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April 7, 2015

102: Reintroducing Agora Pulse: The Social Engagement Dashboard for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

102: Reintroducing Agora Pulse: The Social Engagement Dashboard for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

At the Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego last week, Neal Schaffer met all kinds of great people, one of them being Emeric Ernoult. Emeric is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agora Pulse, an engagement dashboard tool for Facebook and Twitter. Agora Pulse allows you to track the most important fans and interactions on social, gathering data unlike any other tool. Luckily, Emeric is going to be joining the Social Tools Summit in Boston in May. Listen to learn more about this great tool, what inspired its creation, and other tools that Emeric loves.


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welcome to maximize your social actionable advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize your Social Social Media Author, Speaker, consultant, founder of Maximize Social Business, The Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Tool Summit Neil Shaper. Hey,

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everybody, this is Neil Shaper. Welcome to another exciting episode of Maximize Your Soul Show. I am back again at social Media Marketing World San Diego Hashtag s m m w 15 Just incredible amount of information. We have 2500 people here. I don't know how many I've been able to meet its a lot. And for those of you that missed my session yesterday, I talked about how to scale your social media operation. I talked about tools. One of the tools I introduced was a company called Igor Poles and I talked about the importance of platform specific tools. You can use a general tool that covers a lot of dashboards, or you can go with tools that have every deep into those problems, and your pulse is and they don't just do Facebook, but it's It's an example of a tool that introduced that does Facebook in a unique way that others don't have. Providing unique value as a Facebook, C R M I had another slide, by the way of a girl pulse in the presentation of analytics of especially comparative analytics that I thought did a better job than Facebook. Insights did so as an example. So I'm really happy because Agora pulse is gonna be at the social tool, something social tools 15 in Boston And I'm sitting here next to the sea over your pulse is going to be on the panel of the business value. You know, the art of social and how to help you. So I'm really happy. And Domina? Well, I could introduce yourself. I'm not gonna pronounce your French. I'm the one happy. Thank you, Neil. So I'm Emmerich. I'm the thunder of CEO and co founder of a Goebbels. I am 50% French and 50% Americans. I was born in New York, but I was raised and educated in French. So you'll you'll hear. Relax. And here, here and there. Just a little. Just a little Justin. Yeah, I'm thrilled to be coming to Boston on May 12 2 beyond the panel and meet all those. So some people that will participate as sponsors and attendees. So am I. Obviously brought up your tool as an example of a platform specific tool that offers a lot of value. C r m the You know, the analytics. What have you I know Ian, clearly also in his 12 must have social media tools. Also introduced. A girl ripples. So how did Ian introduce your tool? And does it align with the value you see in people using what it's your two or a social Media tools? Let's talk about sort of the business value, which is a preview of what we're gonna talk about in Boston. Way Ian introduced. It was, It'll owes you to focus on the people within your social media accounts, Facebook or Twitter, that are the most important to basically save time by engaging with the people who are really, really matter for your business. And we're the most important people for your business. That was the way so, like focus on the most important people, and that's my big vision. That's my thing. We'll talk a bit more about that later, but one thing I wanted to say is we've done a lot of market research on the ground going, going, talking to agencies and small businesses and asking them, Okay, what's the pain? What's the problem? Where's the value? And the overwhelming feedback from everybody was like It's kind of a necessary evil. Socially is overwhelming. It's taking me a lot of time. It's eating a lot of resources. It's costing a lot of money. I almost have a full time person to respond to those tweets and or I'll have to hire an agency. And at the end of the day, when I look at what I've created with social, I'm left with nothing. I've just created the feeling that I had to be there and I did my job. That's it on. We thought this is a big problem because it shouldn't feel that way. It should feel like I've done something useful for my business. I've done something that is an asset that is a value and it's been, you know, social R. A. Y. Social media are a wise, been big boss for the last couple of years. A lot of people are looking at it a different ways, and I have my own ways which will be the discussion of the panel in Boston. I'm not going to disclose too much of it, of course, just a bit. But yeah, I think, and that's that's the vision for the product as well. I think there has to be an asset, and that time number one that time needs to be the most efficient possible. So a tool has to help you save those those hours every week to do the same thing. And so if you say those couple of hours, at least that I can use them to do something for your small business. If you're a small business or if your own agency do something else to get new clients, that's the first thing that all should be using people to do. And that's our obsession, that we want to build the tool that helped them do it more quickly and more efficiently. So they can say those those hours every week, and the second thing is a tool should help them visualize the value they're creating way, have our own little way of doing it or and working on it, and it's still work in progress and there's a lot of our Indian stuff, but we don't think social is the right channel to measure conversion sails, dollar amount and kind of, you know, be be very direct response oriented because we don't think socially is a great channel for direct response. It may be for some, but for the majority, it's not one of your competitors. Didn't they release this application where all you need to do is but by in a Facebook comment and it'll actually purchase from a product and I'll make some advertisement from my friend Nathan Latka from here. You and your cart. Hey, yo Cart looks like a very, very smart and interesting product, but for me it won't do a thing, because I'm not selling something at $10 it's good for a little price product, but I'm sending a subscription product and everything I have to sell. It is, you know, subscribe to my product and pay $29 every month so I can't use your card. And a lot of people I know in the B two B sector we're selling high, highly priced product. Whether they're looking for we've social is not to sell things that 10 bucks apiece, they're looking for building right relationships with the right people. And that's the key with the right people to make sure that when those right people get to consider what you're doing, when those people are your client and I have to consider buying something else or another tool, they have those relationship in mind anything twice before leaving and they are more eager to talk to you and try your product that they've been engaging with you into having the right the right conversation. So that and that is impossible to measure. And that's the goal that we have. That's That's the vision that we have measuring and attributing value to this and it really You know, yesterday I was talking about how the tools have to fit the strategy and the strategy needs to fit the business objectives. Right? Fascinating person. I just met downstairs who just left it talked about the business value of this. And there are a lot of companies have fallen in the trap. I need to do Twitter. Facebook done, payoff boosted, posted up. Done as I have all these fans. What business fighting I have right. And there is value in some of them are being more active summer actual customers. Some might be influencers. Some might begin a real passionate brand. Advocates. We don't know until we use a tool like yours. But this is a company B to B company, and they sell flowers. They sell flowers to the largest grocery chains, the United States. I go. So what do you do in social? He goes, Well, you know, we're really being in Facebook. I'm like, but you're B to be right because you know we're B to B. I'm like, Why don't you use it? Would be to be socially marketing because, well, there's only 15 key people in the industry we know and we're doing business and most of them. So you're B to B companies selling flowers that are white labeled. So what is the value of doing face of what's the business values is the business value is we can go in and we have Facebook pages that just cover flower lifestyle for every major region. United States so we can create unique products and push people push consumer demand to go to the supermarket, and now it's a value out, and now, in some cases, they have more Facebook fans for their flower page in a certain state than a national grocery chain has nationwide. So I'm like That's brewing. You found a unique case for Social. You have found that business value and now they can actually do that. Could become an agency for, you know, if they wanted Thio. There's so many things that can d'oh, but they started with the right mentality, which is just not doing it for the sake of doing it. But I need it in with the grand scheme of things, actually doing it, to differentiate themselves and to create additional value for the clients. And I thought, There's just a Bruins example. I don't hear enough of these stories, so you don't need to convince these people they see the value of use. But But for those that don't how do you begin? So I had one client way. Have 3000 Facebook fans. We did an iPod give away. So they got all wrong fans for the froth. It's like, you know, where do you start when people are looking to grow up also, you know, how are you gonna help my company? Where do you start with that conversation. First thing we're gonna help them wave is to make sure that they're not missing anything on the page or on the way. Talk about about Facebook, but you also do Twitter and Instagram next week. So we're releasing Instagram a couple of days. Congratulations. And so we make sure that you're not missing anything that's inbound. Any message that's being sent at you, that's very important way. Make sure that you do it in, like, 5 10 minutes a day, and that's it, Which is what I do with my own Twitter account and Facebook and Instagram as well. So I don't want to label your tool, but I just remember that some of you may not be familiar or aren't as familiar enough. You should be with the Gore Paul. So, in a nutshell, can you maybe describe it? Would you say it's an engagement dashboard? There's obviously a lot more functionality than that, but before it has a lot of functionality. But it's not a very good marketing thing to say. We do everything, so there is one thing we do very well. It's the monitoring and engagement monitoring and yes, we do. Reporting and we do competitors and notices, and we do. We even do Facebook contests and crazies and promotion, which is how I first found out about your balls. That's that's Easter key. That's what we were doing. That's that's how we got known. But right as of today are we want to position ourselves as a social media management. But for him with a twist. And the twist is that we make things simple and we make sure you know what you're building in terms off quality relationship with the right people think simple were 80 90%. They're building the quality, identifying the right people you you're building relationships with. I'd say we're 65% there and we have a lot still lot to build. But as were the only one going that direction. Yeah, because you know who Tweet doesn't do that? Sprout social doesn't do that. And I was gonna ask you that I'm a consumer facing brand. I can do Facebook twitter, instagram natively. I can use a hoot sweeter. It's about social on enterprise, Great tool. So you're saying, is that instead of these, instead of a good sweet, I can use it for a pulse to achieve the same thing. So I want to hear what person personally, I've never enjoyed using who tweet. But that's a U X. That's into me, too. Okay, it's an interface court. I don't think in terms of columns, and I don't think in terms of call on either. And I didn't really like it. A big fan of the product of the people, it personally. For me, it's not my company miniver, but that's very personal. So I'm not saying it's not good. I think I'm never been a fan of the weight works. I was a fan of Sprout. That spot was too expensive for us because we're using. We are. We have five people internally, you're using social media and it's, you know, $60 multiplied by five, even for me too expensive to just respond to tweets and Facebook Post and I still love and you sprout and you know it be nice if they had grandfather discounts for their old customers. But I digress. They do. I'm sealing the $9 plan. Do they do? Someone's gonna be getting a phone call from me. Really? Someone someone, I maybe you you unsubscribe in recent strived after the price increases something I kept, I kept my account because I'm still using their mobile app. When I'm mobile, I still get I still get tremendous are why, but I do have I do have a in the Philippines. I know for each additional person it tax on a pretty hefty fee, especially compared to a hoot suite or a buffer. It does. It does, and we know are Ours is one price unlimited admin, so it makes a big difference if you have a team. But, yeah, I like that. I like the design of sprout much more, and we've done something that's a combination of the design of sprout and the flexibility of the tree that we have one unified inbox, but we have one per account. So if you have a Facebook page, you have been in box with your private messages. Your your comments replies to comments and post on dhe shares and Paige mentions and all that stuff. And on Twitter, you'll have your tweets. You'll have your mentions. You're having direct messages, but it's per account. So it zizi gotcha Sometimes when I was looking at my spry with my way had three Twitter accounts. One Facebook page. They don't do instagram, so they don't do it. Forgot something We do and they don't, at least for now. I know. I think I know it's coming. And it was quite overwhelming to have everything in only one feet. You know, I kept picking on those filters to only want to see this. I only want to see this. And so it was better. It was not the way I wanted it. I'm when I'm managing our accounts. I'm I'm doing account by bio can cause I want to see the context around the comment around the tweet around everything. And do you do that historical tweets that I was showing yesterday at Spot Social, which is my favorite feature. Okay, more than that, we do the historical Facebook, which proud doesn't do. There's a big difference. I mean, that's an important difference. And you mentioned that from specific stuff. Historic e were from Facebook, with bean Bryant Facebook historically sprout and hoot Sweets are from Twitter. Yes, and twitter is much easier than Facebook. Just with my CTO, we've recounted for the number of items you have to take into account. When you do Twitter, it's for its mentioned retweets. Whatever keyword you know you do, looking to the keyword search and the direct messages and direct messages. That's four types of items with Facebook, you have 47 type of ideally, yeah, like unpublished post type of one type about item that's proud, manages comments on a dark post or an unpublished post. And that's you know they don't and we do. And I I can give you the list out of when someone, unlike your page after seeing a poster, hides a post in the feed. Is that one of the 47? Unlike ing? A page will not never go through the FBI. You will never know. OK, Nora, not on Facebook, nor on any third party tool. But if you do an ad on a Facebook ad as a post, but you don't publish The Post on the page is what we call the nun published, post catching or dark Dark Post, which is John Newman is a big fan off, and you'll have comments on these. I have comments on all my dark post, my Uncle Beach post, all of them, and before I couldn't see them. So they were They were ever stay unanswered. Or if it was like a bad coming. Your spot. Me, I hate you. I couldn't see it. And I don't shop in the notifications. They don't show up in the notifications. No, I didn't realize that you have to go in power it or super complicated. I never did it, John, Rumor told me. It's a message. Chaos. If you can fix that for me, I'll use your tool. So now he's using it. Well, that's a thumbs up. Because if there's anyone savvy yet advanced Facebook, I mean, it's John. Yeah, you know, when John told me that I went to see my CTO I see again that tonight, you know, I want that today. So if you have any Facebook feature request that are missing out of tools, you know, the guy to call, you called me. I called John, and it's just one example. But again, I'm working on a book post to give a precise detail of those 47 times and a comparison sheet about who's doing it and who is not doing it. That's gonna be interesting. So I was building out my own tool, which I've never commercialized. And this is my developer from the Ukraine I know you do face. I wanna ask about Twitter and Instagram, So I just want to know. Over the course of a month, I post on Instagram to get an average of 152 100 likes and a few 1000 fans. Some of the people who like me might be followers summing up. I just want to get a glimpse of the end of the month, who's like my content more than others. And I know like fur face it. Are you doing that same thing for Twitter Instagram. So am I gonna be able to access that data? We do that. That's one of our unique feature. We do that and against proud and hopes we don't do that. We rank your users. We get way, give you the least of your users via latest activity. We we store everything, and that's a big difference between our platform and the other guys. Platform way sync real time, even when you're not connected, which we will not do that. So you have to be connected on a treat to see what's going on. You don't have to be connected on a girl. Falls will send you alerts once a day or more if you want about. This is what has been happening on your accounts. Go check it out and respond to people first thing and second thing. Because we sink everything, we store everything. If you want to send alerts once a day, you have to sink in store even while the user are not connected. And because we store, we can tell you we can give you all the history off engagement and conversation you've had with everyone we can. We can tell you how many times this guy has like you over the last six months. Nine months, whatever. You have to use us. So we'll go the last 30 days when you start and then it will add up. And at the end of the day, we can rank your user. We can score your user and you're just scoring is really one thing. We're working on very hard and doing a lot of R and D, and that's where the identifying the most important user for your business will come into the picture. It's fast. It's that this the functionality that tried to build an out for me more than just that, because why doesn't exist in the marketplace? I'm really glad because it's stuck. I'm really glad that you've taken the lead on that. I'm really excited to see that for. I mean, if you're listening to this, you're probably already going over a girl pulse dot com right now to do a trial. But tell me about your your current business model for those that are listening. What? How do you structure your plans? The plans starts at $29 per month. Very reasonable way. Want to stay quite reasonable? That's the goal. We don't want to be the free stuff, and they're very cheap stuff because we think that, you know it's value based pricing and way. Think that value we want to offer is understood that it does cost more than 10 bucks. So what do you get for that 29 99 plan? You get one Facebook page and one Twitter accounts reasonable size, so I think it's like 6000 fans for the for the page. And while the tweets, it's kind of unlimited, so we don't I really have to worry about that. For 49 bucks, you get two pages and to Twitter accounts onto Instagram. So that's six accounts. If you have Instagram as well and 99 it's like five pages, five Twitter accounts, five instagram and you have a two a 150,000 fans. So, yeah, you have some room, some buffer. It's big, big brands with millions of fans. They're not the ideal target for us. They're probably by the enterprise stuff, but $4000. We're not that smart, SM e s and be small and medium businesses and small and medium agencies. Yes, that that's the target. Great. Hey, it's been great, really catching up with a really excited to continue the conversation. And this is what social tool, something it's gonna be about. It's gonna about these types of conversations. And wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall here? A social marketing? Well, listen, all these conversations, that's what we're gonna be bringing in Boston. So I really hope to see there any closing notes on not just your tool, but tools in general that you want to leave the audience with the first thing I want to say is come to Boston on May 12. No question. You don't have a choice. Will be waiting for you about tools. I mean, you're in the tools we love, and we use Sure you want to give a shout out to some of the companies that you have a lot of respect for the use that you want introduced others. That'd be great. You know, as I mentioned, Social Tool Summit is about the industry, and we want to support. You know, every tool deserves a look on, and there's so many great companies are great tools. It just never get found or people don't know the functionality. Like I still was categorizing. Agora Pulse has a Facebook campaign platform. But I know I'm gonna be trying you out after hearing this. I mean, that's great, but it would've been wanting to do. But you know, any other tools that you want to bring up? That's great. Of course. We use and love close schedule on our block. Me too. Did you meet Garrett man? Yeah, I did. I what a great company. Great. I'm real excited. See where they take it. Incredible that no one else has done what they've done, which is basically what we all need. Right? Your dental calendar for Ward Press. If you use WordPress enough multiple authors, you need co schedule. Maximize social business uses it. I manage their everybody. I managed 25 bloggers using it. It's It's awesome. It is absolutely. And it's affordable, too, which is great. I like Post Planner very much me to Josh Parkinson. Great guy. Josh is a very good friends. Now they're now doing. They created a Web app, and they're doing more than just Facebook. So is there a little bit of overlap? Mountie thinker. I love all my competitors. That's number one, and I embrace them, and I invite them to come and have a beer with me and China about our metrics and how we're doing and what they're doing. An exchange, advice and tips and share experiences. And, yeah, there is some some kind of a novel a lot, but you know, they're key. Strength is really on content discovery, and we're absolutely not doing this and will never do that. Yes, yes, Anarchy Strand for the engagement and the reporting and all that stuff, and they'll never do that, either. So it's it's kind there where they're good, we're not good at, and vice versa. So it's I mean, as the conversations just you need a toolbox of 10 to 20 tools. Unfortunately, important companies are trying to integrate him all by other companies. But I don't think it's gonna happen. I have MME. Or use more than 20 door a startup. We used tools for everything. It's like it's It's crazy. I mean, I've used every tool we talked about so far, and I have a good sweet account. Sprout Social Co schedule Post Planner. Let's let's keep going. What else? What else? Well, you mean social, media related or content content. I used bus Sumo. I Steve race, and the founder is a good friend. I invited him to get going. So great guy. Yeah, we had a talk yesterday. For now, you show me their new trending topic stuff. Awesome. Very interesting. So it's It's one of them. I use canvas. Ah, love. Can I use camera two way. We're gonna have a company called Post Create. That's one of the sponsors social tool, something that's gonna talk about their tool, which is a little bit different than Camba. One thing about camera is it's It's seemingly simple, but it has its own layer of complexity. You know, Buffer has released a Pablo Love the name, and although it's limited, it's Avery's to use, right? So that's an interesting market, and I think before can be had picked Monkey and some others, and there's still a great company. But there are other choices out there as well that I wanted and the last one. If I use the drum roll, please, we're not going to give the 50 tool that we're using or I don't even know how many tools were you on the tech side? But it's a lot to the last one. It's za discovery I did recently. We have. So we were a sauce company. We have a lot of support, A lot of support tickets. Zendesk. No, it's a service that connects to Zen desk and that embeds your help center within your app, within your website or within your app. And it provides you with insights as to how people search your knowledge base right, and when they don't fight their answer and they end up sending your ticket it tells you this is These are the key words that the search for and this is the ticket, that descent and that gives you everything you need to upgrade or at content into your existing health health center. And that's it. So it's like a new user management, so it knows who its tracking each individual logged in. User. Yeah, it's really they say it's the CEO for your support content. It's really what it is. And it's called Support Hero Support Hero that I oh, easy to remember And it's been since we started using this. We've reduced the number of inbound tickets by 50% support tickets that you used to have just to give an example. People were searching for the people who were searching to cancel their subscription. They were they were searching for unsubscribe and known of our support content about how do I cancel? My subscription contained that word and we were getting a couple of tickets per day and at the end of the week, like, you know, 10 20 tickets per week, whatever boom unsubscribe in the article because, you know, now you know, and those tickets are not coming to you anymore. So it was a great discovery. That's great. And this is an example that, you know, social tools Summit. We have sessions like marking automation, where you have a sous edo, which is doing the social media market automation. But, you know, social media replaces nothing but compliments, everything. So, you know, when we do it in the bay Area, we're gonna we're gonna do it two days in the fall. We're probably gonna have social media for customer service. And this would be a tool that it complements everything else, right? That just bears mentioning in a conversation. So, you know, it's not just about social, it's about business. And I think you know, that's obviously gonna be the panel. You're on the business value of social, so it's a good lead into that. So thank you so much for your time today. This has been great. Needless to say, I know if you're listening this you haven't checked your pulse recently or you never check him out. You will, And I look for to continue the conversation in Boston May 12th Social tools summit dot com me to thank you. Need me? I'll see Book of And that's it for another episode of Maximizes Social. Wherever you are in the world, make it a great social day. Bye bye, everybody.

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