tons of common platforms like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Canva, and Hootsuite, and it’s so easy to use. It’s a great way to grow your following, get shared on social networks, and engage with people. Learn more in this episode!


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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize your Social Social Media Author, Speaker, consultant, founder of Maximize Social Business, The Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Tool Summit. Neil Shaper,

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Everybody, this is Neil Shaper. Welcome to another exciting episode of Maximize your Social. Today I am coming to you from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I'd say Victoria, Canada. But a lot of people don't know where it is. So it's on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, truly one of the jewels hidden jewels off North America. If you've never been here, you must come. And I'm here for Social Media Camp where I'm gonna be doing the closing keynote about 25 minutes. So what? I don't have a few minutes. I'm here with good friends, My King Ridge of Tab site. And you know, I haven't looked at top set awhile. And for those of you who went to the social tools, somebody know me. I always talk about doing a social media tools audit every 90 days. The market's changing. There's a lot of innovation. There's a lot of great stuff out there and tools. An important part of scaling and making your your social media program or efficient. Right. So, Mike, you know, I've been on your podcast. Now it's time for you to be on mine. So welcome.

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Hey, thanks for having me. Feels good to be here. And you'd have to share.

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Told you. Now tell me. You know, I know about topside, and I'm sure a lot of my listeners do, but not everyone might so tell me a little bit about topside

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if I boil it down. I like to talk about it Is a contest and lead capture platform that you can use primarily with Facebook, but also on the web.

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Awesome. That's pretty concise definition. So I think everyone wants lead capture. That's a great key word. That's what I thought I was gonna do here. Now I'm not taking a video of this is audio, but Mike is just gonna sort of, you know, not to get me through the platform. And I thought you'd all like to be a fly on the wall. Listen what he has to say. So, Mike, let's start.

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All right, So once you log into tap, site. I mean, you have you come to the area where you can select a nap at an app. And again we have various ones contest APS from photo contest video contests Instagram contest that you would add to your Facebook page on. Then there's another Siri's, which are the coupon and lead capture app. So, you know, based on what you want, do you want to give away a coupon? Do you want to have some type of other? You know, simple form? We have, ah, form that you can easily build. And they're just multiple tools for engagement there. So you select an app and then that would open the app up for you begin building in. So I'm just gonna go into one that I've already created because I'm getting ready to run. Ah, free webinar on Facebook. So I'm creating a landing page with a simple form on it.

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Okay, Mike, not so fast. Now, if if if you're listening like me, you open up topside and you're inundated with, like, 30 or 40 different apse, which is awesome, right? But where do you start? What can you give our listeners? What ours and obviously, is gonna depend on your objective, right? That's right. But can you give us a sense as to base in your expense? What are the most popular types of abs? If you were gonna help navigate people to the main objectives for doing a nap and what seemed to be the most popular ones and I know it's gonna come down to your brand and what's popular to one might be best for you. Can you give us any advice that help filter out not noise, but felt throughout the, you know, selection?

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Yeah, I would say the most widely used one is See the sweepstakes and sweepstakes plus apse because that's a simple one. You take, for instance, a hotel that is going to want to build an email list. And so they're going to do a to night free giveaway at their hotel and people can sign up to enter. So this is gonna be a sweepstakes where people may, we're gonna give name and email address and you know it's gonna be telling them they're opting into the list for a chance to win this to night free stay. So that's that's a common one that is, there because you condemn Ploy that then you know, on your face with Paige on an app, you can have that on the landing page and also embedded on a Web page on your website. So another one I would say is a photo contest at. But again, that's gonna apply Thio. You know, if that applies to your industry or your company. But that's another popular one where user generated content generated content. Yes, and then they're trying to get votes, and so they're trying to share it and get people to come back. So there's other people discovering your Facebook page, and you're interacting with your business.

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Now your mention of sweepstakes versus sweepstakes, plus a little bit of intrigue there. What if that little plus give you?

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Yep. The plus is an extra boosting viral sharing options so that once you enter, you can you can get bonus entries to your credit by tweeting that out then. So it's a Facebook Twitter combination approach there, and so and

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share share for extra points.

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Yes, yeah, and tallies it on. So so again. That's that. That just gives you more opportunities, chances to win.

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That's what Mike and I have been talking and both of us. It's funny because there's a lot of people that have sort of gone away from Facebook. And even some of Mike's competitors were saying, Well, we're not about Facebook anymore. We're sort of meet again. Your risk where I am is bullish on face because I've ever been. In fact, today I'm gonna show a sly where I got 40% reach organically from a from a link, right? And so if you're if you're thinking about contests those you that a red maximize your social No, my view on Constant, I consider them experiment boo Team stream, Phillies beat the Nats. Okay, look for some doctor's info there, That's okay, but really, contests are a way of. It's a way of engaging with your fan base on a regular basis using all these different types of absent exists. And if you're going to try to generate leads, start with Facebook, where people can just lock him with the Facebook details. You immediately get it and reuse that across the Web, which is exactly what topside does. So I know there are other companies that offer solutions that do it the other way around. We offer General Webb, but everyone's on Facebook. It's the White pages, right? And that is the key thing that regardless of what happens in that drink, Facebook gives you the ability to do these engaging things with their platform, like install option things and you have top side to support you, so take advantage of it. And I'm sure I'm preaching the choir here. But whenever you're ready to keep going, unless you want to add anything onto that,

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uh, the key, I would add, is that what we're trying to do a tap site is give you opportunities to connect with things that you already should be thinking about are already are doing such a cz your c r m. So again, like with this going back to that hotel example with a simple sweepstakes, you can tie that in. We have number integrations. So you, if you're using male champion, so you get them to opt in immediately. So that sort of that sinks across to your mail, champ, you know, to infusion soft like I'm doing a goto webinar, and so they're automatically so basically what I'm doing, I set up one form and I've tied that into Goto webinars registration. So they fill out this form on my landing page. They're going in to register and go to Evan R. And they're also being added to my male chimps less at the same time. So that's a benefit to me and the other piece going back to your Facebook in the bullishness with that, my hotel example. So again, only one person's gonna win that weekend. Okay, They've been added to the analyst, but we can also export that list. People that signed up and use that as a custom audience and Facebook to retarget them because we know they've already signed up. So they have interests. We could give a specific niche email message to them. So So those are some of the ways that we're trying to be a benefit and work and sync with something other tools of people using

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Awesome. Hopefully, you're you're not in your head as Mike speaks here, but okay, so let's go into now. I have to sort of get on stage and like my computer in, like hold on a minute in five minutes. So let's move on to so you show me the form and survey app. Is this where you built the form? The integrates to goto weapon?

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Yeah, that's correct. So again, basically dragon drop interface and so I can create the form that I want. I can add fields. I can drag those fields around. Aiken said, if they're required your simple type of foreign fields and then I can do a little bit. We have a canvas integration so that you can easily add your image. You know you want there. You're making a number of decisions. Do I wantto embed this? I want it on landing page. And what what integrations do I want to connect with? And you know, some of those pieces. So you're basically going through just a set of process, and then we give you access to, you know, analytics export features to help you. You don't know what's happening and, you know, make it quick to deploy.

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Well, let's go through here. So I see out, builder. Okay, I see Facebook settings. So the popular truly is. And by the way, Mike is doing this. We're not on computer. We're doing this on an iPad. That's how robust. And I'm assuming when you have a mobile tab there that this is complete. Responsive. Are you showing mobile optimized from a mobile device

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way Have a mobile version. Okay, So when they go to the mobile area, that allows them to set a dozen you say you're doing on Facebook? You have a wide image in there. We don't use that same image. If we detect a mobile device

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and Facebook Tubbs do not appear on smartphones,

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Correct? They do not.

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So this helps. This helps?

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Yes. Because you use are smart, you're l and you post in the news feed and then sew Something clicks on the link we could detect. That's a mobile user. And give them a mobile friendly version that you set it up with a mobile friendly image in here as well, so that it's a very nice experience

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for them. Very cool. We all know you know what is a 70% of Facebook users access it on mobile. So this is this is really key technology, tops. That's got you covered. Let's keep going. Tell me a little bit about the promotion tools.

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Yeah, So the promotion tools are basically your social sharing options, so, you know, you're gonna have the ability for something to enter and then to share it. And, you know, you want to customize that message, you can customize what the tweet is gonna go out from them. You know, that's where you can add your candle message. And we have some post planning set up. We have integrations with a buffer and hoot suite in there so you could schedule it out. And you know, some of those types of pieces Ah, blah Web call out so you can embed that and place it on your sidebar on your block. If you want to show

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me the well, you haven't launched this campaign. But what would your analytics look like for launch campaigns?

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Sure. So basically the analytics you're gonna give me details on

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while it's a lot of details

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people that people that register Hominy, Hominy if I'm deploying across multiple places Hominy saw it on Facebook. How many salt on a mobile device Hollandaise sauce on the landing page. And I could go through those pieces. How many of the amusing sweepstakes, plus how many times where there was it shared. And then, obviously you can go in and see the registrations and export those

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awesome. Well, this'll pretty robust. So this an example? One type of any other examples. I mean, this really? I guess that's it all doesn't

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mean that that's a goal. That's, you know, in our time, I would say, you know, everything builds upon that. So again, if you're going to go with the photo contest, you know you're gonna add some pieces onto that in a photo contest. Another piece that we didn't really describe is sometimes, you know, those have starts and endings, and so you can You can automate those pieces. You say I want to start here before it starts. I want to show this message. You know, it's gonna end here. Do I want to show the winner immediately afterwards. And you could you could set all that up ahead of time. So it's all automates gonna run

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for you. Awesome. You know, I try to keep my podcast real short and sweet. So, like I said, have to go on stage soon. But two questions for you one. What is your business model? For? A lot of people listening. You might think Well, this is gonna break the bank can you give us an idea as to your current pricing scheme? Sure,

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you could start with a run a contest for 30 bucks, and that's that's for a monthly subscription. So you can do that contest and change up the app. So if you want to run one for seven days for another one for seven days for another one for 14 days, that's still all within your 30 bucks.

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So with $30 a month to run one apple one time, correct, got you. And then, obviously, if you want to doom or simultaneous out simultaneous on different Facebook pages, then you ramp up tomorrow. Enterprise.

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We ramp up from there and including the fact where we have a small agency starting point where you can run one contest simultaneously on multiple Facebook pages. So that's helpful for businesses collaborating or businesses with multiple locations

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or with channels or what have you? That's great, Mike. Second question. So you know, it's funny. Probably. I think there was a first generation of Facebook users that have already been, or businesses that already done a lot of this, but I still think that there's a lot of small businesses that have joined last year that are actually looking to do this for the first time, or maybe haven't done a few years. So based on where you see Facebook today, give us three tips that you think will help businesses obviously using tops. I'd be most successful with Facebook contest.

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Yes, well, they need to be thinking about their engagement strategy. I mean, you have to be active on Facebook for your page, so sharing content, that's quality. That's helpful. That's number one. I think that Number two, you have to look at using Facebook ads for some of your best content, and and the value of that is you get in front more people. But the significant value is you get in front of the exact target audience is because it's a massive database, and Facebook ads allows you to drill into exactly who you want to be in front of. And that's just totally value. And you can use that in sync with a contest like this so that you're reaching the exact audience.

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Amen. That was, too. What's the 3rd 1?

spk_0:   12:44
And the third thing for Facebook is that you need to be experimenting with video, okay and simple video.

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We talked about that yesterday.

spk_0:   12:51
Yes. Yes. So I recommend that even if you're running a contest, you're posting that link. But make it a little video about that. And you know, I do with my iPhone, and I share those in a 25 32nd video can get tremendous reach, gets in front of a lot of people, and it can have a simple called action that's free for you from Facebook Loaded video, driving them right to your your landing page.

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I mean, and you know, when you think about take a lesson from Kickstarter, right? If you're gonna do a campaign like Crawford campaign starts with the video, it all comes down the video, right? So it's using that sort of same concept for your own contest. Maybe we could get me to a contest, have an introductory video, right?

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That's right. That's right. Absolutely

spk_1:   13:27
simple thing that

spk_0:   13:28
I think video is something that brands need to small businesses need to understand and experiment

spk_1:   13:34
with. Yeah, video is sort of the final frontier. I think as a medium gets people a little bit anxious, you know, how am I gonna look on camera? But really smart phones and, you know, even flip videos back then really gave us the technology to do really easily. So I hope a lot of your listening to take advantage of Mike. Thanks for being on the podcast.

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You bet. Glad to be here looking for the hearing. You speak down.

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I think it's always awesome, you know, running into you wherever I am in the world of Social Media Conference and hey, from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This Neil Schaefer signing off wherever you're on the world, make it a great social day. But everybody Sean Smith. Applause, please. Legend Jerry. Thank you. Bye bye. Ready?

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Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate all of your iTunes subscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on this show or recommend content, please contact Neil Schaffer at meal at Maximize your social dot com, please. Also make sure to check out Neil's New Community Social Media Centre of Excellence at Social media, c o e dot com, as well as Neil's first social media event, the Social Tool Summit, which will be in Boston on May 12 and in the Bay Area this fall. Thanks again and make it a social day