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April 21, 2015

104: How to Use Live Video in Your Marketing Strategy

104: How to Use Live Video in Your Marketing Strategy

This week, Neal Schaffer interviews Chad Abbot of Abbson Live. Chad will be joining the Social Tools Summit next month, and Neal wanted to talk to him about the powers of video. We know that video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and we know that live streaming can be helpful for events, but Chad shared some other ways that live video can be used in your marketing strategy. Use of video across platforms is growing, and now is the time to jump in and try it for yourself!


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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize Your Social Social Media Author, speaker, consultant, founder of Maximize Social Business, The Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Tool Summit. Neil Shaper Everybody, this is Neil Shaper and welcome to another exciting episode up. Maximize your social in preparation for the upcoming Social Tool Summit. I'm gonna be doing a lot of interviews with some of the folks that you're actually going to be able to not only here speak but really network with on a deep level and just attain a lot of information that you can't get by reading blog's and, you know, doing email exchanges with all the experts and all the tool vendors out there. So today I'm really excited to introduce you all to Chad Abbotts from absent live Absent Live is the live stream partner for Social Tool Summit. By the time you hear this podcast, we will have a live stream option for those of you that can't physically go to Boston on May 12th of the Social Tool Summit, yet still want to get in on the action. And in this case, the action is just gonna be a plethora of information that will give you and your company a competitive advantage. So, Chad, first of all, welcome to the show.

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Thanks so much. He'll really appreciate it. Hey,

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so we're excited to have absolute levanas our partner. So I guess you know, the first thing we should probably talk about is live streaming. And obviously I published a block post recently about leveraging live streaming for content marketing. Obviously, for an event, it really is a no brainer. But there's a lot of other ways to use live streaming that. I think a lot of companies I haven't really thought about. So, you know, child, tell me a little bit about your perspective on the potential for live streaming. Or maybe you include some of the things you've done with past clients on that notion.

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Yeah, definitely, Neil. Well, I mean, I guess the answer is really live. My video is a powerful content tool for everybody. In the most obvious application like you mentioned is people who are already doing events right, because this is just a way to add additional value to something that they've already gone to some expense toe to create. But we've seen a lot of success outside of that Round two with working clients on live video project. So, you know, live video, for some people could look like simply like a Twitter Q and A, but with live answers. So we've done a lot of those where people submit questions, but get answers from a like a president or a CEO, or even a celebrity. You know, through submitted questions on Twitter and then live Link shared on Twitter. We've done projects where people are kind of getting a glimpse into some sort of partially public aspect of, ah, otherwise private event. So it's like a sneak peek, or we've done behind the scenes type live videos where you're going into, you know, something that people have some familiarity with. But I've never seen the inner workings of so all of these airways that brands can kind of have an additional type of content in their content toolbox, that the part of their content marketing strategy to reach the people that they're trying to reach online.

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That's great. It's funny because we talk about beginning with Facebook and now with Instagram How brands were really trying to show the inner workings, right? The backstage absolutely. And video, you know, we all know is the most powerful medium out there. So why don't more businesses use it, right? So for businesses that haven't really been leveraging Lifestream, you know, how do you recommend that get started? I mean, if they were to contact you, how would you walk them through a process of sort of creating a live stream strategy?

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Well, first of all, I mean, have you said video is by far the most powerful former content? We know that from data, and, you know, in a lot of ways, the power of live video is still up in the air. We know it's at least is powerful. Is video probably a lot more powerful. But, you know, we're kind of waiting to see how it's settled, how brands are gonna use it. You know, we've We recommend a whole variety of ways people, you know, we see return about it for clients. But, you know, it can depend on it to get to your second question. I mean, the the answer is it's easy to get started. Everybody could do it to some extent. And the extent to which you know brands engaged live video is really dependent on a number of factors, including the outcomes that they're looking for in the budget. In some cases, you know, we'll talk to clients, you know, we do other text of marketing to and and we'll be working on, you know, campaigns or social campaigns, and we'll see an opportunity to integrate live video. And in some cases, our suggestion is really just well, why don't you do something kind of amateur? Why don't you try and do it yourself? And in some cases that actually add value it almost as like an authenticity. And we see that with success. Like the reason cell phone videos sometimes outperformed professionally produced videos on YouTube and so on. And so sometimes we'll say, Just give it a go, give it a try, you know, set up a little Ustream channel and give it a go. And then in other cases, especially with sense when we're talking about Ben, will often recommend a more comprehensive plan that includes actual live video production at a broadcast level and often other aspects that would be integrating this room to, like advertising or branding or even live links to get people to take action. That certain points. So there's a whole spectrum, but at least the beginning of that is accessible by just about anybody.

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Well, and I guess you know, we can talk about the emergence of meerkat periscope, and I still think there's just a lot more buzz about it than actual users. But just today and I'm on meerkat, right, I did one little broadcast, but get fed into the loop and then all the sudden I get this notification of my iPhone Madonna starting a miracle or starting broadcast live. So that's extremely, extremely powerful. So So I suppose. You know, maybe in the past you could you would have said a use dream or Google plus hangout on air. Maybe that, you know, maybe Amir Khan periscope, if you have a large Twitter follower, are the easiest way is just starting experiment, right?

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Yeah, that's right. I mean, these these new tools, I mean, So the jury's still out on them, Ryan. I mean, we don't know whether they're gonna be successful or not, but what they are is a proof of concept. And we know at least that there's this massive interest on in both the user end and on the bland and which, you know, in some cases, celebrities. But in other cases, you know, pioneering brands who are looking to reach people who otherwise wouldn't pay attention to them. We saw the same thing with Snapchat, right?

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Yeah. Yeah.

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And so here, with these tests of abs, Yeah, I mean, this is a great way to just jump into it. You know, anybody can set up a meerkat account in about two seconds if they have a Twitter profile on their phone and just do something and see what the responses and then do something different and see what the response is to that and the great. The great kind of testing capability with these APS comes from the fact that you've got this pre created audience, which is your Twitter audience that automatically, you know, find out about your stream. So it gives you this kind of testing ground where you could just try stuff. And the solution is usually both and right. So even when we're doing professionally, um, produced streams for certain clients, you know, that doesn't in any way negate the value of these kind of amateur type service is like a meerkat, which gives again that insider inventor perspective.

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Yes, so let's move on. I want to talk broadly about, and you're obviously gonna be speaking on the session and content marketing. So video as a as a form of contact market is very broad and goes above and beyond live streaming. But let's first start on that on that subject. You know, it's funny because Twitter buys vine. Yeah, and Instagram releases video and and what they're saying is we only have the attention span of 12 seconds and and we know until very recently that you know, you don't want to make a YouTube video over two or three minutes. But now we're watching TV PCs or, you know, on iPads, and we're obviously watching all longer. How do you feel about short form video versus long form video and how companies can and should probably leverage both of those in different ways?

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It's interesting you mention that because short and long form video has someone of a different effect in short and long term live stream video. But you know What I will say is just like any content marketing strategy at all depends on your audience, right? So the answer is a little different for everybody, but usually it's I'll get again, like you said a both and strategy. So in some cases you're gonna be using quick videos that capture people's attention. This is the power of video on social media. Primarily, we're talking about Facebook videos, you know. Now, with the auto playing videos, you know you have that 1st 1 second to capture their attention before they keep scrolling. Same idea with Instagram. And then there is a place for long form videos. These air, you know, further down the conversion funnel as you've captured people's attention and you've weeded out the people who are genuinely interested. You have a room for something a little bit more far reaching, like an interview or something that's more than a promotional, conversely, that with live video, what we've found, that people actually are willing to engage for a much longer time just because of the live aspect. And I think part of that is kind of the unknown, which is the same reason that Theatre saw an appeal over movies, and I think there's just a curiosity that people have. They're with live video, not there with something that they know has no mistakes or no crazy things. Because then so many times, Post produced and you know So we're seeing people averaging on a lot of our you know, we do do a whole variety of type when we're talking about events at least of live broadcast, you know, most minimum of an hour, right, because most people don't have events, unless maybe it's a press conference that is shorter than an hour. So you're looking at an hour 23 hours, on average for one of these dreams and for finding people engaging for more than 1/3 of that time, many cases a lot longer. So it shows that live video again have this different power for brands that even traditional video, which is the otherwise, you know, kind of most preeminent holy grail of content that you know that

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it's funny. I usually present when I present on social media marketing and social media strategy. I usually put up a slide that just talks about all the different types of content that out there see that company should consider it as part of their social media and just within video itself. You went through a number of different types of content, whether it's, you know, live stream versus static, short form versus long form, and how each of those fit into a different part of the marketing funnel. I thought that was brilliant, and there's probably a lot more you can talk about on that. So tell me, just as we near the end and we can't give everything away because then no one would come to the social tool Summer, right? You need to leave something for the event. But just, you know, on a final note, just, you know, holistically speaking about video marketing for business above and beyond livestream. Any last pointers or maybe case studies or experiences you can share with us that will hopefully drive from the point that's depending on your objective. You know, the R A. Y, from video marketing can be really powerful.

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Yeah, well, you know, a couple things. The first thing you know, it's just a general fought on the topic is way very rarely seen, almost never seen a negative effect of jumping in and trying it, so your risk is very low. I mean, there's the cost that you're investing, but we already discussed that you conjunction to this at very low cost. So you know, the barrier to entry is low, the rewards are high. That risk is low. So this is something that's kind of you know, I think you use the word a no brainer. It's a no brainer. At some point you have to do it, and it might as well be. Now you can capture the value from it. You know, the second thought based on your coming about. You know, our ally. I think you know the return on this. It's so valuable that I guess it has so much potential that it's hard to even pigeonhole it because it can. It can be. The value could be returned in a number of ways, depending what the brand is looking for. So, you know, part of what we do when we work with clients, we help them figure out before we even do this. Why are you doing it? What do you want to get out of it? How can we achieve that objective in some cases. It's, you know, I want eyeballs. I just want brand awareness. And then you have this great potential to do free streaming video and multiple locations and multiple formats and reach a lot of people. In other cases, I hear something like, You know, what we really want to do? It is Lee Generation. We want to capture people who are watching this so we can sell to them a little further down the funnel. And so we'll come up with creative ideas about capturing email addresses. Are incentivizing people to watch by dropping a email on a phone number or something like that? And in other cases, you know what people are really looking for is just This is a gold content in general. Is growing this audience that you have growing on Facebook going on YouTube going on whatever channel is your you know, preferred tool. And you know you could develop strategies for a live stream that, at their core function, just grow those numbers that are really fast rate. So it totally depends what the goal is. But in all of those cases, and even more, you see the value in the return coming almost immediately.

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Great stuff, Chad. Hate. You know, you brought up a point. I said that was the last question, but I actually wanted asking anymore. You know, we work with absent live, we create video. This is gonna be something social tool someone faces as well, because we'll have live stream videos and providing them to our sponsors for their own content marketing. So obviously, one of the benefits I see is the ability to repurpose this video content slice and dice it for whatever objective you have. Yeah, Once you get the videos right, there's a number different places you can post them. You compose them natively on Facebook. You have YouTube video. You have, you know, using a service like twisty. Ah, I suppose you couldn't do it on Ustream unless you live streaming on ustream. But you know of those options, Which do you find? A lot of companies preferring for what reason? And I'm assuming is gonna be able to land here because you could upload You should probably best best practices right now to natively uploaded Facebook as well as to you too. But above ground that looking at like Jimmy on whiskey and maybe some of those service is that help with analytics and you know, the market automation. Any comments on that?

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Yeah, Well, I mean to your appointment. Live video is the gift that keeps on giving Ryan, because after you've done the live broadcast, you've got all of this content that you could do 100 things where you can pull quotes out of it and use him on Twitter. You can right block post about the different aspects of the presentation. You can do one minute clips that go on Facebook as a teaser for your next life strain. You can d'oh 12th clip on instagram to Dr Engagement. You do 100 things, but probably one of the big ones and the most obvious one. Is that what you're getting at? Which is, you know, chop it up into chunks and use them as beefy content that you probably, you know, put in a blood post or something like that, and this would be like, you know, aa full or a good chunk of a session out of a conference, for example. And you know, I think you're absolutely right. I mean, people that are getting too much value on Social are absolutely thing native video and YouTube for different purposes. But when we're talking about putting things on Web pages, I'm a big fan of with me. I've worked with them on magic for I met some of their team recently. I actually aren't they up in your neck of the woods? I think they're up that way. Aren't

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you know, I don't know. But it's so funny you mention that because everybody that I talked to that I ask that seven questions. They're all extremely passionate about whist DEA. Yeah, it's It's almost like those in social media that are really passionate about, like Buffer, I think would be the most similar. Or people that use Post Planner or, you know, whatever tool. But yeah, I just And I'm sure those competitors the whisky A. But it sounds like they have the market cornered, huh?

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Yeah, they do a great job, I think. Actually, there are a great case study. If you do a little research on them, look at their website. Look at how they're using video on social and on their bog. You know, they do a really good job and the power of whiskey. And I mean, they're as you mentioned, similar platforms. The power of these platforms over something like a video in bed or YouTube in bed when you're using it on a Web platform is the reporting, right? I mean, you can understand how they're contributing to the conversion funnel. You could do live conversion C t A s in the videos and track different ones. You could do a B tests. You know, Either Peter ways that it adds a bunch of value, and they're they're a fun team. Thio work with you. They're small company, and they really do a good job.

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That's awesome. So for those of you not familiar, if you're still just embedding YouTube videos and your web page, your business, it's W I S t I. A. Correct.

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Yeah, that's right.

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Okay. All right, we'll chop. Thank you very much. Appreciate the wealth of information you provided us here. Vory practical information. If you're looking a leverage video for your content marketing, it's not too late. And with the emergence of new technologies, it's easier than ever. And you know, these new technologies proved that there's more more eyeballs looking at live stream is looking on video. So if you're not there, you're missing out on the potential right? And perhaps your competitors might get there before you. So that and another episode of Maximize Your Social I know that if you tweet out toe absent live A B B S o N l i v There'll be more than happy to answer your live stream or video marketing questions on Twitter and obviously coming out to the Social Tool Summit. Boston May 12th hang out with Chad and myself, and we'll talk more about video marketing and a host of other issues regarding social media tools in general. So that ends another episode of Maximize Your Social Chap. Thanks again for being on the show.

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Yeah, looking forward to seeing you on next month in Boston. Neil

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Indeed, Chad and hey, wherever you're on the world, make it a great social day. Bye bye, everybody. Thanks for listening. To maximize your social. We appreciate all of your iTunes subscriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on this show or recommend content, please contact Neil Schaefer at Neil at maximize your social dot com. Please also make sure to check out Neil's New Community Social Media Centre of Excellence at social media. C o e dot com, as well as Neil's first social media event, the Social Tool Summit, which will be in Boston on May 12 and in the Bay Area this fall. Thanks again and make it a social day.