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March 31, 2015

101: From the CeBIT Global Conferences: Introducing Blappsta - Turn Your Blog into an App

101: From the CeBIT Global Conferences: Introducing Blappsta - Turn Your Blog into an App

This episode brings you into the atmosphere of the CeBIT Global Conference, where Neal Schaffer met Steven Zielke, who helped found the Rock the Blog event. But that’s not the only thing he’s founded: enter Blappsta, a new app that can turn your blog into its own native app. Neal is very excited about this app, and even more excited to share it with you. Blappsta provides yet another medium to access your readers in this increasingly mobile world, holding your hand through the registration, allowing you send push notifications, and above all, becoming the provider of your own app.


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welcome to maximize your social actionable 10 minute advice on how your business can maximize your social media presence. Now the host of Maximize Your Social Social Media Author, speaker, consultant, founder of Maximize Social Business, The Social Media Centre of Excellence and the Social Tool Summit. Neil Schaefer

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Everybody, this is Neil Shaper and welcome to another episode of Maximize Your Social. No, I am not at a discotheque as I like to do. We're traveling the world and I haven't done this recently. So my apologies. I'm trying to bring you the environment and of where I speak and the people who I get to meet at the speaking events Today I am in Hanover, Germany, at the CeBIT global Conferences, where we just concluded the first rock the Block event, an event for corporations for personal bloggers that covered everything from content, marketing and social media strategy to legal issues to affiliate marketing, a personal branding. It was quite on event, and I'm here standing next to a gentleman who comes from the company that I believe what's what you would call the platinum sponsor of this event. The inventor of the inventors of the event. Yes, and it is an interesting application. Many of you who listen my podcast probably have a blogger and it's probably on WordPress. And you probably are asking, like I always ask, What do I do with Mobile? You know, there's a plug ins like W P. Touch that Will and I were bred. Jetpack hasn't as well. That will make your website more responsive in a mobile device. It doesn't always work in all honesty. And if you're like me, I looked at my Google analytics splitting. That's like 23% of traffic comes from Mobile. And maybe if it was a lot more better looking on a mobile device, it might be should be even higher, actually. So with that in mind, I was introduced to this amazing application today, and I'm standing next to the Can I call you the founder and CEO? Yes, called blob stuff. And I'll put the link in my block when when you read about it. But if you're if you're dying to know about it, be l a p p s t A. On. Before I go into the amazing insight that I found about the up today I want to first introduce you to Stephen Stephen, the founder and CEO, and really the brain behind today's rock the block event. Stephen, Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Tell us a little about rock the block, The concept

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we'll rock the block was just an idea we had last year to take CeBIT. Take the form it up, Steve it and give it a platform for bloggers way. We're really, really unsure if this would work. I mean, this is Germany. This is not international. This is not New York. That's not us. This is still German. But we have with us even an international show on the biggest show in that area. So we created that format, and we were really overwhelmed today about the number of people that showed up. Still, really.

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And the engagement was great, too.

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It was really, really good engagement. We had people from all over the country for joining our bit about I'd say 607 100 people at the show here. That conference was fix it for us. We're happy

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and they give you a snapshot. See, Bid is the world's largest show on information technology, and it's much like consumer electronics show probably 10 years ago. It probably peaks, and now you have yet more conferences. More people meet online travel budgets are down, so rock the block really is part of sort of recharging, giving seep it some new energy on, I think, information technology and it's very appropriate for social media. I mean, I talked about that in my own speech here. The role that I can play in social media and it hasn't done it really should

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write. And what I found really interesting is that we were were in the space of blocking, which is digital on. People communicate digital on. We make this conference and they all come here. They travel there in the train. They're in the car if you travel here to meet each other, so it's about the people. In the end, it's about meeting people. Even if you do, your blogger instagram your face or whatever. In the end, it's about people on that. That's what's so great today

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and the relationships that you make, because I mean, I am here at CeBIT because of Ingo, my friend, who I met a year ago in Social media marketing world, who invited me to do with his podcast. And this is the Orion that I've been invited here in Germany. It's been amazing. So, blob, Stop in a I'll talk about my own feeling about ex already installed it on my wordpress sites. So in a nutshell, what is What was the issue that you found? What did you develop on? How is that helping people?

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So the issue was that I noticed that everybody has a log. I mean, they're 153 million blocks out there. I'm not even talking about which is good, which is bad, but they're lots of lots of people logging on, and they never had a real mobile version of it. I mean, there is responsive website, but to get a native good native AB is really difficult. And it's not just installing a plug and you have a native out. It's all a lot you have to do. Behind the scenes on way are enough development company, and we started developing two years ago with an apple tree called Collapsed, on which everybody can get his own native And with that happy day, no undersea area native. Abso Each blogger has his own ass. It's not an aggregator. It's not something you share with somebody else. You get your own brand on the smartphone, and you can use all the gimmicks that are available. That all the push notifications, engagement, possible loyal readers and with Google changing, it's cold. Now. It'll be also indexed, searchable and findable, and that is a big, big thing in our eyes.

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If this sounds too good to be true, it really it's true on. You know, I do this podcast because I see iTunes has a huge search engine. If you have a podcast, you're in the engine. If you don't, you're not. And we all know that Google wants more mobile contents. And it seems to be that an application that's written in Native, as you say in IOS or Android would be better than just having a m gots my website dot com, not just his responsive so basically blab Stan I'll, I'll give you my own little feedback. Here is a WordPress plugging. It's a WordPress plug in, and there's also a app that you put on your phone. So I installed the WordPress blogging, which is called Blob Stop. I went to the iTunes store found the app. I literally took a screenshot of when you install the plugging. It creates a Q R code, which has your u R l on it and maybe some other code. You take a picture of that from your iPhone app of the same blob staff and within five seconds there was a native app. It was in preview mode, but it was already rendering in native and, you know, I didn't have to do anything. And the block content look great. The photos or resides there space for header image. I hear blobs is really big in Germany. People, the United States just don't know about it, right? What is elapsed? I mean, it's become a necessity for bloggers. I must tell us about the bloggers that you already have signed up on what you've heard from them as to how their journey is

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so currently. I mean, we're focused on Germany because that's where from way have round About 6 700 perhaps out there we have about another over 1000 people signed up for it. Get lots of feedback. In fact, we've had a long time where we held back generating more apt because we have so much feedback. It's It's a lot of catching up with it and we're at a point now where the feedback assists. Extraordinary. It is really something because it's so simple and so easy. Take see one or two minutes, and after that that's important. You don't have more effort. It's not about something that you need to use a different channel. Do a different social media channel. You have to do you have the same amount of work you had, just writing a contract. That's what you can do. And it's all so simple to create the up and it's for you. It's something really nice because you have the direct communication to your loyal readers. You could push out to them and you instantly can generate reading onto your content. And for you, it doesn't matter is an app is a website. It shouldn't matter. It's your content that's relevant. So all we do is really giving another medium that

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but it's really brilliant. I mean, I install the APP installed the plug in and I have my contact going on on the previous screen look great. I then went back into WordPress. There's a lot of if you want to customize the CSS. If things don't look right, there's a few things you can do them I look right out of the box on. Then I noticed that I can customize what the front screen looks like. I can add other pages outside of my blawg. I can say the n categorized category that different, but I don't want that the show. So it was really powerful, not a customized, but above and beyond that. You then register on blocks a dot com, and it will hand hold you through the registration process on both the Google play store and the iTunes store. Now you will need a few different graphics. You'll need to have descriptions of the app you need to decide in categories you need to be strategic about this. So it is Friday here in Germany. This is my homework for the weekend. I already have my designer. That's designing the the images that will become the icon. What have you? It is a little bit working up to Dio, but I think the potential of when you have mobile visitors of having the mobile visitors say there's an app available. Would you like to download it and being able to send out notifications. This is what every every company wants. It were becoming a notification economy, and I think that's really, really powerful aspect about this as well. Can you tell us a little bit about your vision going forward on that?

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Well, you've mentioned the most important part. That's notifications on. First of all, you have the notification on your fingertips. That's not us. It's not the system or anything. You can decide. I want to send a push notification. Now the next step we're taking is will be called intelligent Push notifications. It's not up to you to decide of the reader. Want to get it or not? He tells you, by the way he uses Yeah, if he is interested in getting a notification or not. And those air mechanism we're building into that system. So we have tons of two DUIs on our list. Wear small startup company, really, really looking at expanding internationally on. We're working very hard on those functions, so it's a really next generation Bush

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Awesome. I'm gonna continue blogging about my experience of lobster. I know we just met and I know you're gonna be launching United States soon. And the social tool somebody made a little bit early but help to see there in the fall. And I hope that the readers will also try and stone. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I've tried various mobile solutions, but they report this is free now if your personal blogger So while it's longer while it's free, take advantage of it now, right?

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But even after that, it won't be costing a lot of money. We have to do something because we're just overwhelmed with people that want to get it. It's just too much, but it will be under the same $9 a month kind of strange.

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So if I'm thinking Wow, my podcast, I want to access the iTunes store. What about the Google play store? What about the iTunes Stolen people do searches for social media. We know that it's happening more and more, and there's more and more resourceful APS out there. Why don't we become the providers of those APS? And really, if you're content marketer, why don't you have a smartphone out yet, right?

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Yeah, exactly. I think really, that's the world is changing in that respect. And then Google has laid a benchmark again trying indexing APS and really tells us that they are interesting, interested in looking into the abs and make it a part of their Google world. And that's it's not about the technology. It's about the content that lies in the and that makes this so interesting.

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So blob. Sta is the content enabler or the technology enable, or it's your content, their technology and it really does work seamlessly. So, Stephen, thank you. Any any final words for those bloggers out there? You know, maybe you can end with the companies that you work with. I don't know if you can name names, but how they're using your technology in what they do for corporate blogging.

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Yeah, In fact, we have some some big company starting out a motive. Continental. We're setting up for Opal now, so it's gentle motors daughter. So there's some big companies that are known really, really interesting on will be really interesting to see how the U. S reacts of the market on that is for into internal communication also. So this whole thing we just talked about think about it, have an internal communication tool for your company. Internally, there's a huge potential. They're

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very instant. There's something that you need to get the word out to your employees. How do you do it? Well, there's nothing better than a notification on smartphone because we know everyone's eyeballing that right?

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Right? Exactly. And even if it's just a Christmas greeting of the big Boss CEO saying, Merry Christmas to my people, that's how they use it. And you have the direct communication tool to the pocket of your employees on companies like that.

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So bloggers Web as we know it is becoming old school were becoming a mobile society and more more in our society. So now it's time to get with it. And I hope you'll join me and trying out lobster. And I look forward to reporting back morning and Steven hope to see the United States. Since

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it says half of my whole mind half American, I

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will. I am signing out from Hanover, Germany. I'm looking forward to seeing some more great soccer tomorrow. So until next time, wherever you are in the world, make it a great social day. Bye bye,

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everybody. Thanks for listening to maximize your social we appreciate all of your iTunes descriptions, ratings and comments. If you would like to appear on the show or recommend content, please contact Neil Schaffer at Neil at Maximize Your social dot com. Please also make sure to check out Neil's new community, the Social Media Centre of Excellence at Social Media, c o e dot com, as well as Neil's first social media event, the Social Tool Summit, which will be in Boston on May 12th. Thanks again and make it a social day. Oh!