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April 30, 2015

106: Using Simply Measured to Drive Social Media ROI with Measuring and Planning

106: Using Simply Measured to Drive Social Media ROI with Measuring and Planning

Neal discusses an amazing tool that is used by serious social media marketers everywhere, Simply Measured. He’s talking to Ron Schott, the Director of the Professional Services Team at Simply Measured. This tool helps big brands and small companies alike reap the benefits of social media by understanding their analytics and planning future social media campaigns based on the measuring and reporting that Simply Measured provides. The tool also has the ability to track competitors and market sectors, plus so much more. These are the kinds of tools Neal is excited to introduce you to and conversations they’ll be having at the Social Tools Summit in just a few weeks.


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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize Your Social Social Media Author, speaker, consultant, founder of Maximize Social Business, The Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Tool Summit. Neil Shaper. Hello, everybody. This is

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Neil Shaper. Welcome to another episode of Maximize Your Social. Well, we're in the lead up to Social Tools Summit happening May 12th in Boston, and we're having some great conversations with some of our gold sponsors that are really providing a lot of invaluable advice to all of us. And today is gonna be no different because I have on the line someone from one of my favorite tools companies simply measured. It's funny. I remember going to Social Media Week in Los Angeles, and this was, Ah, few years ago, actually, but I'll never forget when someone asked the speaker, who is a agency CEO, you know, what do you do for reporting? How do you analyze and you know, what do you deliver to your clients? And the CEO literally said, I'll give you the answer in two words simply measured. It has everything and anything you could possibly ask for. So when I think of those tools companies that are true leaders in their field and I think a social media analytics And I'm sure a lot of you are not in your ad, we think of simply measured. So before I keep going on about simply measure, I want them to describe their tool and the value they provide in their own words. So without further ado, I'm going to introduce to you Ron shot Ron. Welcome to the podcast.

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Thanks for having me, Neil. Really excited. Really, really jacked about getting over there and talk about some of the great minds at the at the summit is going to be really awesome and looking forward to it.

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Yeah, you know, I can't wait to have you as well. And you're gonna be on a great panel, which is really the business value of social and really the panel that's closest talking about social. You are a wise so hope to talk about that before we get there. Can you sort of described by your role? It simply measured.

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Yeah. So I'm the director of our professional services team, and that team is actually really cool. Especially for me. I come from an ex agency background, and our pro sort of team is actually kind of like an agency within. Simply measured, we do a ton of customization work, a ton of data integration work. If you guys know much about our tool as you do, Neil, you know we do a great job of social data. Were working it like pushing on those edge cases, bringing in new data from sales from Web, matching that up with social data and giving people a deeper look at what's going on with their marketing.

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That's great. And, you know, as I look your Lincoln profile, I see that you're CEO has the term data geek in his professional brand. And I think that describes, you know, a lot of the people that I've talked it from simply measures being true. David geeks in a good way. So, you know, we talked about analytics and, you know, I wrote a book on social media strategy. Maximize your social and when I talk about social media are on myself. You know, it all comes down to the KP eyes, the metrics, the analytics and measuring, and I know that simply measure does more than that, obviously, to do that very well. So tell me when when you work with companies that have never heard of simply measured. How do you talk about the value that you know, your suite of tools? Your professional service is offers them

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totally. So we really try to do things simply here is simply measured. So, you know, we've started kind of breaking things down into two distinct areas when we're talking with people for the very first time. Talking about the different sweet analytics and publishing is usually one of the first things we jump into because, you know, there are so many sweets out there and there's some great great tools out there in the market. But we won't know very clearly said it, like what we do is is social analytics. We help people measure and then plan about what they should be doing in social. So that's usually where we start. And like I said, we try to do it very, very simply

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so measuring in planning. And it's true that the social media dashboards or sweets, whatever you want to call them, do have their own analytics. although it usually compared to something like the report that I can get from simply measured for one single social network is usually lacking. Unfortunately, that's not their strength, right? Their strengths really are publishing. So tell me, you know, you talked about the measure part. What about that planning part? Because I think that's something that's really missed out by people. And when, after measuring about what they do with the data,

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definitely that's, you know, I think that's an area where we could make the biggest impact. And that's where my team the professional service is team spends a ton of time focusing is how do we take the data? You know, I mean, these people who have been using, simply measured for years and years have just mounds and mounds and mounds of data in our system. How can we help them use our reports and use you? Even customized reports tell them better plan for what they're doing in the future, rather than just measuring what happens after the fact. My big thing again, I come from an agency background was like, I want to be spending money and time on the things they're gonna drive the biggest our ally for us. So how do we even know what those are if we're not, you know, measuring on one end. But then using that again to plan an optimized going forward.

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So tell me a SW far as the data that you can access for the measuring, obviously any archive data, you have your customers across all their networks. I'm assuming that's part of it. Do you also pull in Sort of like competitive data as well? If they had set it up in the system correctly and you have the archive,

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definitely. A lot of our clients are tracking competitors. You know, benchmarking is a very good way for them to know. Even just, you know, kind of anecdotally like, how are they doing in their market? How are they doing in there? Vertical? Or they're even, like, aspirational brands that they want to try to be like, Can they look at those? We will bring their data and this will be measured and then use that as a kind of a benchmark. Is there going forward?

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What about you mentioned bringing in data like throughout the company? So what other AP eyes? I don't know if it's if it's speaking other tools or what have you? But what other data outside of that social data are you starting to bring in for customized reporting?

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So on the custom side, it's a lot of Web analytics that we're talking with people about. So we're talking about things like, Ah, miniature core metrics, customized Google analytics. We have Google Analytics kind of the vanilla implementation already and simply measured, along with Bentley and Alchemy, a P I in the Cloud FBI as well. But you know, we're kind of edging out in those cases where people are looking where it business solutions are looking more business schools rather than specifically social goals. And so for us to tie those things back, Thio, you know, end action, basket size things like that that's ultimately where we want to be getting to.

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That's great. So I know that you already work with a number of the leading companies in the world. Are there any case studies of brands that have been able to glean pretty unique insights that they've been able to put back into the planning and they've achieved amazing results from that you can share,

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uh, in terms of brand names. Some of those air are obviously a little bit under wraps by way of a number of our larger publishing clients, many that you probably visit every day that they're using our tools to then figure out not only what type of stories were driving the most online air actions and page views on things like that. But what type of social content is better driving people to those stories. So there's a lot of times where a story or a headline when is posted on Facebook or Twitter actually drives a ton of conversation on those platforms. But maybe the actual click through isn't that great. So something was up to catching someone's eye, but it wasn't enough to get them to go to the story they're able to then, like, look at different posting types, look at different ways that they're posting and see which types of content or driving better on site metrics, which, ultimately to them, are their bread and butter.

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Gotcha. Then when you integrate that with conversion funnels and what have you you you have complete visibility, right and you know what you need to do more of and I think that's sort of the Holy Grail that cos try to get out through piecing together, you know, different tools and it takes a lot of time. And, you know, I don't think they're able to see that complete picture like that. You could do it. Simply measured. Yeah. Tell me what are some of the latest we hear? Obviously, about the continued increase of used Snapchat Instagram becoming more important even like Tumbler Google Plus tell us about the latest social networks that simply measures been working on Yes.

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So we've done a lot in the way a Pinterest lately. Adding Pinterest to our cross channel reports every day our instagram reporting gets more and more robust and I think you're gonna see that Continue to get more of us as we move on. Um, a great report we've had for some time was actually our final report. And to be quite honest, it was only as useful as the people using mine And And that reports actually getting more and more useful as your interesting, increasing people using vine as well, because people are kind of dabbling back into these different networks. The biggest things that we're really focusing on for some of our larger clients. And we're getting asked about our things like international networks, your CNN. We bow your reach, hat, things like that. A CZ U. S brands are like pushing outside their borders and starting to think about how they're gonna interact with these people digitally across the world,

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integrated already. You have anything you can announce now, or that's

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nothing that we can announce now. One of the great things up being a professional service is team is that we're not 100% beholden exactly to where we're at with our larger product. And you know, so sometimes we're the ones that called in to to do that stuff,

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right, Right. Tell me a little bit about and I know you released it with a lot of fanfare maybe a year ago. The ability to measure Facebook presence globally across multiple fan pages within an organization

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Holy I mean that our global FAM picture Ford is incredible. And actually, the way that our data team on the back end, the guys who don't get all the fanfare a lot of the time worked to structure how we bring in and report on global page data. That's actually it's huge, you know, when we're working with clients like Microsoft and others that your presence is all around the world and not only just for one product, but for many products like reporting becomes a big bigtime suck for them being able to see these things and it all up dashboard structure and see how the different, you know, originality is there. Actually contributing to the overall success of the program is incredible.

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Yeah, that is incredible. And I was really blown away with that announcement because if you don't have simply measured, how do you How do you even go about measuring off that right so pretty incredible? Let me ask, Are you doing or is simply measured looking at the paid social market Facebook outs, Twitter rods and trying to add that into I mean, you you're measuring everything else, right? I'm just curious if you've been doing work on that or you already have things about that.

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Definitely So. Our Facebook and Twitter at products are continuing to evolve. Facebook ads is one of those areas where we came out fairly fairly early, and we're doing a lot in terms of evolving those reports. I think you're gonna You're gonna see some great stuff. There are, you know, and goal is that out for that? Full planning and measurement across all social and digital channels, whether his pager or own earned. And, you know, that's really the area where we're aiming right now.

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That's great. Yeah. I mean, I do the way I won't say the line is blurry, but it's almost if if you have a Facebook presence, that's almost the best practice that you're using paid souls to run it. I remember 11 staff that said 94% of marketers with a Facebook fan page or actually advertising on it or have advertised on it. So it's almost mainstream, right? So if someone is interested in looking at simply measure, I know that you offer a ton of free downloads you authorize your Is that really the best way to get started, or is there a different way or what would you recommend?

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Yeah, that's one of the best way to wait in. I would say one of the best things I've always loved this about simply measuring. Before I came here was our blawg and the content we put out. We have an awesome team of people and writers for a vlog, including, you know, people across the company. We have engineers and analysts, right for a blogger as well, like the content on there. I think it's enough to get you hooked from there. We do have some free reports that you guys can go and check out download and like, they actually work. They're not just, you know, click on this thing. We serve you up some dummy data. If used her actual reports, you can run on accounts, and from there you're probably gonna get a call from one of our awesome sales people and they can walk you through the process.

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That's great. Yeah, and I should also point out everyone listening that it's not just the blogger but simply measured, regularly publishes amazing e books on reports filled of stops and data. So if you're trying to, you know, analyze where you should be investing your money in terms of the social network, if you're trying to create benchmarks, those free reports can actually be used for that information's, and I know a lot of people use them for that so thank you. Simply make sure for providing this those, you know, really. Industry standard, type of, of content. I'm Ron. I know. I'm really looking forward to meeting. You were only a few weeks out. Anything else you want to add about? Simply measured.

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I'll just say that, You know, you can always check us out on social. Absolutely measured on pretty much all the major networks there. And when you're in town in Boston, you know, if you guys are going to be tweeting along with the event, feel free to tweet questions at us. If you're not one of those people that wants to get up in front of the room and ask a question, that's always a good way to do it. I think we're gonna great conversation there. So I would encourage you to actually stand up and become part of it. The room, but really looking forward to it.

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Yeah. Thanks, Ron. And I think one of the takeaways from this conversation I mean, obviously the most important takeaway is that simply measure continues to lead the field and continues to expand on what they do to provide more value to their customers. But thinking about not only using data for measuring and for our why what have you but feeding that back into the planning process, and regardless of what tool, hopefully you'll be using simply measured. But regardless, what to use. I think that's something critical that we all need to be doing more of. So, Ron, I thank you for your time today. We'll see you real soon in Boston and for everybody. Wherever you are listening the world Thank you again and make it a great social day. Bye bye,

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everybody. Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate all of your iTunes subscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on this show or recommend content, please contact Neil Shaper at Neil at Maximize Your social dot com. Please also make sure to check out Neil's New Community Social Media Centre of Excellence at Social Media, c o e dot com as well as meals. First social media event. The Social Tool Summit, which will be in Boston on May 12 and in the Bay Area this fall. Thanks again and make it a social day