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April 27, 2015

105: How Likeable Hub Helps Businesses Capture the Benefits of Social

105: How Likeable Hub Helps Businesses Capture the Benefits of Social

Today Neal is introducing you to another social media tool that can help you reap the benefits of the wide world of social: Likeable Local. He’s talking Nicole Kroese, the Director of Marketing and Partnerships, about all the things Likeable Local can do and how it’s growing and changing. Likeable Local’s mission is to help businesses, especially small businesses, grow with social media. How? It makes it easy to create content with post templates and timely content at your fingertips. It also has metrics, so you can track your likes, looks, and leads generated by your social efforts. These are the kinds of tools Neal will introduce you to and conversations they’ll be having at the Social Tools Summit in just a few weeks.


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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize your Social Social Media Author, Speaker, consultant, founder of Maximize Social Business, The Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Tool Summit Neil Shaper Good morning. Afternoon, Evening. Wherever you are in the world, this is Neil Shaper. Welcome to another episode of Maximize Your Social in preparation for the launch of the Social Tool Summit May 12th in Boston. I have on the line here none other than Nicole crews of likeable local. Now, if you've been involved in social media like me, you know that the likeable brand is all about Dave Kerpen. What you might not know is that Dave is actually not only built out a very successful social media agency in likable media, but he's also built out a really, really cruel social media dashboard called likable local that is obviously geared towards Avery Avery specific audience. So I'm not gonna try to talk too much about what their tool does. I'm gonna have Nicole talk at first, but I want to start with, you know, for a lot of small business owners or people that work at small businesses that are listening in, they probably already have it. Sweet right Hoot suite is like the number one socially to dashboard by any data that I've been able to find and social. So what was your mission? What was the angle that likable local took to develop a tool? I wouldn't say Compete with boot Sweet. But to target in on that small business owner, that is your target audience. And you know what sort of differentiate you from? Everything else is out there.

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Thanks so much for the intro and, you know, really excited to be here and and talk about, like a local, as you mentioned were really on a mission here to help small businesses grow with social media and really see real results. So what we've built into our tool that, you know, that makes it really intelligent and really a no brainer for a small business owner. Always that they can easily actually capture referrals and contact them through the software. A lot of ideas to create content because, you know, one of the biggest and most time consuming things forward. I'm a business owner. Any marketers is coming up with social media content. So you know, we provide thousands and thousands of awesome, engaging, pre created ideas that they can customize when we have industry specific options and trending news articles. So that's definitely a huge feature. Another thing that we're really passionate about immigrating is advertising on ways for you to amplify your reach on the aren't super complicated because you know it's you should be out there running your business and not trying to figure out Facebook ads when your precious at working hours. So VVe integrated some really cool, automatic boosting thing within our tool. Some great tools for Twitter and Lincoln to amplify a reach we call reverb and kind of like a repeating tool at optimal times. So really, really you're great and streamline ways for business owners to it to grow and see really r a y from social with our tool.

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That sounds really awesome to call me, and I look at likable local as the first tool that has been created by sort of a social media expert, and it sounds like you built in all of the best practices of social media marketing into your tool right

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Yeah, You know, we thought about the things that our most imported that Dave really believes in, you know, for your social media and wanted to incorporate all of those. And and of course, seeing results in and getting with pearls is a huge thing on, in addition, to be to be relevant and staying with the times that you don't know that advertising and and curating and things like that are really themes of the future of social media. And we want that to be part of what we're doing most of all is the idea that, you know, I think most small business owners know that social media is something you need to be doing. You know, they're bought into that idea. But you know what they still think is that it's hard it's going to be challenging. It's going to be expensive. It's going to be really time consuming. And what we're starting to do is to give them a tool that has gives them that access to make it easy to make it not so hard and to make it effective without having to spend countless hours all the time.

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Yeah, and I think those two key things. You mentioned that the content creation creation is is probably the most resource intensive thing you need to do in social. But also the amplification, whether it is, you know, through organic, through the repeating of things and optimal times or through paid advertising. Right. And it sounds like I have a great approach to that. Tell me what you're doing in terms of the generation as part of your tool.

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Yeah, definitely. So a piece of our tool is called the likable Hub site, and it's basically this mobile optimized landing page and many website for their business that they can customize and that our team can help you customize that has all sorts of add ons. So you can add on a refer a friend form you can add on a contact form. No one offers form. Create your own promotion. Those are things that are coming soon when the idea here is that you can drive people straight from social and email them really seamlessly there. And, you know, before I was really one of the best gifts the customer can give you, you know, it's it's the best gift. So if you're able to talk to your fans on fi spoken on Twitter and get them to send you a referral of a friend that is huge and so valuable. And, you know, I've talked to so many business owners who tried to do a referral programs or something like that. And they're like, Oh, we have this Excel spreadsheet and Susie was managing it and we totally didn't execute and no one won the Starbucks gift card. And, you know, it's just a pain in the butt. So you know, they need something that is a little bit easier and kind of, you know, done for them so simple. And that's what we want to deliver,

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if that sounds awesome. And for those of you that are interested in the subject, I actually saw him speak when he published the book. But John Jan's of Duct Tape market has a great book out called the Refer Lunge, and that that talks about that. And it sounds like you've worked at process in your tool, which is awesome. So it sounds like a from a small business owner or if maybe in charge of marketing, pr, social media, and I wear a lot of hats like a lot of marketing people. D'oh! For small businesses that really with access a likable local, I can easily source contents. Publish content schedule. It's getsem paid boost. Get some amplification. Get this many hub site going so that I can generate leads and measure things. And really, in a very little amount of time, I can gather what the r A. Y of what I'm doing on social media is to your tools that sort of the correct summary.

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Yeah, absolutely.

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So tell me about it is physically our ally in the reporting. The metrics are the things you automate. So if I'm a likable local customer on a weekly or monthly basis, I get access to reports. Or how do you handle that? The final part

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of change, Absolutely. Measuring your growth is something that's super super important test. So something that we do is our dashboard has really simple clear cut. We know no fluff metrics, right? So, you know, we're telling you your engagement on a weekly basis. Looks, likes and leads all of that. It's within the dashboard, but you can see any time. Another thing we do, you know, for the busy professional on the go is we send an email every single week. It sums up all of your success on Facebook Twitter and lengthen all of the leads you've acquired super simply in one email that you get on a weekly basis. So we're giving, you know, in in half in dashboard measurement of growth, a cz well, loza via e mail and I guess kind of one on the subject of being on the go something you haven't mentioned yet is recently launched our software's and mobile app for iPhone or Android. I know that's just such a game changer for business owners who are always at a computer. So you really think that's you know, it's just such a hopeful, hopeful thing for them.

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That's awesome. It sounds like instead of looking at the you know, we're gonna manage your social media approach of looking at the pain points of your customers and developing the tool around that. So with that in mind, what are the industry's? You know, the types of small businesses that that you've you know, you have a lot of clients for, or your tool you think is most appropriate for

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Yeah, you know I can't go deep into into industries. But I can also kind of talk about the criteria that we really feel like Meeks, a customer super successful with us. And, you know, it's really anyone Bennett anyone whose business has benefited from word of mouth. So if you think of the, you know, the type of business where you might ask a friend of you know who goes in for that and they would say, Well, I know a guy or I know a girl or I know this business. You know, that sort of word of mouth referral business. Think you know well owners, contractors, dentists, doctors, jewelers. Professional service is those people are great fits for us, you know. And we work with all types of businesses you know as well as someone who really sees Ah hi customer, lifetime value from their customers. So gaining a weepy loyal customer is it's super valued valuable to them. And you know that customer can definitely see so much R Y from from gaining a referral from our software, for example,

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and I can see that it could be appropriate for, you know, small B to B companies as well as small consumer brick and mortar shops as well, Right?

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We have lots of B two B clients. You know, people who are, you know, actually, even small marketing agencies or consultancy businesses. Lawyers only. I mentioned accountants who aren't working with other businesses. All of those people you know, are such great fits.

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But it also sounds like, you know, you could almost I'm thinking even a larger business could utilize your platform as well, because it just seems like it simplifies things. And it has all the necessary pieces that they need, right?

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Yeah, absolutely. You know, we definitely have a lot of applications for different sized businesses, especially as we launch our V I P product, which is sort of our first year products. That is definitely a really, really affordable great value price point. And, you know, I know, I know. Down the road will be looking thio, maybe white label and work with franchises in and such. So definitely, you know, a lot of opportunity for large brands and franchises. A swells, of course, sort of are our core audience the small Macy senator.

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That's great. So I guess to final questions before we sign up for this very short podcast. I like to keep my podcast short and sweet, but I'm first of all how that those that are listening a lot of them will probably want to sort of sign in and give your tool Try. You mentioned that you have a freemium model, so tell me what you get, you know, where should they go to access the free tool? And what sort of functionality did they get to play around with for that?

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Yeah, definitely. So you should visit likable local dot com Right there, you'll be able to sign it for free for a free 30 day trial of our likable V I. P product. And then and then after that, it's It's 1999 a month. So basically $20. What you get with that is you get obviously access to our mobile app and Facebook Twitter and linked in integration. Any business pages and profiles would like also get thousands of content ideas that you can use at any time. It's sort of like mad Libs, you know, for social media, all these different continent prompts trended news, a listening platform to moderate different hashtag you want to follow and that sort of a thing. And then, of course, the likable hub site and as a V I p used or you can have up to three add on. So things like that refer friend form or a contact for more different social widgets is if you well, so all that's really, you know, package into that the A P software.

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Very cool. So final question is what is sort of the road map of the future or the issues that business has happened. Social media, that likable local is gonna work on solving over the next 6 to 12 months in your product.

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Yeah. You know, I think what we're gonna, you know, definitely focus on doing it is shifting with the social landscape. No more integrations with Cade. Add tools, as on other platforms. Sort of moved to that. The pay to play model and, of course, just more ways to drive on a Y. And I think that that's always going to meet the challenges seeing that are live from social media directly. So, you know, creating really, really smart reporting contents suggestions based on their their Internet activity and their preferences and just you know, even more robust content library. As you know, content creation and sharing continues to be a challenge.

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That's great. I really look forward to the integration with paid advertising because this is an area where none of the social media tools is really handling. But, you know, try to get a small business owner to go into power editor Facebook. And you know, exactly even experienced social media marketers air quite overwhelmed by the power editor as well. So well, that was great, Nicole. Any closing thoughts before we have the podcast?

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No, I just I would just encourage anyone who's, you know who's curious about, like a Bull's visit. Likable local dot com. We also have, you know, there's lots of buttons on there. If you want. I want to see a demo or what not. But we also have likable demo dot com, where you can actually request text, you know, go through sort of alive. Walk through of the software with one of our team members. So and then the last thing that you'll you'll see this on our side as well. But we have a ton of free resource is like e books and weapon ours that you can download and use. Leader education's really at the core of what we do, and we're really passionate about making sure that, you know everyone has access to you the resources they need to start building their business with social media. So lots of great stuff on our resource is Tab.

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That's all cynical. Now, if you are like me that listen to the podcast, you know, probably the type of if your agency or you know you're a social and professional, probably the type of client that would be able to get the most out of likeable local, you probably have in the back your mind right now. Maybe that is you or you have a client that fits the bill. But even if it's not, you can see how you know when Nicole talks about creating these hub pages. It's almost like a landing page Mobile optimized. So if you're already paying 2030 40 $50 a month for a nun bounce or for lead pages right there you have that functionality, although you know, probably simplified functionality, but you do have the function out of your pain. For content ideas, you have that functionality built in and you have ways of optimizing for amplification, your post and and the paid advertising management, which you know, I don't know how much that comes in a $20 a month, but it definitely for that price point. It's definitely something that I encourage you to try out. And, you know, this is sort of a part of the whole concept of the social tool. Summit is how many of you actually knew that tools like this existed and that you can sort of do bring together functionality from from a variety of tools to help you do things better, right? It's very, very hard to find one tool that does everything for you. So if if you are in that target market of likeable local, this does sound like that is your 1 to 1 if you're not, I still think this functionality that you can use at that price point. So I encourage you all to not only try a lockable local, but obviously come out to the Social Tool Summit where we're gonna be talking to, Ah, lot of other companies that are gonna have a lot of other advice to share with you like Nicole from likable local did with us today. So, Nicole, thank you very much. I look very much forward to seeing you again in Boston in just a few weeks. And wherever you are in the world, make it a great social day. Bye bye, everybody. Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate all of your iTunes subscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on this show or recommend content, please contact Neil Shaper at Neil at Maximize your social dot com. Please also make sure to check out Neil's new community, the Social Media Centre of Excellence at Social Media, c o e dot com, as well as Neil's first social media event, the Social Tool Summit, which will be in Boston on May 12 and in the Bay Area this fall. Thanks again and make it a social day.